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  1. Kill kel'thuzad since I stopped at Sapphiron !
  2. Et comment ! Les cariboux sont nos amis
  3. Thanks for the update Never seen such frequency of communication on any private server.
  4. Welcome ! Definitely +1 for stranger things
  5. Thanks all @Scharos I didn't want to offend anyone. Now I won't apologize if my english is not perfect
  6. I personally find this idea very good, however if you do a server reset every X months, I am sure that it will disgust a majority of players. I am telling you this because I have seen this suggestion on another long term-running-private server (nostalgeek), the pro's arguing that in fact vanilla servers were never supposed to be filled with t3 players. But the high majority of players didn't want to loose their old toon despite some "hall of fame" feature.
  7. @Xalfen : Thank you, we may see us soon ! @Elicas : Thank you, but I'm no frog, I'm from Belgium, not France ! We do not eat frogs here but we drink beer... See you on the battlefield
  8. Hello guys, I'm a 33 years-old Belgian player. I started wow on US beta, then played on Illidan server. From MC to Naxxramas, and PVP grinding until rank 13, I managed to clean the content back then. I liked BC & Wotlk but didn't really played the others expansions. After playing lots of different mmorpg, I am really disappointed with the recent AAA games. I need a good private server to start a new adventure. I would like to create a french speaking guild on alliance side on the PVE server, to make a community of gamers with a good behaviour. Feel free to post here any question, will be happy to answer it
  9. Hello everyone, with the end of Nostalrius and the coming of Crestfall, I wish to launch a new project of a PVE - french speaking guild on alliance side Bonjour à tous, avec la fin de Nostalrius et l'arrivée de Crestfall, je souhaite lancer le projet d'une guilde PVE francophone côté alliance. This message aims to make a first list of French-speaking players interested in begin a new journey Ce message a pour but de faire un premier recensement des joueurs francophones intéressés pour se lancer dans une nouvelle aventure The first step is to create a guild oriented toward leveling / dungeons with a focus on performance and helping each other out, without any requisite of attendency. Dans un premier temps, ça serait une guilde orientée levelling / donjons privilégiant l'entraide et la performance, sans aucun pré-requis de presence. My player story : player of mmorpg since 2001 on various games : the 4th prophecy, everquest, wow vanilla, aoc, war, gw2 and more. Lately, wow vanilla on the private server nostalgeek, and nostalrius. Mon parcours : joueur de Mmorpg depuis 2001, j'ai joué à pas mal de mmo : t4c, eq 1, eq 2, wow vanilla, aoc, war, gw2, et j'en passe. Dernièrement, wow vanilla sur nostalgeek et bien sûr nostalrius. The population I am aiming : mature people that want to live again the glory days of vanilla, ready for a new adventure... With a limited playtime. Indeed years have passed and we all have family or professional constraints that we didn't have back then. La population cible : des gens matures ayant pour but de revivre leurs heures de gloire sur Vanilla, et prêts à repartir à l'aventure... Avec un temps de jeu limité. En effet les années ont passées et nous avons maintenant pour la plupart des contraintes familiales ou professionnelles que nous n'avions pas auparavant. See you soon on beta ! A bientôt sur la beta Redbouh