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  1. Apart from fact that you can't customize it visually, at least not without knowledge about scripting. On other hand, with Discord, you can import pre-made graphic elements into game or if you have some skills with Photoshop, you can make your own. I'll agree that Bartender 2 is way easier to set up, but better? Hell, no...
  2. Have you tried Discord Art/UI/Frame/Action Bar addon pack? It's a bit robust, and not exactly easiest thing get around, but once you do it has pretty much limitless possibilities.
  3. Would it be possible to add feature that will alow custom textures and fonts for player/party/tartget/target of target in form like it is in otherUI suits (LUI, ElvUI...)?
  4. I admit that I haven't tanked on highest level, I just found random well geared character on Realmplayers so that my signature looks good When we write guides, mostly, they are written for people who haven't done tanking before (or at least haven't done it in vanilla environment), and therefor all that seem obvious to you, or me, need to be underlined and pointed out. Don't get me wrong there, your guide is decently written and everyone interested should appreciate the effort that you have put into it. However, I singled out few things that I do not agree with. Like, for example, I believe that 8 seconds is still 3 seconds longer then elite mob needs to kill average clothy. For that reason only, I like to have it ready to be used in "oh shit!" moments rather then to use it on the mob who is already attacking me.
  5. There's couple of problems there imo. First of all, tank should be mindful about charging into random trash packs. While it is good way of getting some initial rage, there are also couple of things that they should consider before doing so. How geared they are, and how good their healer is? Then, tank should also think about proximity of other trash packs, and/or patrols. Is it leveling dungeon? Do you have lower level melee dps in your group? That are all things that can turn one charge into random trash group into wipe. If you pull trash back rather then just charge into them, you'll have some additional space to operate in, apply some sheeps, AoE fears, etc...all things that can pull additional trash packs if you are too close to them. Secondly, while I see your point in keeping taunt on random mobs (forcing them to attack you regardless of threat that you have generated so far), I still firmly believe that taunt should be kept ready for the time when mob attack healer and/or clothy dps, rather then using it whenever is on cd on random mob that is already attacking you. Make a note that taunt doesn't create any threat whatsoever, just forces mob to attack you for next couple of seconds.
  6. I'm almost certain that sharpening stones will not stack with shadow oil since both are applied to weapon.
  7. And I guess you never ever changed your opinion about anything? Right?
  8. Orcbit is certainly most professional of them all and I also like him a lot. On other hand, I don't particularly like Alex's US-corrupted accent, and I don't always agree with all his statements, but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna bash Alex on forums and in game just because I disagree with him sometimes, and to be frank with you, attitude shown by majority of anti-Alex fan base, who haven't really provide single evidence of Alex being bad reviewer, just made me like the guy. People seem incapable of understanding that reviewing something highly subjective means that we may disagree with each other on occasions, and saying "he said that server was bad, I played on it and it was rather good" isn't exactly a argument for branding someone as bad reviewer.
  9. Lol, he doesn't talk shit, he may have a opinion which I don't necessary agree with but I never heard him going into rants against servers like dodgy do.
  10. And that is exactly the problem. Majority of people on internet feels like you fuck their mom just if you have opinion that is different from one that they have. He is making god damn review of private servers, what the heck do people expect then it to be biased. It's not exact science, one plus one can not always be two, but people seem to be incapable of understanding that. And Alex is not pulling gimick of reviewing a blatantly bad servers, like Dodgy is occasionally. It is quite easy to do the review of server that is full of flaws, which can all by them self give reviewer couple of lol lines, and everyone is happy with that kind of review cause it's not mocking anything that's not worth mocking. Problem is when you try to review popular server, because people will either expect you (as reviewer) to either glorify their server or to pull it in the mud, while in fact your opinion might be somewhere in between. But I think that biggest problem here is that people are just jelly over the fact that Alex has become kinda celebrity among the WoW PS player base while at same time they are anonymous.
  11. Like I said, some people do not have coding skills, idk if you noticed.
  12. From what I can see, this way you can customize every single combo point appearance, while if you do it by changing combo frame with some other addon, you can only change appearance of all combo points. Someone with pro-programming skills might know the way around it, but for those of us who doesn't have it, this addon is nice way around.
  13. You curse without proper reason way too much for my taste
  14. I have KTM with black title frame, if that can help you, look somewhat better then purple one.