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  1. If i remember it correctly it was added in 1.4( just looked it up, definetly was already in 1.4, the 1.11 was probably a change to a different model or content in the chest), so i assume it will be there. But i am not sure how the respawntimer is handled exactly. It is spawning every 3 hours, starting at 12am, but i am not sure how this is handled at release of a new server. It could be either that it spawns directly at server start or 3 hours later. If the latter is the case you would have to fight against a lot of level 8ish people. To go back to the original topic: Why is noone thinking about just leveling the normal way? At the nostralsius launch it was quite easy to get ahead of the bulk by level 6 and then stay ahead. I just attacked every mob i saw, trying to finish as much quests as possible. I got roughly half of the starting zones quest done by the time i hit 6, time was 1h30 min, which is twice the time in need normally but still it seems much faster than any of the discovery routes i have seen. I logged of at level 12 rougthly at 2 in the morning, and at the next day the barrens were still quite empty, so not even an incredible amount of time spend. At level 20 in southern barrens it even felt a bit empty. Of course this is on the pve realm and a tauren start, which probably both helps, but i cant imagine it being that extreme that these, lets call it creative, starting strategies are really worth it.
  2. Can you explain what you are worried about? Actually most people have variable IP addresses, but as there are roughtly 4 billion addresses in Ipv4 and over 10^38 in Ipv6 i do not think it is verly likely that you will ever get an address which was banned for an other player. Even if they would ban a million addresses ( which should be highly unlikely) the chance in Ipv4 is smaller than 0.02% that you get a baned one. In Ipv6 its practically 0.
  3. warlock guide

    The formular comes from the derivatives, the complete calculation is as follows: Damage=(Basedamage+6/7*Spellpower)*Hitchance *Modifiers The modifiers can be anything which does not depend on hit or spellpower, as for example % damage buffs from talents, crit bonuses etc. Now take the partial derivatives with respect to Spellpoer and Hitchance dDamage/dHitchance= (Basedamage+6/7*Spellpower)*Modifiers dDamage/dSpellpower= 6/7*Hitchance*Modifiers ( I write d as a symbol for the partial derivative as I dont know how to write mathematical symbols in this forum, i do not mean the total derivative by d) Finally take the ratio of both, the modifiers all cancel out and what remains is (Basedamage+6/7*Spellpower)/(6/7*Hitchance). The reason to take the derivatives is the concept of marginal utility which you maybe know from e.g. economics, just that our "utility" is the damage we cause on mobs. The base Damage matters, as the increased hitchance applies to both basedamage and the damage gained from Spellpower, while spellpower obviuosly does not change the basedamage, therfore a higher base damage increases the value of hit relative to spellpower. I was saying that the hitchance you start with is 0.83 and is increased by a 1% iteam to 0.84. But the derivatives are calculated in a way that the numbers come out for a change of 1, not 0.01, therefore you have to divide them by 100. ( that is e.g. the 717 i get as a result mean 1% hit is worth 7.17 Spellpower). I hope it is now easier to understand what I meant.
  4. warlock guide

    That is a real great guide, but as you did also a lot of math on the Hit vs Spellpower thematic i couldn´t stop myeld from doing the calculations myself and found that your math is sometimes a little bit off. For all practical purposes this shouldnt matter at all, but just to get it correct: At the Crit/Hit stuff: The Critbonus can be calculated, assuming no override by any other debuff but another crit, as Critbonus=1.2*Critchance+(1-Critchance)*Critchance*1.4+(1-Critchance)*(1-Critchance)*Critchance*1.6+(1-Critchance)*(1-Critchance)*(1-Critchance)*1.8 which gives, when you plug in the possible Critvalues between 0 and 1, values between 1.8 and 1.2. Your estimate with 1.5 is fascinatingly close to the result for 25% Critchance, which is 1.54. On the Spelldamag worth: Can you explain how you got your approximation formular? The correct formular is obtained by taking the derivatives of the Damage ( ignoring overall multiplicative factors as they cancel out then you divide) with respect to Spellpower and Hitchance and divide them. The damage is given by Damage=(Basedamage+6/7*Spellpower)*Hitchance*(1+Critbonus*Critchance) where the Critbonus is given as before. Taking the derivatives and divide gives (Basedamage+6/7*Spellpower)/(6/7*Hitchance). This is the ratio of damage you gain if you would gain infinetesimally amounts of hitchance or spellpower. As the derivatives change rather slowly ( i am not going to prove that) and most items have only 1 or 2% hit this is a very good approximation. ( the completly exact result would require to take second derivatives into account and integrate over the items Spellpower and Hitchance, but lets not get into that).This result is completly independent of critchance, as the Critchance is also only an overall multiplicative damage bonus. If you plug in the values you get Spellpower values for 1 Hitchance in the range of 717 at 0 Spellpower and 83% Hitchance up to 1066 at 300 Spellpower and 1921 at 1000 Spellpower and 83% Hitchance. ( remember these are calculated in units where 1% hit is 0.01, so you have to divide by a factor of 100 if you want to evaluate 1% hit items). At 98% the numbers are slightly lower, 607, 903 and 1525. So why i am writing all of this? In Your example (90% hit, 1000 Damage) the correct Value is not 14.5, but 12.9( assuming rank 10 Shadowbolts with 510 Basedamage, which is quite a difference. Also your approximation formular for the value is too low by roughtly 1 for 83% Hitchance and nearly corect ( 0.05 deviation) at Hitcap. After all this: Great guide nonetheless, and as i stated initially this is all irrelevant for practicall purposes.
  5. Actively marketing a server as "hard" compared to blizzlike would be a catastrophe for the server population. This sounds as you would cater to the hardcore and therfore ignore the majority of the playerbase, thus reducing the interest of 99% of the players. You may not forget, while in a forum of a server that has not launched yet( meaning: here), the hardcore players are the majority, in the overall playerbase they are definetly not. Also I do not understand why you want such severe changes. The raids will be buffed to balance the 1.12 talents and anymore buffs are not needed. The difficulty should be as blizzlike as possible, blizzard had in my opinion a quite good concept for the difficulty of vanilla raids. MC is easy as it is the first real raid, and the difficulty starts to increase the further you progress and reaches its peak in Naxxramas. Of course for you it looks too easy, as you now know all the mechanisms, but that is actually only your problem. This raid was never ment to be played by players for 10+ years. It is the starting raid for new peopel. And there are still new peopel coming or peopel who have not played since a long time. The changes you demand would perhabs destroy the raid experience for these players. Moreover one of the major things which makes raids easier is the overgearing and overuse of buffs. When we raided MC or BWL in vanilla we did not go to DM, we did not hand in Hakkar before. And i never farmed any consumables except those from alchemy. They were no requirement for succesful raiding. And we did not have any BiS items, if so then by hazard. And we still managed to clear the raids. These are the reasosn why i am strongly aiganst buffing the raids more than to compensate for the increased power of the talents. But i actually really like the idea to change the timers of the abilities, as you stated this will give the hardcore raiders a new challange while the bosses actually don´t become harder. Remember: Changing does not necessarily imply shortening. And to be a bid sarcastic: as you do not want to play Vanilla, but a hardcore mode of it. Sorry, I had to use this, I just hate how often i read sentences like this. Why do you try to tell peopel if this is the place for them or not, just let them find out themselves. So in short i hope the devs will find the right balance and the raids are a challange but still doable for everyone who seriously tries( at least the first raids, naxx can be a real challange).
  6. I think we are missing each others point a bit. First, as i have already stated, i have quit retail shortly after TBC release and therefore have not played it since roghtly 10 years, so i will be hardly conditioned by by it. Perhabs by other games and other things but definetely not wow ;). The thing is, i do not see an argument why somone should "loose" something to continue to TBC when there is the possibillity to let them keep it. This is a psychological factor more than anything else. Most peopel would probably dont go back often to the old version of their characters, but when they exist they do not feel that the time was wasted investing in them. I have put the word loose in brackets as you practically dont loose anything as you keep your character and items, but they definetly feel a bit devalued. Moreover, i feel that giving intentions to remain in vanilla( for example to raid BWL again as you stated) and not follow the progression is a bit in contrast to the idea of a progressing server. You brought two arguments why this should´t be the case: 1. Non-blizzlike. That is certainly true, but the whole idea of a vanilla server, as well as one remaining after the TBC release is non-blizzlike in itself. And as it does not influence the gameplay itself, i se no reason why the server should follow blizzard in this 100%. 2. The character looses value if you have multiple copies of it. Can you elaborate what you mean by this? I do not see why a character looses vaue when it exists on two separate realms which even have different versions of the game. I just saw that Darkrasp has answered that nothing will remain on the old server, so this discussion has become superfluous, yet i still wonder why you( and as you claim most of the peopel here) want it to be that way.
  7. Sorry if i understand you wrong, but what exactly is your argument aiganst keeping a copy of the level 60 character on the other realm? If there is a realm which stays on vanilla, why remove all characters from it? I only see statements like they "have to make a sacrifice". Why when there is an other way? On the "main" server everyone keeps what he aquired during Vanilla, so there is no instant level 60, you just keep what you already achieved, and a copy of this remains on the "new" Vanilla server. You are just not loosing anything. You also don´t get a headstart, as everyone will have their 60s. You demand that the persons who want to keep their characters would have to start from 60 levels behind. I personally quit playing WoW on retail shortly after the release of TBC, the main reason was beside the Lore (I mean seriously, why can a random group of 40 peopel who are nothing special "kill" some famous characters like Arthas or Illidan? I grew up with WC3 and Arthas seemed for me some near god-like entity, when i heared he was a boss in WOTLK it was really strange) was the practical reset of the items. You raided months over months to get this nice T2 complete and then suddenly a green item from a Quest was better than that and therefore the gear was practically useless on level 70. While i like the starting over, it would be nice to keep a copy of what you achieved, wouldn´t it? And to replay to Chickengrease: "Having the exact same character across servers is in my opinion a bigger threat to the "ghost town"-dilemma. Forced rerolling brings more variety as it forces you to create new characters on either the new or old realm, depending if you transferred your existing character or not. " Why should forced rerolls increase variety? You delete characters, this will always reduce variety, because if i am willing to go through the leveling process again, i would have two characters, if one gets deleted i have only one, which is less variety. And some peopel, me included, will just stopp playing on the vanilla server if their main gets deleted and only continues to exist on the TBC realm.