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  1. I've heard a lot of conflicting things. Some people say slowest 2h you can find with WF for bursting mobs down, others say fastest dagger you can find with flametongue + shield. What do you guys think is best, or is it just a matter of choosing the right imbue for the weapon you have? Talking about enhancement here of course. I wasted an hour or so of my life doing some rough 5 min interval tests on the Retro WoW server. In terms of pure damage rockbiter + slow 2h came out top, but rockbiter + fast 2h was also very close. Followed by all the flametongues and finally the windfurys at the bottom. The very lowest was slow 1h + wf if I remember correctly (I tested it a week or so ago). Obviously these results cannot be taken as gospel for a few reasons; The armor rating of the training dummies I tested on was minimal, undervaluing flametongue's spell damage. Every server seems to have a different set of shaman weapon imbue quirks and bugs. I was also using all max ranks of the spells, so while leveling some will fall behind when you haven't trained a new rank in a while. Is there a definitive answer for which imbue and weapon speed is optimal for leveling?
  2. So if I were to raid as a resto sham I would need to get a separate set of gear/respec to be useful in BGs?
  3. How would you rank the classes in terms of leveling? It's pretty standard that hunters are considered the easiest and warriors the hardest, but I want to know people's opinions on the ones in between. Rank them all or just the ones you've personally played, whatever. From my experience of leveling some myself and just grouping/seeing others in action I'd say: Hunter - Has personal tank, aspect of the cheetah, feign death, complete easy mode Warlock - Pet, dots, great sustain, can solo elites with chain fear Druid - Massive sustain, heals, stealth, travel form Mage - Can kite for days, has CC, makes own water, can aoe farm Shaman - Decent damage with both melee and ranged, heals, ghost wolf Rogue - Stealth, no mana to maintain, high damage Priest - Heals/bubbles, shadowform Paladin - Heals, tanky Warrior - Tanky
  4. How good are resto shamans in PvP? I've gone back and read a few old Feenix forum posts about the best vanilla PvP healers and none of them seem to mention shamans. People seem to agree that pallies are the best pocket heals, priests are the jack of all trades healer, and druids are good for flag running and AB solo defending. What are the pros and cons of shaman heals in vanilla PvP?
  5. At 60 I'll get the most optimal pets, but for leveling pretty much anything goes. I tend to hop around from pet to pet frequently as I like unusual and uncommon pets, cats and boars are too mainstream. While leveling my hunter (only got to 38) on Kronos I went through the following pets: Crocolisk (Durotar) Serpent (WC) Bear (Ashenvale) Wind Serpent (1k Needles) Carrion Bird (Salt Flats) Gorilla (STV) They all kept aggro, they all stayed alive and they all did comparable damage. So I really don't see the need to min max while leveling unless you are trying to get server firsts or something.
  6. Been playing mostly Battlefield 1 over the past week. Gonna play some Skyrim Special Edition tomorrow!
  7. Down C'thun Raid Naxx 40 Get to a PvP rank that awards gear Play a healer/tank Get a full tier set
  8. I have a feeling there will be a lot of female Nelves. I guess which race you choose really depends on how you see your character, I'm not really big on the whole agile ranger fantasy myself. When I play hunter I prefer to think of myself as a sharpshooter who uses guns where possible and has a pet to pin targets down for me, Dwarf fits that theme well. Some people might see their hunter as more of a wild, primal tracker/trapper type of character which I think Troll would be a good fit for. Others might prefer Orc to go for more of a savage hunter vibe, no stealth about it, just a big mean dude and his big mean beast. I'm not an RPer I swear! I just appreciate theming in my games, it's one of the reasons I love vanilla WoW so much.
  9. I just can't make up my mind on which to choose, I'd like to know what others preferences are. I was going to just make this Horde only because I'm going to be Horde but I figured I'd add in Alliance too, why not.
  10. I'll be rolling on PvE horde most likely, but I'm open either server or faction if there is an Aussie guild there (I really would prefer Horde though).
  11. Still not as OP as 3.0 DKs.
  12. Favorite: Dun Morogh + Loch Modan Least favorite: Mulgore + Barrens I'm usually Horde but the dwarf/gnome zones hold a special place in my heart because my first character back in 2005 was a Dwarf. Just hearing the Dun Morogh music gives me the biggest nostalgia tingles every time. Plus I think both zones are pretty and genuinely enjoyable to be in. As for Mulgore... Walking back and forth across that massive zone looking for your 60th plainstrider to kill is just so tedious. Seriously, I know vanilla WoW questing is grindy but I think Mulgore has the other zones beat on that front. Plus as a Tauren your big model makes those long treks across the endless stretches of green feel even longer. It's a nice zone, but I just hate quests so damn much. Barrens is Barrens, I don't really have anything against it, I've just done it way too many times to still find it enjoyable. At least I'm efficient at getting through it now because I know the quests so well.
  13. Australia, not too many of us here in the private server community, it's always a pain in the ass to find a raiding guild.
  14. Not sure if troll. You have a very misguided view of what PvE servers are like, my friend.
  15. I got my start on Dath'Remar PvE (Oceanic). Back in 2005 I didn't know what the hell PvE or PvP meant so I just chose one that said "normal", because I don't want to play on some weird server right? I ended up transferring to Thaurissan PvP (Oceanic) along with my guild in late WotLK, luckily by that time world PvP didn't mean squat. In my heart I'll always be a carebear, but that's just because I usually lose if I attempt to engage in world PvP and that's no fun (mind you being from Australia and playing with 350 ms doesn't help).