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  1. This seems like an important concern. Seems like the "fix" could open up other griefing potential — is it possible to tie each hearth to the innkeeper's spawn location, rather than the player's (or innkeeper's) physical position?
  2. This could be the most important post here. Daaaamn.
  3. While it is sad that many of the old guard have left / become jaded, the forums have died down, and there's no release date in sight this is all kind of lol to me. Yeah, some expectations got out of hand (wasn't there some magical, secret date in 2017 at which point Asura would launch no matter what?), especially with regard to beta release hypothesizing. But honestly, I don't think staff here overhyped. I almost think that more community engagement would have made no difference. There's a set amount of time for which a fanbase of strangers will patiently engage on fora until people just get bored because there's no server. Yeah, in retrospect we were right about LGN, Elysium, etc, and we lost good community members because of that. But at the end of the day, the only real mistake I think is that this forum was launched too early. It's just been too much time for people to sit around and find things to get upset about, or grow tired. I think it is okay that the community has fragmented, with some leaving, others in hibernation, others only around as critics (some helpful, some just annoying), but that's life. We've lost some really good people. Hopefully things change in a way that allows them to rejoin and reengage. But new people will join. IF the team builds their vision of a PTE experience, people will come. Some of them will be great. Some of them will suck. C'est la vie. @Outstanding it's a little funny to read your last two posts about community engagement because with the rate of development here...well, I don't know that that level of community engagement could have sustained itself even without LGN / LGN2.0 / personnel issues. The community could have been treated better, and it should've been, yes. Like you, I'm always shocked me when community reactions are unanticipated, announcements aren't coordinated, and any project proceeds without (what seems to me) basic levels of management. But at the end of the day, I think CF's admin have made clear this has always been a hobby project, proceeding unevenly in fits and starts, despite having professional-level goals and standards. I don't begrudge them that, though I wish development were more steady and project management handled more competently (at least the public-facing component). I stopped engaging on the forums mainly because I got tired. I'm still tired. I didn't contribute much, but it was fun becoming familiar with the people here as we anticipated an open beta or launch. After awhile, though, it was just too much time spent on a forum for a project with no launch in sight, so I felt my time was better spent elsewhere. I think there are a lot of people like me, who may be somewhat disappointed in the delays and some decisions but who are not distraught, who haven't given up, who are reasonably decent people ready to build a good community here when the time comes. It's just not yet time. I just want to buy everyone a round and toast to hopefully meeting you all in-game, even if it's not till 2020.
  4. I feel like if there's any project with integrity to consider grouping with, it's VoA. Vengeance has a tiny server, but seems to be transparent and their devs are some of the few with a live server who consistently contribute back to the open core they're based on. I'm not sure what their hosting situation is, but I've never seen them mired any any of the BS that has surrounded places like Elysium (or sketchiness of Warmane, though full disclosure I had no issues playing on Lordaeron). I've been gone for awhile, though lurking. A positive development out of this could probably bring back a lot of folks like me who have been inactive for awhile.
  5. I also hope someone posts audio from that impromptu discord Q&A, but 1) it needs to be edited due to trolling and 2) I don't trust Alexensual to edit it properly because even he is capable of hearing that he came off as a self-righteous sack of shit full of gloating ad hominems. What an awful character, asking the stupidest, most transparent questions. Personally, I found a lot of Crogge & Darkrasp's statements to be helpful, along with Tyche from Elysium.
  6. No one really knows what happened. Asura saw enough sketchy behavior that he decided to withdraw himself and crestfall from LGN; in last night's discord Q&A, it was made clear that that was not irreversible nor unanimous on CF's part; Shenna claims the allegations against Vitaliy (and Elysium more broadly) are all false and posted an emotional rant to that effect. There is as yet no "official" word with proof of gold selling, paying for unbans, etc...
  7. I think it's mostly legal cover. It now seems obvious that Elysium couldn't explicitly yell "Nostalrius transfers will be kept! We will copy+paste Nostalrius core fixes into the Anathema core!" (honestly I don't even know if they're based on the same foundation or not)...the sense I get is that for undisclosed reasons, public declarations like "All Nostalrius data will be deleted" are necessary. Fortunately it seems they're defining Nost data as elements of the core and unclaimed accounts / characters, while transferred and active accounts are now fully incorporated in "Elysium" data. Blizzard obviously has a lot of leverage on the Nost team (this was suggested with Nano's departure from the Elysium project, as well as the token generator being "broken" almost since the relaunch)—I wonder what's going on behind the scenes.
  8. Official announcement posted (their forums are down), here is the excerpt most players are interested in: Dear community, ... Over the course of the next several weeks we will discontinue use of the Nostalrius core. By then, we will have completed Anathema, which will be equal to or superior to the Nostalrius core. We assure you that you will not feel any difference in the cores except for a potential increase in quality. We have been continuously updating the Anathema core side-by-side with the Nostalrius core. All characters that have existed in the game world since Elysium’s launch until now will be maintained and all Nostalrius specific data will be wiped. Nostalrius realms will be renamed to Anathema PvP and Darrowshire PvE. A 30-minute maintenance will occur at 8:00 PM server time to apply the rename and the removal of unclaimed characters. All future Nostalrius related data will be denied. The new realms will not be affected, and Elysium will not disclose any Nostalrius’ data such as the databases and core. Nostalrius handed us the torch, we have no intention of putting it out.
  9. Probably it's whatever they had / used up until the incorporation of the Nost code a couple months ago. Also, Elysium twitter just confirmed the pastebin link is real, though it is not the "final" announcement. They will make the final announcement public today, though, rather than tomorrow.
  10. That response only raises questions. It was posted on the 12th so on the one hand, could suggest prior arrangement between Nost and Ely teams. On the other hand, in the past they have made synchronized, joint-announcement so why a day long delay? Perhaps it was an intentionally-discovered trial balloon to gauge reaction, and Elysium is unsure of how to respond. Either way, fuck this. I've had hundreds of hours burned on Nost and waited months with thousands of others, hundreds of guilds, to rejoin our characters. Taking that away would be devastating and—even though Crestfall is in no way implicated—might honestly push me into shelving WoW for a year and not touching anything. The drama around this game is getting very tiresome; while I have faith in CF's team, I may just burn out and be turned off to WoW completely for awhile if Elysium wipes all the Nost data. feelsbadman
  11. What a joke. There are 30,000 people playing across four Elysium servers (with queues of thousands more) at the moment. Nostalrius is really fucking up right here. Elysium tweeted that they'll respond tomorrow; let's hope they tell Nostalrius to shove it, though there are fears that Elysium will wipe all transferred data. If this happens, many Vanilla veterans are going to leave the scene.
  12. If there isn't Thunderfury spam in Crestfall Barrens chat, I may have to look elsewhere for my Vanilla fix. (But yes, bullshit names like Ihatejews should be immediately banned.)
  13. I think I prefer keep respect costs as they are, but I understand why people (particularly in this thread) want to talk about it. As @Topdps pointed out, it's pretty silly that people in a thread with this title are dismissing ideas for being not-blizzlike...the whole point of this thread is to discuss those more controversial possibilities, so the "go play somewhere else response" just doesn't really fit in. Secondly, I think there's room for interesting conjecture with regard to the gold sink argument. Often it's taken as a given that the 50g respec cap, with blizzlike decay timers, is best because of its gold sink function. However, this is an economic argument, and while that seems like a reasonable inference there's actual no data I'm aware to prove that 50g is necessarily a more effective gold sink than a lower (or higher) cap. Unfortunately, we have no way of collecting the loads of data needed to answer that question. It's obvious, but the 50g respec cap will have fewer people respeccing than would, say, a 35g respec cap. The unknown question is just how much a difference there would be in the number of respeccers, i.e. whether the total sum of gold spent on respeccing (its effectiveness as a gold sink) might actually be higher at a cap below 50g. Perhaps the increased number of people respeccing at 35g would more than compensate for the fact that each individual respec is 15g cheaper. Notice all the maybeness in that paragraph. We don't know, and we can't know, what the magic number is for respeccing as a gold sink. Hell, it could be that a price higher than 50g would be a more effective gold sink! There's no way of knowing w/o data on how many people would respec, and how frequently they would respec, at various price points. Personally, I come down in favor of Blizzlike respec costs because I love playing a hybrid druid that—while not optimal—performs very well in a higher-end casual raiding guild. In terms of nonblizzlike feature that addresses the "hybrid" issue or whatever, I would be entirely fine w/ a vanilla server that includes dual spec (also a nice gold sink). However, before I get bashed, I will say I'm fully on board with CF's project and I'm not advocating for dual spec / whining about it / expecting it to be implemented. Just throwing out some thoughts
  14. I don't always work 2 zones at once (not until mid-teens or so do I start, with barrens happening at the same time as STP and Ashenvale). However, as @MadeByRockets mentioned, if you kill all mobs all the time, you'll really benefit in terms of gold, xp, and time. Other than my first toon on vanilla retail, I've never struggled with running out of zones or quests—on a fresh server, it should also be easy to do 1 or 2 runs of every dungeon to complete the batch of quests that go with it. If you maximize your rested, kill all mobs, and use multiple zones in the same level bracket, you can even avoid STV (i haven't leveled there since my first toon) and maybe also shimmering flats (which was a shit-show on Nost as well).