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  1. Wow @Elicas thanks for the link, I was in ASGA as a member of <Cult of the Old Ones> and enjoyed my time there. Currently reading the old forums with a bit of a tear in my eye :')
  2. I have no idea who your avatar is ^^ I love GoT but have never seen the telly series, I am just a book addict. However I rate it 8/10 because stern face is stern
  3. When I saw the thread title I thought this is where Pottu has ended up after leaving Elysium Congrats on the new role!
  4. Is it worth just leaping straight into Ramparts and farming in there til level 61/62? I don't know what the strategies were at TBC launch as a friend was away for a week when it went live so I waited for them to get back before I started Outland content and by then HFP had calmed down a bit.
  5. I'm on 600mg of Pregabalin a day thanks to crippling neuropathic pain courtesy of my arm nerves being pulled off my spinal cord. I was under the impression 600mg was the max dose, are your kidneys coping? I don't find I'm too lethargic from it but then I'm on half your dose. When I got out of hospital I was on the Pregabalin, Tramadol, 2 types of Oxycodone, Amitryptiline and Duloxetine. Now that lot knocked me out I'd be interested to know how you find yoga - I am considering trying it out but I'm worried about doing myself any further damage. My left knee is not terribly stable and I have a huge ropy scar from my accident that almost goes around the whole of the leg, just under the knee.
  6. Nelf cat form is alright, but the Tauren one is a bit 'special'.
  7. Omg u r0xx0r teh b0xx0rz *cough*
  8. I started out on alliance side on Earthen Ring-EU RP and moved to Steamwheedle Cartel when they offered the free transfers. Then after some RL disasters I was a bit like the littlest hobo, drifting around between most of the RP servers and also a brief stint om Aggramar, @Elicas in <Cult of the Old Ones>. After coming back from my accident I found a home in <Ashen Rose Conspiracy> on Argent Dawn but horde this time.
  9. I don't even need to be fury to nail Titan's Grip ^^
  10. @Elicas Genius, that is all.
  11. Yeah >< we hated each other growing up. They also cut the hair off my Girl's World hairdressing doll and scrawled all over it with my mum's makeup.
  12. This was my favourite toy, when I was 5 I had meningitis and when I got out of hospital my parents got me a Cherries Jubilee stuffed My Little Pony, which I was obsessed with at the time. My brothers, who were 18 months younger, were jealous that they didn't get a toy, so they cut its mane and tail off and then shaved the rest of it with my dad's electric razor. 30 years ago but the pain is still real, man.
  13. "This is our last chance of PTE emulation. We need to seize it with both hands." But I only have one ;_; ;)
  14. Hello and welcome aboard
  15. Will there definitely be a PVE PTE server - that's all I need to know. Well, a PVE server that doesn't accept transfers in & has vpn bans/anti cheat in place.