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  1. @Elicas : How did you end up with the swankiest Crestfall-branded avatar of them all? You aren't even a staff member.
  2. So @Darkrasp said something pretty spot on. And these days, it feels a bit like not so much is happening – even though the opposite is probably true. The thing that kept me most engaged was Darkrasp's weekly update. For me, those consistent communications make Darkrasp the face of Crestfall. And with him only posting those half as often now, that's half a face. And half a face is scary as fuck. So Crestfall dudes, – staff? – I know you're all neck deep in code and all that. So if not an increase in written communications, then maybe something simple like a progress bar? We're WoW players… we love that shit. Asura once mentioned you guys were talking about posting some metadata about individual commits, but something like a simple progress bar for a milestone could be awesome! For example, this GitHub API call for a Kubernetes milestone's metadata maps easily to progress visualization. So it's really easy to do (if you happen to be using a service like that) and doesn't concern you with things like exposing all your very-serious-business-trade-secrets! Maybe a cron job that generates a static page for your Cloudflare CDN from time to time or something like that… So hey, buddy, what do you think? (P.S. I could lend a couple hours to help implement if you want.)
  3. Yeah, that's the "plague" he's talking about.
  4. I think it makes sense if you take a look at the reasons they give. Essentially, they're giving a little helping hand to their buddies – both in terms of source code and publicity – before sharing with everyone else. Wouldn't you do the same? I would. Overall, I'm happy about this. I never saw a full scale Nostalrius return as an ideal outcome. I never played there, but other people's accounts tell of a server that was tonnes of fun, but not of particularly high quality; whereas Crestfall seems to be highly detail oriented and quality-focused. So I think the release of the source code to the public – and they'd better follow through on that!! – is the best thing because servers like Crestfall might learn some good things (e.g. better clustering, perhaps) and be able to incorporate them. But I suppose that might depend on the Nostalrius source's licence. Ultimately, I would like all server source code, including Crestfall's, to be open sourced such that the community can benefit from, and contribute to, a very small number of superior WoW emulation components.
  5. Here's my advice. Don't use the word "subscription". It doesn't convey the meaning you intend. I had to read most of this thread to figure out what you meant by "voluntary subscription" – and to be honest, I'm still not entirely sure I got it right. Also don't use "pledge"; it isn't any clearer. If I understood correctly, you're really just talking about donations. They can be a one-time sum or recurring. It's all donations (unless you start giving perks in exchange) – same model as Wikipedia. Stick to that term and avoid a shit show. As for a cash shop, I don't know. The private server scene has an odd culture. You spend months developing a complex piece of software to provide a service for which people happily paid monthly in the past, and still crave to this day. But somehow it's unacceptable that you create revenue streams that allow you to recoup your costs. Whether or not you open a shop, that's your bag. But if you do, I suggest you go to unusual lengths to ensure there's no non-cosmetic advantage to any purchase (e g. no avoiding gold costs by buying mounts through the shop).
  6. There's sticky post on r/vanillawowservers that you might find interesting. And maybe verify the checksum as mentioned earlier in this post. But also note that there are plenty of opportunities to modify the client outside the core executable.
  7. @Marbo I believe the way NiceDamage works is that it loads "font.ttf" located at the root of its addon folder. That means you should be able to replace it with any other True Type Font, either by renaming one of the additional fonts with which it comes packaged or by dropping in a new "font.ttf" of your choosing. You can check out "sample.JPG" (which I've also attached to this post) to see what all of the packaged fonts look like. It's kind of weird that you need to change files inside the addon folder rather than choose a font via an in-game UI, but I suppose it isn't something a person will change often. It would have also be a fair amount of extra work for the developer!
  8. The developers' idea of approximately four months between releases sounds reasonable, and they clearly have a solid handle on what's important (e.g. fun events like the war effort). And I agree that the right balance has to be found; you can't cater your schedule to the most hardcore n%, nor can you wait for every plodding bum – such as myself – to catch up. But I'd like to make one suggestion which focuses on the very beginning of the release train: to consider the level distribution of the active players in the release of Blackwing Lair. Essentially, I would start the release timer ticking from some level distribution event. Percentage of players at or above level N at least P%. (I won't offer suggestions for N or P.) (+K months) Release Blackwing Lair And so on… By doing this, each tier of raid content will get about the same amount of time dedicated to it. This should also avoid having an unreasonable proportion of the population trying to play catch-up as a minority of players inevitably burn through content. And from that, I think it will allow the culture of the server to emerge (e.g. in terms of leveling speed) and create release dates which are a great fit for it. I wouldn't be surprised if the developers already have something like this in mind. But hey, I figured I might as well put it out there.