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  1. Hi Syn, to be honest, I have no idea what gameclient they will use for their classic realm. The old 1.12.(1-3) we have has alot of issues in terms of stability, security and the lack of multi-threading. I doubt that they will re-use that client without changes. But doing changes to that would also result in addon incompatibility (like introducing secure functions). So in the end, I can't tell what they're going to do. I really hope they will leave the client as is, but my guess is, that they will patch it and break some addons. In case they patch it, I'll be probably out of the addon-scene for the following reasons: * I'm not motivated to read and migrate all of my addons to every patch they release over and over again * I won't be able to easily test code on my local realm with bots (quests, castbars, unitframe stuff) * I haven't played the games for years as I "only" logged in to do addons. And I'm not going to pay a monthly fee to get the permission to log in and write code. Cheers, Shagu
  2. Sorry for the late response The issue regarding DebuffTimers has already been adressed on 1st of March, but the author doesn't seem to care much about his addons: https://github.com/Voidmenull/DebuffTimers/pull/13 In the meantime, you could use my fork instead which has this fixed: https://github.com/shagu/DebuffTimers Target-Buff-Timers are not planned so far. If you see some random players in town, you usually can't know when he got his buffs, so it's quite hard to calculate the remaining time.
  3. It's case-sensitive. The folder should be "pfUI" not "PfUI".
  4. Yes, by installing https://github.com/Voidmenull/DebuffTimers you will have the best ones you can get in vanilla.
  5. No idea how to fix this. New ShaguPlates version available: - You're now able to look around with right-click, while still providing working left- and right-clicks on the nameplate. In other words, you don't have to enable clickthrough if your want to look around by right-click (/shaguplates mouselook 1 [default: on]) - Option to disable class colors for friendly players (/shaguplates classcolor_friend 1 [default: on]) - Option to disable class color for enemy players (/shaguplates classcolor_enemy 1 [default: on]) - Fixed some wrong castbars for friendly spells - Reduced some flickering of the nameplates PS: Some video footage regarding the new click system on nameplates can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaknTp9K4-A
  6. @Koetjeboe Hi, which version did you use when the chat window disappeared? because that should be fixed within 1.2.1. If it disappeared on a version before 1.2, then you'll have to "Reset Firstrun" in your pfUI settings to get it back. Regarding KTM, you should disable KTM from the "Thirdparty" Section, if you're already using a "themed" one Cheers, Shagu
  7. Hi, I just have released another update (1.2.1) due to some critical bugs: https://github.com/shagu/pfUI/releases/tag/1.2.1 The clientcrashes that have been reported should be fixed now. Cheers, Shagu
  8. Not sure if this is even an addon problem. All I can find around the web leads down to Windows Hotfixes, Sound Driver and Graphic Driver Updates. (And of course, broken WDB folders.)
  9. I run the game in "OpenGL" mode due to the fact that I use Linux. I never had this issue. Could you please tell me more about your system? RAM / RAM for Addons CPU Graphic Card Operating System And of course, the exact moment on which the game crashes. Do you get out of the loading screen? All I've found is a bluepost on the Blizzard forums, with the same ACCESS_VIOLATION code: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/2123456081#post-8 Here is someone who has this ACCESS_VIOLATION on exactly the same address: http://www.wow-one.com/forum/topic/13820-auction-house-crash-error-132/ Does this help? @Roadblock Dear Mr. LUA-Guru, do you have any ideas regarding this? Please feel free to PM me any informations you got. Thanks in advance, Shagu
  10. Did you've tried to disable all addons beside pfUI? Maybe a conflict? Please try again with version 1.1.1: https://github.com/shagu/pfUI/releases/tag/1.1.1
  11. Are you sure using the latest version? I believe I fixed this two days ago: https://github.com/shagu/pfUI/commit/8a811d8dfb07e1970d5fb4e3107d1dd082bb74c6
  12. Thanks for your response. These are way to many Addon's .. I won't have time to install all of them and check where the conflict is. Could you please add "pfUI.environment:UpdateFonts()" to your pfUI.lua on line 40? 39 pfUI:SetScript("OnEvent", function() 40 pfUI.environment:UpdateFonts() 41 if arg1 == "pfUI" then Logout, and Login again. Is the problem solved? EDIT: nvm. It will fix the issue. It is definitly "MobInfo", for some reasons it overwrites the default fonts, with ..... the default fonts. (pretty clever, stupid addon) Cheers
  13. This is strange.. maybe a conflict with another addon? Do you remember which version you've used before? (date or commit ref?)
  14. pfUI Release 1.0 is ready! And yet in 2016! https://github.com/shagu/pfUI/releases/tag/1.0 Thanks to all supporters. Happy new year!