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  1. Tharthenth ! So glad everything is fine ... now I can chill for some time
  2. I agree , it was like Yondu from Guardians of the galaxy which actually made me laugh from the trailer but the rest seemed okey .
  3. I would actually prefer a falcon satellite surveillance system to a seeing through walls x-ray type of sense / vision . ( The first option just seems more ''realistic'' ) .
  4. After 3 long years of bad Assassin's Creed games I really hope this will be a game changer for the franchise . The ''changes and improvements'' they say to have done overall and the fact that the makers of this sequel made Black Flag which was a huge success and praised by the community (and me) excites me. Anyways , what are your opinions and thoughts about the upcoming Assassin's creed game ? I would love to see them and share our nerdiness with each other ( ermagherr ) .
  5. Awesome update ! It is nice to know that we are not that far away from open beta , it gives me hope .
  6. You really cringe me sometimes Elicas .
  7. C'mon Asura , do it !
  8. Release the krak... I mean the announcement *cough* .
  9. (sorry , I am using too much palpatine memes this week , I am just addicted to it lmao ) Anyway , welcome to CF ! Have a great time !
  10. If it is not going to be a very big surprise announcement *cough* open beta *cough* , it is going to be another video I guess or a trailer ? Or is Elicas doing it on purpose and it is actually a big announcement ... reverse psychology ...
  11. Lets just hope it is the Open Beta Announcement