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  1. First ! Also great update as always !
  2. It depends on how you understand the meaning of ''Casual player in World of Warcraft''
  3. If you compare it to other MMO's at the time it was actually pretty casual . But yes if you compared it to WOTLK and onward things become pretty different .
  4. A big problem with this idea is the time investment . Let's say it is accepted and Crestfall goes that way , what about the people who work hard for their gear and character progression , wouldn't that discourage them at the beginning knowing that at the end (after 8 months to 1 year) their characters will be wiped and they have to start all over again . And after all , this is Vanilla , many people came here because of what it represents , slow progression but rewarding and at the end you feel that you have accomplished something and also the fact that it is what a MMO should be , a world that feels alive , something you don't see in retail anymore but that is another topic to discuss . My main point is that your idea is good , don't get me wrong , but it just does not work with WoW , maybe with today's (WoW) but not with Vanilla and the Burning Crusade .
  5. Is that a man with a cardboard on him or is that on top of the cardboard a dogs head ? 7.5/10 for making me curious . (such mystery , very wow )
  6. Make love not warcraft !
  7. Taurens all the way . There is just something special about them that makes me wanna love them so much(besides the size and the obvious cow puns ) . All this connection to the nature reminds me of myself in a way and they are very peaceful and slow which again reminds of myself . Second best comes Draenei . Again the theme of peace is preserved with them , I really like that , but unfortunately I have to wait until TBC (Bassicly TBC is the only expansion that makes me wanna play alliance ) The worst of the worst have to be Humans , dwarfs , orcs , elves . It's just too LOTR-ish , I mean its cool and all but for me its too cliche and I find them kind of boring . + Undead oh boy .. where should I start ... They are disgusting , evil and probably will doom the horde in the future ... I don't count worgens , goblins and pandas 'cus after WOTLK , World of Warcraft is not anymore and I quote ''Tell them only that the Lich King is dead and that World of Warcraft died with him'' It's just not what it was suposed to be , it lost it's purpose (Kinda like jack . You haven't watched the new season of Samurai Jack ? Well what are you waiting for ? Just do it ! ) But oh ! Where are trolls ? Well they are just trolls ! And gnomes ? What is that ? Can you eat it ?
  8. Or maybe they are just covering up something 'cus the reported last week OVH had water leaks , now blizzard sent letters to OVH and they cut hellground off ... who knows ...
  9. Nothing is over the top for daddy Blizzard if it means money .
  10. Welp... Blizzard just shat down Hellground without even a single warning, even the team does not know what to do... Everything after february has been a rollercoaster for the pserver community... What the hell is going on? http://forum.wow-hellground.com/index.php?/topic/1529-05032017-20032017/ #prayforcrestfall
  11. Or Jaina is. ;D
  12. Call the exorcist !!! JK .. Yep you are right mop was a lot better than cata and todays WoW. It had somewhat good story and awesome raiding. I also enjoyed PvP but anything besides the lore, music, zones,monks, pvp and raiding was pretty bad ...