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  1. looks like CF with all these "ready when its ready" gotta find a new hobby
  2. got question... since i ll focus on tank gear, i ll choose mark of tyrrany instead of blackhand, dunno about choise of 2nd dps trinket. Seen lot of high DPS list druids on realmplayers with Maelstrom. Any suggestions about it?
  3. well i like world PvP. but when the server is overpopulated, its not fun at all. i just remember STV on Nost PvP in first month, trust me, there is no fun at all. i d go PvP server if the cap would be around 3-4k, but i think everything more than 5k in first months will look like corpsecamping/gankfest.
  4. the problem is release date. If Nost will release before CF, there ll be the same situation just like oldNost and K1. K1 released month after and had 1k ppl online at peak times. Plus no idea what Elysium gonna do. If Nost release their player base and Elysium will allow transfer... zZz
  5. Madelein Albright is a jew. Serbian family saved her life during WW2, because nazis could simply send her to concentration camp. Guess what she did in 1998 when she ve been Secretaty of State? Decided to bomb the shit out of Serbia. In Prague, on her book presentation, some czech guys who call their movement smth like "czech people, supporting Serbian Kosovo" came to that presentation with pictures of dead serbian civilians, who died during bombings. Albright yelled "Disgusting serbs! Go out!". She supports Hillary this election. Hard to find more nasty and two-faced person in politic nowadays.
  6. 10 hours of Carl Poppa. Dur Da Durr Dee Durr
  7. i`d play durid but that 15% in the poll makes me sad
  8. 15% of druids? cant be true srsly...
  9. i play the best stategy game in the universe - Europa Universalis
  10. Hi guys, got questions to expenienced vanilla hunters... i ve been raiding n some pvp as rogue n dru on retail vanilla n nost, tried warr a bit on kronos2, but aint rly interested in em right now. So the question is ... what pros n cons of being a hunter? except of pretty fast leveling. As i remember in PvE hunters aint been in top of dps meter, tbh i never tried to get any info about em... i was thinking about creating hunt on crestfall but understood i dunno anything about them if it comes to raiding or 60lvls pvp. Tell me ur opinions plx. Thanks.