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  1. Accounts should be 1 faction only on PvP realms to prevent dirty Horde spies from infiltrating the Alliance and reporting our world pvp plans to their trade chat. Having access to both alliance and horde characters in vanilla (on PvP realms) isn't blizzlike either I guess because most people wouldn't pay for 2 separate accounts. So I say prevent people from playing two factions period, even on multiple accounts since they're free. That should also make the faction balance in TBC better when rerolling Horde for better racials wouldn't be possible if you chose Alliance during vanilla.
  2. It's called optimism. I would have just teleported them to a sun or a black hole or something. And the person who thought that adding a plot device that can move around planets was a good idea should be demoted to writing for Hearthstone. ... I don't know this Suramar but what's wrong with SW? I'd love to live in Mage Quarter or Old Town. Blizzard is saving that for "Return of The Lich King." Space zombies ftw.
  3. I know. I didn't know that the Burning Legion also had them. During their previous invasions they needed portals to get around.
  4. I think in this case Velen had the right to be the one to finish the job considering how long they've known each other. I'm still mad at Tirion though and lets not even mention Thrall and his stupid super lazer. I'm guessing Illidan will get the killing blow on Sargeras. He'll grab all the artifact weapons from the players and throw them at him.
  5. Sooo... next stop Argus and Sargeras? Also, wtf Illidan? And the Legion has spaceships now? Do you guys think we might get Warcraft 4 or WoW 2 now that the Legion is going to be dealt with on its own home turf? I'm out of the loop when it comes to the story but I don't see how they could top that with even bigger baddies in future expansions.
  6. The white side is more OP actually, or so I've been told.
  7. Alliance>isänmaa
  8. I thought that was for 5 mans only? Because you don't need many tanks for raids. Those classes aren't as good at PvP based on what I've read though, and I'm not thinking of just vanilla but TBC and WotLK as well since this is a PTE project.
  9. Me too. When I was trying to figure out what to roll on nost and kronos, I didn't even consider warrior/rogue/mage because I wanted to be a special snowflake too and those three classes were so popular... This time I won't care because I intend to play the same main from vanilla to WotLK and no FOTM class rules forever.
  10. Ok. If I get banned, I'll plead not guilty and refer to this post.
  11. Welcome. We're all sad and depressed from waiting for this server to release.
  12. Sorry if I belittled the issue. I just don't consider it important personally but if it's a private server bug then it should obviously be fixed. If it's blizzlike, idc.
  13. Is enchanting your own character's items with an enchanter alt (on another account) going to be allowed btw? I know it's technically multiboxing but the alt would simply be sitting in a main city and I don't see the harm in it... @Xaverius Reason why you should bother with LW: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=15846#created-by I made almost all of my gold with that on Kronos (well, that and solo tribute runs but that won't work here). Perfect for casuals who might only be able to log in for a few minutes on some days.
  14. I've been a fan of ancient Egypt as a setting ever since I read The Egyptian so I'll play definitely play this one eventually. I've only ever played Assassin's Creed 2 and a bit of one of its sequels however so I can't really comment on how it compares to the rest of the franchise. Gameplay looks like the same generic third-person action/open world stuff that everyone does these days. Graphics look pretty and the satellite bird is cool though.