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  1. If you want the CF devs lurking on these forums to take you seriously and provide more information on how the project is coming along, you should probably work on your rhetorical skills first. Posts like this will more likely have the opposite effect to what your trying to achieve here.
  2. @Outstanding What happened to your community manager status?
  3. I recall reading that trash packs farmed by mages and other specs that can AoE farm will have their loots nerfed so it won't be as profitable. And there are other criteria for choosing a class and not just how good it is at farming gold don't you think? :3
  4. Yeah, I can't make up my mind either. Right now I'm feeling like making a paladin, which was my original plan when I first heard about CF. I wouldn't base my choice of class on what is hard to level, especially if you intend to play just one character. Better to choose a class that you think you will enjoy at max level and possibly during other expansions as well.
  5. I liked it the most out of the three (PoE, Tyranny, Torment) but it's not as good as Planescape: Torment. Definitely worth playing though. The story was good compared to most video games but it often felt like they tried to make the game's world weird just for the sake of it instead of following some actual internal logic like PS:T did (if that makes any sense). And like PoE, there's just too much wordiness. PS:T had lots of text, sure, but it was there for a reason. In the new Torment game I felt at times that the writers were vomiting words on the screen just so the word count would be as high as possible. On the plus side, the actual combat/encounter gameplay is better than in PS:T, not that there is much of it. Also, you can read minds if you pick the Nano class and scan thoughts skill so that's cool. Bwoah.
  6. It was ok but nowhere near as good as the old infinity engine games. Setting and story was generic, too much lore dumps and wordiness. Companions were dull except for the dirty priest guy who was cool. The stat system didn't make sense to me. Encounters were poorly designed and 90% were just trash mobs that charged towards the closest character. The Adra Dragon was pretty much the only memorable fight. The garrison player stronghold was pointless. The mega dungeon beneath it didn't compare to Durlag's Tower, Watcher's Keep, the red dragon's lair etc. from BG. The combat system itself was ok, much better than the ones in Tyranny or Torment at least. Spells felt dull however: No sequencers, contingencies, pre-buffing, no epic mage duels. It all felt very balanced and sterile. Same goes for loot. Also no mod support, which is the reason why I keep replaying BG games.
  7. Hmm, that's kinda depressing. For some reason I assumed that people didn't start making private WoW servers until TBC was came out. Silly me.
  8. Welcome.
  9. Thanks for the insight on what's going on @Elicas. But what does it matter if someone is a "first wave" dev that worked on the original code or a "third wave" dev? Isn't the game on the disk now the same as it was back then?
  10. I'm sorry. D:
  11. They're not a business and their working style is more professional than anything else I've seen in the private server community. Also, real businesses promise stuff all the time only for them to go back on their words. AAA game studios delay game releases all the time. Blizzard delayed diablo 3 by over a year. Tides of Numenara was originally supposed to come out in 2014 but was delayed to 2017. Same goes for authors, politicians, pretty much anything in life. If your product isn't finished, you don't release it to the public. CF devs seemed to be kinda optimistic in their estimations last fall but they never even promised a release date afaik. Having said that, I've only followed this project for 6 months, so maybe half a year from now I'll have grown a bitter and hateful old lady that spends her days ranting in reddit and shilling for other projects having lost all hope.
  12. night elf /thread
  13. Hope everyone had a fun Easter. And since everyone is reminiscing: I joined the forums in October like all the cool people.
  14. I somehow doubt Asura and the rest build their project based on random forum posts. Idk and idc who's actually in the right here btw. Just tone down the vitriol plz, we have standards here.