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  1. This would almost be worth it just for the amount of butthurt it would cause on reddit but nah, not worth the hassle. How would you define a CF community member anyway? Post count? Post/reputation ratio? Just having a forum account? Some people have probably lurked for ages too but haven't posted anything and some people prefer discord. Probably too much effort to make a list of people who count as "part of the community". I think I've said this b4 somewhere but I'd prefer that they just give a rough estimate when the server launches instead of an exact time so that player would trickle in over the day instead of everyone trying to log in at the same time.
  2. Lock Asura in a room like in Misery and force him to finish his masterpiece. Yes, and test leashing/aggro reset range too by stabbing that bear and running away.
  3. hype

    They can't be that bad if you kept reading that long! (I do think that 1-3 were better than 4-5 though).
  4. hype

    ... I'm not a big fan of prequels myself but I'll still prolly try it. :´(
  5. Lies. Lies and slander! Without him the fishing skripts would still be in a sorry, stock mangos, un-blizzlike, post-nerf, x7 rates -state, which would take at least an extra year of development and beta testing to fix.
  6. I don't think I could handle a book release by GRRM and CF release on the same week.
  7. hype

    Been playing Life is Strange and Ironman/no reloads Baldur's Gate + leveling a paladin on elysium. The trilogy was really good. The standalone books were even better. Best Served Cold was my fav. The Shattered Sea trilogy by the same author was also great.
  8. You mean the TV show, not the book series, right? Right?!
  9. no u I won't do so until the server has launched and at least 48 hours have passed without it being shut down True, but it seems people always come back when drama happens or a promising server is released so I'm pretty sure everyone will be there for CF launch too.
  10. Alexensual says we're allowed to play there again so it's alright. ... To those who are disappointed by slow progress, keep in mind that things could be worse. Much worse: http://www.pcgamer.com/grimoire-heralds-of-the-winged-exemplar-is-now-live-on-steam-after-20-years-of-development/#article-comments That game has literally been in development longer than I've been alive.
  11. I guess so but people usually first pick popular joke/real names that are hardly original anyway. The only people that are really affected are staff members and streamers that have their names taken by trolls. That, and people with big egos who think they're entitled to a certain name because they use it elsewhere. Be original and come up with your own, RP-friendly names, I say.
  12. I don't understand why all these hyped projects always post big count down clocks and give players the exact launch time in the first place. Why not just give the players a rough estimate, like "server will launch in the next 48 hours" and then sneakily open the floodgates at 3 am so the players will trickle in instead of everyone rushing in like its the black friday at a mall.
  13. True, but they should also be praised for making games that are so easily moddable in the first place. Most companies don't bother. There's a mod called "Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul" that delevels the world and basically turns it into a proper RPG. You need to be like lvl 20+ to be able to kill dragons for instance, the first dragon at the watch tower is wounded and you have help anyway so you can do it at level 10 or 15 maybe. To get there you need to clear the first Draugr dungeon however and it's impossible for low level characters. It also makes the game really hard in general, character builds are more different and you can't be a master of everything. It's 1000 times better than the base game really. Only problem is its somewhat hard to install correctly but there are guides.
  14. Skyrim is still good cuz mods and pretty graphics. Fallout 4 was a garbage RPG though and the mods suck too.