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  1. I'm pretty sure that it's right-wing that is on the rise if you look at recent election results around the world. They are indeed responsible for all sorts of nonsense.
  2. Welcome. Your picture looks like chili. I like chili. Now I'm hungry.
  3. That's discord. This place is nice.
  4. Nice to see that multiboxers aren't allowed outside cities. How can you detect one though, aside from reports by players? If someone is controlling several toons in a dungeon for example, there's no one else there to see them.
  5. I'm admittedly new to private servers but it seems to me that Blizzard is the reason why the promising projects die and not the drama/bashing by players.
  6. Perfectly understandable. Who wouldn't want to be one of us? See Äffä milloin?!
  7. Well that's depressing.
  8. Eh, looking at Asura's post history, it seems he all but stopped posting after November 2016 which was months before. Same goes for lots of other staff too. You and Elicas don't count because you were forum dwellers first who only joined the ranks later. Also, the LGN drama was mostly based on discord where everyone acts like an asshole anyway and poor decision making by the staff who didn't know how their forum community would react. If only there was some way for them to stay in touch with them... And who cares about reddit anyway.
  9. Yes, it's summer and spending time with family is nice. I also acknowledged the fact that Darkrasp said they were busy and that rushing an official reply isn't necessary a good either. I guess you didn't read that and just skipped to the part where I dared to be mildly critical? +1. And it's not just staff either. If Outstanding were to do one of his monthly forum activity reports like he used to, it would probably be pretty depressing. If Asura and the rest think that they have the time to develop and later run a server, then you'd think that they also have the time to write something here every now and then, not just when it's absolutely necessary. As someone who joined this forum relatively late (last October I think), I find it baffling that most of the staff have as high post counts as they do considering how little they've bothered to visit within the last 9 months or so. What changed? Did the novelty wear off or are we just too annoying or what? If they don't want to engage with their community then maybe they shouldn't have started one in the first place and just kept working on the server instead. By that logic, people who are nerdy enough to know how to code and willing to make a wow server of their own should be the biggest nolifers of us all and they would be working on CF 24/7 without letting pesky RL interfere, no?
  10. Personally I would prefer a middle road between absolute secrecy and silence on the one hand and 100% openness on the other. I understand that keeping some stuff from the public is necessary to prevent other projects from stealing from you but I don't see the harm in posting stuff like what Outstanding did with fishing if some testers are willing to do so. Not being allowed to comment on the state of the beta at all is just silly. @Johnnyshaun Taking your time to formulate a thorough answer is better than what Elysium, and Shenna especially, did earlier this year at least + Darkrasp did say that the timing was bad and gave a lengthy reply. On the other hand taking this long is also somewhat awkward considering that the leak criticizes the project lead(s) for being hard to reach and indifferent about communicating so yeah, valid point.
  11. I've tried to level during 2 server launches and both times were super annoying. My plan for future launches is to either wait a couple of days or run around the world picking up flight masters and exploration XP. I'm not sure but wasn't the Gurubashi arena added in a later patch? edit. @loeth was faster
  12. /popcorn is for amusing drama and hype. This is neither, just disappointing.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to write that @Outstanding. I trust you and your judgement more than almost anyone else's here. Hopefully the official statement will address your post as well and not just the leak. I'll still play here if/when CF is launched but I've adjusted my expectations pretty dramatically to avoid future disappointments.
  14. Can't wreck someone if you're stuck in a faction balance queue kek
  15. Horde ew. Maybe my folks' potato internet is holding me back. Need to test again next month when I'm back at my own place.
  16. I'm EU too
  17. I bet you're all cheating somehow to get that low numbers :-D
  18. Him focusing so much on an entirely different project really is kinda disheartening. Yay (or not, depending on the news), he's back! Reading your old posts after leaving the CM position sure seem ominous now.
  19. Seems like a pretty clearheaded and neutral post tbh. Some of it sounds pretty plausible unfortunately, other parts somewhat bitter and hopefully exaggerated. Either that or its a really well written hoax. Outstanding's decision to quit as CM almost immediately and him stopping posting here always struck me as somewhat worrying but I figured maybe he's just busy RL. As for the other stuff, other testers/staff can confirm or refute it I guess. I hope that instead of going on a witch hunt on who posted this, Asura will instead prove that he cares about the community and gives us an honest reply to this point by point. If a 2017 release is looking increasingly unlikely you should just say so. If not, that's great and you'll have a happy player base come December. If you keep saying "2017" and end up missing the deadline however, then you hurt your project far more than by being brutally honest at this point. Hopefully this is just a "nothing burger".
  20. Isn't there still more to do than in Vanilla? The only thing I don't like is the focus on arenas but heroics and reputation dailies offer quite a lot to do and weren't even a thing in vanilla. Why not? Might as well.
  21. Sure. I'll send you a / and slaughter you like the horde pig that you are. <3
  22. My average value from 5 tries was in the 310s. My best non-cheat number was 212 but I was staring at the monitor unblinking with my nose pressed against it and forefinger hovering and twitching above the left mb. I also got 92ms by just getting lucky and clicking just when the light changed. I can't see how a human could get below 150 without cheating and getting lucky. I've read that Formula 1 drivers average reaction time is around 200ms for comparison.
  23. Alliance like all the cool people. Jaina will probably pick up the popcorn and open her eyes once something hype worthy happens. Kinda off topic but there's a cool site here that lets you test your reaction time: https://www.humanbenchmark.com/tests/reactiontime All the people complaining how they can't play without super low ms should do that test and see just how slow they really are.
  24. I'm getting a Nost vibe from Gummy's and not in a good way. Attention from the media + insistence on not accepting donations as if it mattered to Blizz. + also the fact that it seems to be a one man show run by a murican in the US.... I wouldn't bet on the project having a long lifespan. That's not going to stop me from playing there though cuz I'm and addict and need my fix.