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  1. I knew I recognized your name from somewhere. I loved Drizzt books as a kid.
  2. I definitely also prefer having just one difficulty setting and also no welfare epics from 5 mans so that old raids don't become obsolete as quickly. I also like having one super hard raid at the end of the expansion, even if only 0.0001% players get to see it. Makes the world feel bigger and there always something to aspire to for casuals. I understand blizzard's reasoning that its a waste of resources but they wouldn't necessarily have to come up with new models and textures and animations for everything; just reuse most of the stuff. TBC had 8 raids with 4 of them using recycled aesthetics whereas WoD had only 3 raids, all of them new and shiny. Former is better than the latter me thinks.
  3. Yay, welcome!
  4. I haven't even made up my mind on which server, class, race and gender to roll yet. Lilaina is the name I use the most in games and online, usually for druids/rangers/paladins etc. but I also have a couple of other names I use for different character archetypes in RPGs. 1 for female priests/clerics/medics, 1 for female thieves, 1 for male warriors/deathknights/anti-paladins/Blackguards and 1 for male casters. I haven't had any trouble getting the names I want in the past but if one is taken I might actually roll a different class altogether because of how attached to the particular name/class combos I am.
  5. The fact that they consider their old project "a fan server" while current ones are "pirate servers" is fricking hilarious. They should at least admit to being pirates just like the rest of us.
  6. Metroid Prime <3
  7. "Nostalrius community is no longer about private servers, it is about official legacy realms" That's like the Pope telling all Christians that they should start worshiping the golden calf.
  8. Feels good to be in the right place at the right time.
  9. I meant this part: "We will transition back to using our first core, Anathema." Is this Anathema the one they had on Valkyrie or the first Elysium or what. I'm confused
  10. Did I misunderstand something or is Elysium going to switch back to the original (crappy) core that they had prior to Nost merge? If so, ouch.
  11. I don't generally mind slow respawns but there's one exception: The Emerald Dreamcatcher. Seriously, screw that dresser.
  12. When everyone is fighting in the middle in WSG and I charge across the field with the flag:
  13. pfffft, I'm a WoW player, not a gymnastics expert
  14. It's been 13 years and theorycrafters still disagree on what is the most effective technique.
  15. What about D.E.H.T.A.? http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Druids_for_the_Ethical_and_Humane_Treatment_of_Animals
  16. Night Elves are the only real hunter race. They can do backflips which adds a flat 10% bonus to everything they do. This bonus stacks the more backflips you do and if you get 10 in a row the RNG Gods will reward you with an epic BoE from your next kill. It is known.
  17. welcome You must have had the sniffles when you joined PlayTBC.
  18. To be fair, a big reason why Elysium's queues were so long and slow was because several thousand people were sitting on character screen when not playing so they could avoid the queue. Also, I highly doubt CF will have anywhere near as many players as Elysium which is a good thing. And as far as first impressions go, a laggy experience is worse imo; a long queue makes people think "wow, this servers is popular so it must be good" and you can do something else while waiting but if the gameplay experience itself is bad coz of lag, then the first impression is also more negative, atleast for me.
  19. I started playing during early BC when I was 11 or 12 years old. WoW was the first PC game I played and I remember complaining to my brother that my hands got tired from playing and I wanted to play WoW with a Gamecube controller that I was more familiar with. I used arrow keys and keyboard turned until Cata. My mom freaked out when I obliviously told her that someone had asked me where I live - my brother was forced to supervise me ingame for a while. Took me well over a year to hit lvl 70 for the first time (night elf hunter ofc) and even then I got a lot of gold and boosting help from my brother and his guildies. They also carried me through some PvE content. I refused to play in areas with undead for a long time; Duskwood and Mor'ladim traumatized me. The first few years I played on a really crappy computer and when I got my brothers old PC I was amazed by the improved draw distance.
  20. Changing the theme from "Spectrum 4.x - ipsfocus" to the default one at the bottom of the page made the forums readable but the default theme is kinda boring. The usual layout looks like this for me:
  21. The former I was born with, the latter is intentional. lol.
  22. They have computers and internet in heaven? Brb gotta start reading the bible.