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  1. Gnomes don't do drama. They're too busy being geniuses and awesome. Sometimes they just get pulled into conflicts because of who they are allied with and then they have to fix everything...you could say that gnomes would have been better off without Legacy Network The Alliance.
  2. I haven't decided where I will be rolling myself yet but I've seen lots of hyping up of the PvE server. Are people simply sick of getting ganked at STV or is there some other reason that makes people think PvE is better? If so, please do share since I don't want to regret my choice of realm later on
  3. In my admittedly limited experience they're expensive, smelly, loud, unhygienic and full of smirking blowhards trying to either be helpful or show off. I also always felt that I could never take my time because other people might be waiting for their turn. Too stressing all in all.
  4. I'm not really worried about the gold for the lvl 40 mount. I got the gold I needed around 42 or 43 just by questing in Tanaris on kronos. Didn't know Large Fangs have an actual use.
  5. How do you guys typically make money in vanilla? I'm asking because I'm greedy and trying to steal your spots my only real end game experience of vanilla is from kronos, where I farmed tribute runs on my hunter, but that won't be an option here. My other steady source of gold was shaking my Salt Shaker every three days for 15-25g but I don't think I'll be playing a leather/mail class here so that won't be an option either. Do you just start accumulating gold once you're raiding regularly? Or do you need to keep actively farming something/play with the AH? All your tips and secrets are welcome.
  6. I don't like gyms. These days I just run and swing dumbbells while watching netflix.
  7. @Outstanding Hmmm, if you can get artisan LW by lvl 35 I might level a hunter just so I can conjure gold out of thin air with a saltshaker. @Bluemoon I suck at AH and am usually the one being ripped off and not the other way around so I doubt I can do that. I don't think there will be an RP realm here I'm gonna try this. Do the AD vendors exist prior to Naxx patch?
  8. Welcome. Female night elves are indeed the best race/gender combo. All the others lack their grace, beauty and unparalleled ability to do flips.
  9. We're all bad people anyway, stealing from poor blizzard.
  10. You only talked about the shady members of the project in your first post and that's what I replied to. My reading comprehension skills are very poor indeed however, along with other brain functins, so you're probably right anyway. The announcement came out of nowhere, true, but they have been more transparent, or atleast communicative, during the last week compared to the radio silence that reigned on the forums prior to it. As for being humble, have you followed the same project as I? You can call them a lot of things but humble they've never been. I still think nothing has fundamentally changed as far as the quality of the project is concerned. They just have a bigger audience which means more drama being made of everything.
  11. huh? edit. I'm stupid and wasn't fully aware of my avatar's background. It gained a great deal of publicity which leads to more drama. No one batted an eye when Radeghost first joined back in January.
  12. +1 for dramatic entrance. Are you somehow related to @Mal Do'Urden?
  13. I think (hope) that Asura was talking about people stirring up drama about Radeghost, Whitekidney etc. and not people who have voiced their concerns about the merge. I guess "recently" could refer to other things as well but I'm pretty sure he meant a certain youtuber and the few reddit posts that came up yesterday and not the merge drama itself.
  14. Truthiness (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truthiness) has made its way from politics to private servers. Thanks Trump. edit. Gz on 1500 posts and new PvP rank Elicas.
  15. Do you have proof that he sold player information? That's a pretty serious accusation. I don't particularly like the idea of someone like him being part of the project but I'm not too worried either. Players will call him out if he does anything shady. Also, I saw Jimmy: The World of Warcraft Story for the first time during his PlayTBC stream so I'm willing to forgive a lot.
  16. two posts in a month, this must me a new record
  17. Me neither. Maybe we've become so accustomed to it? Didn't know about Imba's dark past though.
  18. Lots of good suggestions already. I'd like to see how well pets work, especially in caves and multi-store buildings.
  19. That sounds kinda cool actually. I wish WoW had more EVE online style intrigue. Admittedly I didn't play on nost long enough to see this cartel in action and I don't play on Elysium, but to me this kind of thing sounds perfectly fine, as long as any links to gold selling are investigated.
  20. Cooperating with other players shouldn't be a punishable offense imo. Selling gold should obviously get the people in question banned.
  21. Read a bit about CoE, definitely sounds ambitious. I somehow doubt all the features that they advertise will make it to launch, kinda like what happened to No Man's Sky.
  22. So, I was bored during a lecture today and started daydreaming: What would the (imo) perfect WoW be like? If you could cherry-pick features/design philosophies/themes from different expansions, and mash them togehter into one perfect game, what would it look like? Mine would be something like this: 1. Just one raid difficulty, probably 25man. To move on to the next tier, you need to finish the previous one. No catch-up mechanisms/welfare epics. For extra challenge there should be Ulduar style hardmodes and achievements where you have to do things differently. 2. Immersive vanilla game world: No teleports everywhere, no flying, no phasing/crossrealms/transfers/group finders. Traveling takes time. Leveling is slow. 3. No PvP gear or arenas, just regular and rated BG:s, along with Wintergrasp/Tol Barad style zones. PvP should only be balanced with battlegrounds in mind. Killing opposing faction's leaders should give significant rewards and penalties. 4. All the new features that add stuff to do without taking anything away from others. Achievements, archeology, pet battles(!) etc. 5. MoP style reputation dailies where you get small bits of story and lore every few days. Faction rewards should be profession/vanity items mostly so you don't have to do them all every day. 6. 5 man heroics with difficulty similar to BC/Cata launch. Required to gear up for raids. Each end boss has small chance to drop an epic, rest are blue. Daily and weekly challenges that give emblems. 7. No hero classes. Everyone starts at lvl 1. 8. Different specs should feel different and have niche roles, lots of situational spells. No dualclass. Expensive respeccing, and huge talent trees. PvE rotations more complex than vanilla/BC. 8. MoP/WoD/Legion(?) style encounters and fight mechanics. 9. Legion graphics. 10. Longer expansions (3-5 years) 11. No new hub cities 12. Keep adding stuff to the old world as well and not just the newest continent. 13. No "on the rails" questing; less emphasis on "cinematic" storytelling. More Elite quests, attunements, and other lengthy quest chains (The Defias Brotherhood, Missing Diplomat, Crusader Bridenbrad, It's a secret to Everybody etc.) 14. Big lore characters aren't wasted. Longer expansions would mean that characters like Kael'thas, Lady Vashj, and Deathwing would get actual character development instead on just showing up as raid bosses. In turn they won't have to be resurrected for later expansions when you don't run out of them so quickly. 15. Lots of world bosses, some of them very rare, random, and difficult. 16. Less power creep between expansions. Dunno how to accomplish this. 17. Transmogging with pve/pvp sets only available to those who get them while they're current content. 18. RPG features that add flavour, even if they are also inconvenient: Feeding pets, ammunition, class quests 19. Quality of life improvements that don't make the game easier: Guild banks, target dummies etc. 20. More restrictions on addons so you have to play the game yourself. /end daydream
  23. god damn clickbait
  24. guide

    Only part of the title, -The Arrow And You- , showed on the main page. Came here expecting to find a guide on how to date Stephen Amell. Was disappointed. I thought Auto-shot->Aimed Shot->Auto-shot->Multi-Shot->Auto-shot....repeat, was the only correct rotation. I see I was wrong. +1
  25. @Xaverius We also had some of those adventure theme sets. Mostly jungle and dinosaur related though. My brothers were into those robots but I thought they were stupid. Not the right scale/too many big parts/easy to build.