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  1. Yeah, patching the game took Beamdog way too long. The current version is the best there is however imo. BG has always been 30fps. The fps is tied to the actual speed of the game so at 60 fps everyone would be effectively hasted all the time with shorter cast times, faster movement speed, and shorter rounds and turns. You can turn on 60 fps by tweaking some text file I think but you really shouldn't unless you want to cheat.
  2. Kotor 2 was developed by Obsidian, not Bioware. BG:EE:s were developed by Beamdog. Also, they run better and feel smoother and have better UI:s than anything you could do with mods for the originals. idc about the ethics controversy; the original games also have lots of out of place references/easter eggs/commentary. I do agree that modern Bioware games are lame. SWTOR was actually the first Bioware game that I played. Then I played ME1-2, BG:s, Kotor 1-2, and DA 1-2, and realized that SWTOR wasn't anywhere near as good in comparison. I only had the 10 hour trial of ME: Andromeda and didn't finish even that.
  3. For me the term "Blizzlike" loses it prestige the further you go. Blizzlike vanilla/TBC? Yes please. Blizzlike WotLK? Suuuure but I'd prefer some tweaks. Blizzlike Cataclysm/Mop/WoD? No ty.
  4. Welcome. Hunter or paladin or mage or priest or warlock. I can't decide.
  5. Welcome. Really? Last time I checked they all sucked. There are also lots of Nost babies like me who have been lurking in the shadows and waiting for a worthy project to devote their time to. Of course there are also the grumpy veterans of the scene who have been hopping from server to server for years. That's their own fault as far as I'm concerned and a proper PTE project with supposedly godly scripting should interest them as well. Making TBC and WotLK lvl 60 content would immediately label this a "fun server" and the population would be significantly smaller. I take it back. You're not welcome. #triggered Wouldn't the population of a vanilla only server grow smaller anyway after reaching the end of the content? With TBC and WotLK in the horizon, people will have reasons to keep playing instead of jumping to a new project. And maybe you will feel different as well after a couple of years of vanilla and you'll want to move on to another expansion as well.
  6. If its disappointing MMORPGs we're talking about, SWTOR takes the cake. Leveling was a lot of fun (And Huttball!) but the endgame was otherwise incredibly lame and afaik they never got around to continuing the individual class stories that were the best part of the game. They should have just made kotor 3.
  7. Night elves are the optimal choice for all classes and specs. Don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise, they're just jelly cuz they can't do flips.
  8. I'd like to see dungeon finder disabled and some of the welfare epics from ToC onwards removed/rebalanced/redistributed but I also agree that big changes like that shouldn't be done lightly. Lets play through vanilla and TBC first and then we'll see what Asura thinks I guess.
  9. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
  10. I thought I wanted to play on a PvE realm after spending most of my retail time on a PvP realm but honestly, after playing on Elysium's PvE realm, I'm having second thoughts and might just roll on CF's PvP realm. It simply didn't feel the same although being able to stroll to Hemet's camp without worries was pretty nice too. Guess it depends on how much you value your spare time compared to the adrenaline rush that you can get over on PvP.
  11. Does anyone know what the exact numbers for "High" or "Medium" etc. are btw? Or what they were during retail vanilla? 1k for medium? 2k for high? The ones that Elysium, Kronos etc. have don't match reality in my experience. For instance, Elysium's PvE realm is listed as "high" atm despite having only 1k people online.
  12. I'm not suggesting anything, just thinking aloud and criticizing Bluemoon's post for assuming that people in this thread are lazy casuals looking to influence the devs and make the game easier. :3
  13. I'm just a lazy casual with a below 100 IQ, so correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the removal or limiting of world buffs/flasks make the raids harder for casuals and not easier? No one is asking the CF devs to make the game easier here, just pointing out that the raids would be harder without them. Afaik the current mentality of stacking everything didn't exist or wasn't even possible back during retail until in the later patches.
  14. Hmm, ok, I can see why removing flasks would be a bad idea but I agree with @Lloyd2k4 that stacking world buffs is stupid. Did people really do that for all raids during retail vanilla?
  15. I wouldn't mind this myself but all the grumpy old-timers probably disagree.
  16. Good point. It wouldn't be the same if everyone else still had their WoW memories and experience. I'd like to have my WoW memories erased too but given the opportunity, I would prioritize wiping out memories of some books, TV shows, movies, and other games first tbh.
  17. What did Noo-Noo do?
  18. Congratz both of you.
  19. Motivational video to get more people to play healers:
  20. Nice idea! I've gotten myself free NWN, Witcher 2, Fallout 1&2, and Dragon Age: Origins, among others, from free campaigns over the years. GOG seems to be especially generous with them. Nice to have one location to check for them on a forum I visit regularly. #MakeOffTopicGreatAgain
  21. I guess the learning curve is steeper for tanks but once you know what you're doing it becomes easy and you don't have to tryhard as much like DPS do, who will always have to compete in the dmg meter. Still, it's a learning curve I don't want to go through. The most tanking I ever did was during late WotLK when the 5 man heroics were really easy and I had them memorized. Even then people complained that I pulled too slowly.
  22. For me the main reason why I avoid tanking roles is because it's simply too stressing, not because leveling one is slow or because the game play is dull. Last time I tried to tank a raid was during a Firelands pug in Cata. I ended up panicking and close to tears and finally did an Alt + F4 because I freaked out. That character is still parked there because I was too embarrassed to log back in. Healing also comes with more responsibility but at least you get to hang back and follow others. Tanks on the other hand are expected to know 100% what they are doing all the time, to never get lost, which packs to pull, which mobs to CC etc. all the while telling others what the tactics are as well. I want to have fun when playing WoW and having to deal with that stuff is the exact opposite. I play mostly DPS specs not because they're necessarily more fun gameplay wise but because they get to avoid that crap.
  23. WoD flavor:
  24. See, this is why you play alliance. The pool of potential tanks is higher and I bet there are more holy paladins than resto shammies too. :-D
  25. You guys are doing it wrong. The correct way to get a better PC is to leech off your relatives and friends' old components and make them build the rig for you.