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  1. My parents are probably the closest thing to a role model that I have. Some rl celebs that I either find inspiring or want to be like: John Lennon Robert Downey Jr. Jim Cummings Jennifer Hale Obama J.K. Rowling Teemu Selänne Mikael Granlund Veera Kauppi Nelson Mandela Stephen Hawking Oprah Some fictional characters I fangirled over as a kid found inspiring as a kid: Harry Potter Ciri Drizzt Frodo WoW characters are probably not very good role models considering how most of them solve everything with violence and are obsessed with honor/glory/warfare. Gnomes in general are pretty inspiring I guess: They lost their home but remain positive and good-natured and they invent things because they like it and not because they want wealth or to kill things.
  2. Second quarter of the year i.e. April/May/June.
  3. Welcome. We don't know; apparently there's a 50/50 chance of Q2 release. 100% that it comes out in 2017 according to Asura.
  4. 1. Female Nelfs. Purple, flip jumping, badasses who don't pussyfoot around with the Horde like the rest of the Alliance. Female Night Elf hunter is the ultimate master race. 2. Male nelfs: A bit too bulky but still cool. Belfs: Tier 1 material if not for their faction choice. Awesome starting areas. Gnomes: <3 Humans: A bit generic and males have ridiculous arms but they're usually my race of choice for mages and paladins. 3. Dwarves: Stout and funny, the perfect sidekicks for righteous butt kicking for goodness, even if I would never roll one myself. 4. Draenei: Not a big fan of all the scifi stuff in warcraft; maybe I'm just bitter that Alliance didn't get blood/high elves. Worgen: I don't like dogs and the sniffing sound they make while idle is disgusting. Props for fighting the Forsaken. 5. Tauren: The only non-bloodthirsty, non-evil vanilla horde race. Bizarre but almost admirable. 6. Forsaken: Insane corpses. Why haven't we wiped them out already? Goblins: Ugly gnomes with skin problems 7. Orcs, Trolls: Ugh.
  5. Me too, it's the reason why I signed up for beta I like purple.
  6. Beta testers do get those sexy purple tags below their avatars and their name is in purple in the who's online list too. Do beta testers get to keep those after launch btw?
  7. I think it will come out in 2017 based on the fact that Asura said so. Anyone who disagrees with me is wrong.
  8. So, I noticed today that this site had overtaken BBC, FB and instagram as my most visited site. Do I need professional help or do you guys visit this place as often as I do? (Also I've never posted a poll b4 and wanted to try).
  9. I got Borderlands from a steam sale. It gave me motion sickness.
  10. This. "Reach lvl 10" or "Gain 100 HKs" I can do without but PvE achievements that require completing encounters in different ways or seasonal/collectibles achievements that reward you with more collectibles are great. it's not the same. Achievements won't feel worth doing if there are no set rules and restrictions and rewards in the game itself.
  11. Pets, mobs pathing and generally broken quests are the things I'd like to see working. Smarter people than I might appreciate seeing spells and resistances and whatnot interacting and working correctly but I (and the vast majority of players) don't know how they're supposed to work to begin with, so in a hype video intended to draw as many players as possible, you should focus on highlighting features that everyone understands and recognizes, i.e. quests that everyone has done and seen to be broken on other servers, kodos and boats saying "Greetings <Player>", seasonal events working etc. I wouldn't mind a direct comparison to other servers. It's not like there are some marketing regulations that you have worry about like real companies do. If CF has features that work and other servers don't, and you can prove it beyond doubt, show it. Just be ready for supporters of other projects to make similar comparisons if CF launches with something broken. I guess whether you do this or not depends on how confident the devs are with their product at launch. I wouldn't consider it mud slinging like Calfuron said, as long as the comparisons are valid.
  12. There you go. Happy now?
  13. What's wrong with BBC? Already finished the DLC. /cry This is the saddest thing that can happen to anyone online.
  14. But what if there's new drama? Or a new secret counter? What if someone has made an interesting post and its going to get buried soon? Or someone has replied to one of your posts? Or (God forbid) one of the devs have posted something? Only one way to be sure!
  15. More potential players for CF I guess. That's just rude. Shutting down a project is one thing but defecating on them is a bit over-the-top, even for Blizzard.
  16. I can't help it, I'm too photogenic.
  17. MoP was better than Cata and WoD for sure. Didn't like the story/lore/setting though. 5-mans and scenarios sucked. Raids were solid. It still had all the problems of current retail i.e. too many raid difficulties, too much catch up mechanisms, lacking RPG mechanics, easy leveling, empty old world, everything is streamlined. Some people liked the huge amount of dailies and factions. They were definitely better than the lack of content in WoD. I liked the way how they gave small bits of story every few days, even if I didn't really like the setting. Making monks start at lvl 1 like everyone else, instead of the hero class nonsense, was the right call too. TBC and WotLK were still better though imo.
  18. Heya!
  19. ... I'm sure r/wowservers will come up with something. You're definitely the right man for the job. Congrats?
  20. Welcome.
  21. Anyone care to explain the difference between a systems administrator and a dev?
  22. Welcome. @duzyizly Fun servers don't count.
  23. Achievements in vanilla would be cool and is one of those things I'd like to see blizz implement if they ever were to make legacy servers. As for custom achievements, they'd have to be made by the people running the server and forced on everyone I think. A third party addon can't give any in game rewards after all. I do recall reading about a custom 1.12 server with achievements.
  24. Welcome. We are a very exclusive club indeed. We represent the best of the best. The cream of the crop. Soon we won't have to mingle with the peasants on other lesser projects.