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  1. Anti-social? So retail players will... pollute the game... by, what? Not interacting with others? I fail to see how this will affect others in a negative way. Or any way, really. If you're talking about people being uncooperative in dungeons etc, I expect natural selection to take its course. As for the OP's question, I'm rich and privileged. I'll accept paying a lot more than it's worth before I start having second thoughts. If it's a separate subscription, I think €5 would be a reasonable fee, and I think €9.99 is a likely fee. Either way, I'll pay.
  2. One-button addon that dispels all the shit that you want to dispel so you don't have to target individual players in the raid. It was 100% braindead ofc, but there wasn't really a more effective way to do it manually, so it was widely used as long as it worked. Good for fights like Chromaggus or Lucifron where you need to dispel the whole goddamn raid. You could configure it to have a priority order and stuff, and you never lost a gcd. IMO it was a braindead way to deal with a braindead mechanic. I enjoy fights where dispelling fast is important (I was the designated dispeller on Teron Gorefiend and I loved it) but when you literally have to dispel 40 people every 30 seconds you might as well sit there spamming a button rather than pretend to be pro by doing it manually. It stopped working sometime towards the end of vanilla, if memory serves me. They changed something about the way you could write scripts or some shit. Thankfully Blizzard realised that raid-wide dispellable debuffs were just tedious and not challenging, and as far as I know, no fights worked like that in TBC or beyond.
  3. To me, pfUI has been perfect, and I'll be sad to abandon it in classic if the game client is drastically changed like you speculate. However, I completely empathize with the choice to not completely redo everything, and I just wanted to say thank you for making my pserver experience a million times more enjoyable!
  4. There was a thread on the EU Classic forums about the constant bickering in the community about possible changes, begging for some kind of word from Blizzard that might put some of the arguments to rest. And lo and behold, there was a blue response that was somewhat comforting: So, to me it sounds like they're looking for feedback on "the sweet spot", not whether people now think RDF and dual spec is a good idea, or rebalancing classes to make all specs as viable as one another. I think we can safely say those kinds of changes will never happen. ETA: Personally I think it would make sense to release the game with Maraudon up, because it's an instance for leveling up (and for running through in your T2 grabbing that one weird nature res item for AQ), not for gearing up. Dire Maul - eh, it's a nice addition for the dungeon crawler crowd to get as an early patch and it would make sense not to put it in straight away. Also makes MC that little bit harder when you're missing some items from DM. Other than that, progressive content but fixed items and talents would be my preference. That also means fiddling with the content to make the early raids (and possibly the late dungeons too) non-trivial, and maybe fiddling with certain items so that the strength of some blues isn't ridiculous. I don't know if anyone could be bothered with trying to recreate the whole of Vanilla exactly, patch by patch, item stat by item stat, so something's gotta give. They've already talked loosely about "finding a point" and "a sweet spot", and I would have thought that "point" would be numbers-wise, not content-wise. They'd be idiots to release the game on the exactly BWL patch and then never do anything else with the game (IE no ZG, no AQ, no Naxx). Similarly, they'd be idiots to release the game with everything open because it'd be old news in a few months' time. I think anything other than progressive content is out of the question, and I think the main question is how to tackle the talents and items vs the ability to down bosses.
  5. Absolutely no problem! I raided with a priest main through Vanilla-TBC-WotLK and although I wasn't in a top-top tier raiding guild, I've seen the insides of all the raids, and heard the thuds of most bosses as they hit the floor, so if you have questions, ask away and I'll do my best to answer. With the reservations that it's been some 10-12 years and I'm not getting any younger myself
  6. To clarify, the reason why people had level 5 alts for disenchanting was simply that it was an easy way to do your own disenchanting of high level greens that you acquired randomly (or through crafting). A lot of the time, the high end enchanting materials were worth a lot more than trying to hawk Random Hauberk of the Useless Stat Combo on the AH. Illusion dust and eternal essences were guaranteed top dollar, and sometimes you'd even get a shard out of a green. Or you kept the mats and used them to enchant your own gear. There is no difference in sending the greens to an alt and having your enchanter friend help you disenchant them - it was just convenient because it could be done on your own. Soulbound items, on the other hand, can't be mailed to an alt, or traded to an enchanter friend. So if you wanted to disenchant your old epics, dropping a profession and picking up enchanting was the way to go. If I recall correctly, Nexus Crystals would go for 50-100g on the AH, and I made the money for my epic mount by disenchanting non-set items from MC and BWL. So for me it was absolutely worth running around the low level zones for a few hours, picking flowers. Especially when I had a nice, new, shiny skeletal horse to do so on!
  7. No, you can't send your soulbound epics to an alt
  8. In TBC there was a "requires enchanting lvl XXX to disenchant" limit to items. Based on item level, if memory serves me? Kind of like skinning, like you can't pick up skinning at level 60 and start skinning Devilsaurs at 1 skill. It was balanced so that you would be able to disenchant stuff a few levels above your own, if you kept your enchanting up to date as you leveled. It was absolutely not worth it leveling enchanting just to D/E your epics in TBC.
  9. Level 5 to pick up a profession. Some people had d/e alts, I just sent stuff to a friend and he would supply me with enchants whenever I needed them. I had alch/herb on my main and on two occasions I dropped herbalism to disenchant some of my outdated epics and sell the shards. Then I would level herbalism back up again, it didn't take that long.
  10. The EU version of this post got a blue response https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617076947
  11. See you in Vanilla, guys
  12. I.. I just... ....
  13. So, while faffing about on A Realm the other night, I completed the quest to get Dartol's Rod of Transformation which is an old favourite of mine. I had some stuff stored in my bank for expansion after expansion, just for the memories. Or, like in the case of Light of Elune, because it always seemed to valuable to waste. What collects dust in your bank? Archmage Vargot's Staff, maybe? Really Sticky Glue? Tell us all about it! tagging @duzyizly especially
  14. Yeah, our discord is akin to postcard correspondence I expect it'll eventually become useful for messages about what possible instance runs will happen on a certain evening. I think it suits our purposes pretty well.
  15. Pita the fool who doesn't like bread.
  16. As an ESL teacher I'm horrified I didn't notice this before D:
  17. Fuck you and everyone else who doesn't have a 1 year old with sleep issues tbh. I'm glad for you and the fact that you were able to see this film that many, many people agree is a new level of goodness for the X franchise. So glad. Thank you for your recommendation. I'll get back to you with a review in 6 months when it's out on Netflix.
  18. @MasterQuaster as to Maraudon, it wasn't in the game on release, but added in an early patch. But since it's pretty much only useful when leveling, there's no reason not to include it at launch.
  19. I'd put it down to the assumption that "everyone knows" about Crogge's server since the connection has always been there. But I can understand that it might not look that way to someone new(ish) or simply casually active on forums. Basically, the connection between CF and LC has been there way before LGN, and still is. They use the same core (as stated in the link above).
  20. I think what you need to do is play with the right people! It sounds like you're not very confident, and you say yourself that you avoid grouping with others in case you let them down. I know how unforgiving some players can be, and if you've been told by someone "you suck", it can be hard to come back from that. I don't know if that's happened to you, but it's sure happened to me! I avoided PUGs in later stages of retail because I found it stressful the way people blasted through stuff without even looking at the chat. If you needed to drink (speaking as a healer, here), you were told you sucked. If DPS died from their own mistakes and I didn't have the time/chance to save them, you were told you sucked. I hated it. And I'm speaking as someone who has cleared all of TBC while content was relevant. It may be that you don't have enough experience to easily breeze through content (though no one really does, especially not while leveling, unless they're horrendously overgeared). Call that lack of skill if you wish, but I think it's probably a matter of getting some practice. If you're in a guild with friendly people, they will help you if you need it. Not to carry you, but to help you understand your role, if you truly do lack "skill". It may be that you underestimate yourself grossly, and you simply need a comfortable setting to come into your own. Again, can be helped by practicing with the right kind of people. You're leveling a character in the CF social guild on Darrowshire, right? We should try and get some guild runs with, well, at least a couple of guildies together. I know it's difficult with different play times and levels and whatnot, but I'd be more than happy to try some dungeons with you. I promise I won't feel let down
  21. Well damn. Never knew you had to know game design to make speculative comments about a game. In other news, kids shouldn't be allowed to question their teachers in school since they don't know the first thing about teaching, people who don't know how to direct a film shouldn't review them etc etc. On a more serious note, comments like these have a "gatekeeping" feeling about them while providing nothing of substance to the thread. Personally I think they're 100% unnecessary.
  22. And even more to the point, why does clam meat stack, but unopened ones don't?
  23. @Statin Stop keeping weird hours! I've added you to friends so I'll see you pop on, but no luck so far. @ilovecats So make a new char - problem solved! ^^
  24. This post answers a lot of questions and renews plenty of faith for me personally. Thank you! I think the decisions re: what communications channels you use is spot on. The fewer channels you use to communicate with users, the better the communication will be. As it was, some things were said in one place, others in another. It was hard to get the complete picture, and it was evidently also hard to keep properly moderated once the project found itself in the spotlight. Forums forces members to read through threads, and put a little more thought into posts and replies, too. Posts stick around for posterity, and can be moderated whenever. It's a community which everyone can follow, at their own leisure; to me, it's ideal. Again, thank you for doing the right thing, in many different respects.
  25. OP TL;DR (Too Lazy; Don't Reply) In all seriousness, there has not been any official announcement yet, so I would wait for that instead of listening to rumours. I'm sure someone will be happy to provide some, though.