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  1. Is there any beta footage, besides Azamous' dubious production? Not that I need any more than that piece of cinema history, but I'm still curious.
  2. The old models are a asset not a liability to the vanilla experience.
  3. Hello, I am looking for an addon that will display the vender value of items in my bags. I did some google searches and installed a couple addons but none of them worked (tested on k2). Either they did nothing, or they only showed vender value after you had already vendered them, which is totally useless. Does anyone know of an addon that they personally know works (have used it within the last year) for vanilla vender values of items without having to have already vendered it to see? Thanks.
  4. Launch as in the final game launching? Think Q2 buddy. This is about beta.
  5. Welp this is a good day for Crestfall, they are now the only remaining viable vanilla project.
  6. I don't really understand this decision. isn't Elysium a trashcan server?
  7. My preference is that the <World> chat is global and does not have a moderator, but must be joined manually. Many people end up using /world anyway, because it is REALLY useful, but having it moderated is really annoying when someone like Waxface from Nost gets his hands on it.
  8. I agree with your decision to do as much as you can in the closed alpha and only release beta once you absolutely have to. No matter how many times you hammer it into peoples heads, many people simply don't understand that beta means you are TRYING to find bugs, not play the server like normal and complaining when you find them. Releasing it early would end up in a ragefest. God forbid some monkey youtuber join the beta and find one bug and write a nasty review. Keep up the good work guys, I appreciate the frequent updates on the projects. Beats the hell out of sitting in the dark for years at a time, like a certain other project that rhymed with 'more maft'.
  9. Elections and debates? I'm game. *ahem* We do need a wall around Redridge, and the horde is going to pay for it, believe me. It will be a beautiful wall, the best wall, believe me. And the Horde are paying, believe me. I will build the wall, believe me. However, we need common sense comprehensive common sense policies from outsiders and not establishment common sense outsider establishment for all citizens! I propose we end divisiveness by tearing down the Gilnean Wall to promote unity. I am staunchly against building the Redridge Wall my opponent wants, and always have been, because he is my opponent and is wrong about everything. The wall is a bad idea and I never supported it. However, I would like to reinforce the Gilnean Wall for the safety of establishment common sense legislation outsider citizens. Am I doing it right?
  10. People usually require level 19-20 for deadmines, especially melee dps, because you can aggro an extra level of the ship if you are too low and the later part of deadmines is low 20 mobs so lower levels will just miss every single attack for the second half of the instance and you have to carry them.
  11. Yea for lava runs you just keep jumping because you are not "in" the lava technically for long enough intervals to constitute taking lava damage, because you are in the air longer than in the lava. Side note Dark: You gonna do a dev update today?
  12. Fair enough How mature. You've managed to both make an incorrect assumption and be revolting in a single sentence. Well done.
  13. Is wow your first experience with any fantasy movies or video games in general? Lol none of those are original or unique at all >.>
  14. Do BOTH! Muahahahahahhahaha >:D
  15. Alright cool. That's what I wanted to know. I'm not trying to fish for OP cheese items I just want to make sure we are on the patch where there are actually items available to me that have spellpower on them before I roll a caster cause if we used too early a patch for itemization I would literally be doing tooltip damage with frostbolt until the artifically buffed MC tier. Thanks for the responses all, good thread.