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  1. Im seeing more errors 521 than ever.
  2. I didnt expect they would give us any wow classic info, but, man that diablo panel was disgusting. I dont understand how someone can give money to this shitty company. "Who is the necromancer?'A priest of Rathma, who wields the power of the undead'.It sounds kinda boring."- Jhon Mueller, Blizzard Art Director, Blizzcon 2016. The following is even worse..the necromancer is a rockstar!?
  3. Is charge landing point correct? Looks like you stop almost inside your target.
  4. Funny how you remember of WPvP as ganking and killing lowbies . First, read "part of the game" as "NOT a waste of time" or "NOT a bad thing", and come on, flagging is nowhere close to a permanent sense danger. Is like comparing vanilla leveling with retail leveling, we say "meh, heirlooms", blizz fanboys says "You dont need to use it". If you dont like pvp or you are following your friends im okey with that, but some people in PvE threads keep saying they like pvp but are joining PvE for whatever else reasons, and that puts them in the "loss aversion" category, imo. Second, if you dont have time to play you will be always behind those with +6h/day, be it in PvE or in PvP realms, so is the same thing in the end. From my understanding you NEED to achiev something ASAP, and PvE provides that, well, faster than PvP realms, am i correct? If yes, you are sacrificing a game feature (and you "absolutely love ganking and killing lowbies"!) for, lets say, raiding (asap!). This kind of logic made WoW what it is today. "Blizz i have no time to play, i love leveling, but i prefer raiding, plz give me lvl cap in 3 days". Im not saying PvE shouldnt exist, but the reasons from these folks here for choosing PvE over PvP are making me sad, and, please dont post "factual" statistics w/o a source, because im 99% sure that 89,46% of pservers population have more than 21 years. Source: my cat.
  5. Nothing special about it, it lacks a part of the game. People talking about maturity... so you get butt hurt when ganked, and, gives up, moving to a server where that doesnt happen.. very mature.. This reminds me that experiment with monkeys when they prefer NOT to lose, than gain something, even when the final result is the same. "A rational monkey would not have cared, but these irrational monkeys suffered from what psychologists call loss aversion. They behaved as if the pain of losing a grape was greater than the pleasure of gaining one. "
  6. Keep buffs, buff bosses, same shit But yea, soulstone "bots" breaks the immersion and makes content easier, imo should be nerfed.
  7. @Kel The way you talk seems CF owe you. Are you sponsoring them or something?
  8. What about the adds abilites? Heres a good video with readable combat log, mage and warrior POV 4:05 AoE knockback, no log :(, counts as friend fire, maybe?