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  1. Kronos never let anyone down, its a decent place to play while we wait for CF
  2. He was right about pfUI thought, I'm amazed at how good its getting =D nothing wrong with choice, thousands use both UI's and thousands are very happy I would just like to say to all the haters of /r/RisenUI in regards to my bashing of Nostalrius I told you so
  3. thanks for the free bump
  4. Very good post the answer to his question is you really cannot go wrong with either, Shagu is a magnificent developer
  5. thanks a ton Shagu!!!!! 2.94 now available -Updated DPSMate -Updated Luna unit frames -Updated Shagu Plates to the official update -Updated the Readme -Touch up to config.wtf to ensure compatability
  6. 2.8 now available -Updated Postal -Updated Crafty -Updated DPSMate -Added Xloot -Removed FuBar plugins for friends and guild to speed up the interface -Minor fixes to action bar theme -Adjusted Luna Unit Frames raid frames and consolidated them freeing up more real estate screenshots are in the op! edit: Pushed 2.81 which polishes a few things
  7. RisenUI - By Marelle from <Risen> A custom compilation tested and proven by thousands. BetterAlign - A grid overlay to help you align your UI - GitHub Bartender2 - Actionbars CyCircled - Actionbar theme simpleMinimap - Enhanced minimap Tinytip - Enhanced and custom tooltips Fubar - Bottom panel, many quality of life enhancements Luna Unit Frames - Player/Target/ToT/Raid frames - GitHub VCB - Improved buff/debuff frame - GitHub Punschrulle - The quartz of castbars for 1.12 - GitHub OmniCC - Ability action bar timers ShaguPlates - Custom name plates with debuffs, and enemy cast bar KTM threat meter - Version 17.35 Big wigs - Boss timers DPSMate - Advanced combat analysis - GitHub Mik's scrolling battle text continued - Scrolling combat txt - GitHub Atlas - Backported TBC version for 1.12 (Includes Atlas, Atlasloot & AtlasQuest) - GitHub Onebag - Consolidated bag frame Onebank - Consolidated bank frame Prat - Enhanced chat Cartographer - Enhanced maps + Herb and mining node support Postal - Improved mail (Open all, Send multiples) - GitHub Crafty - Improved professions interface - GitHub Extended Quest Log - Improved quest log interface Classic Snowfall - On press casting for all classes Lazypig - A must have for everyone, the ultimate quality of life addon - GitHub Linkmend - Converts clink item links into actual item links, also localizes items that would otherwise appear in another language - GitHub Quickbind - Keybind your action bar buttons by hovering over them - GitHub Smaller roll frames - Improved roll frames - GitHub Download the UI here - Instructions are in the readme provided in the zip All credits to the addon developers as without them this UI will not be possible