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  1. Shenna and Asura's plan to exploit the legacy community for untold amounts of cash. Seriously, screw you guys. Nice knowing you all, incoming ban but who gives a fuck? this project has ZERO credibility anymore anyway
  2. Not quite, have you even read this thread? Most of us want Asura to tell Shenna to keep her dead project and fuck off.
  3. Well that's a damn relief. Now I think you should test out your new admin powers on that anathema core they have over there with these commands. .delete Alexensual .delete Killerduki You have now made the legacy community an even better place! Goodluck
  4. A project like that simply deserves to die, but I guess you just met them around Christmas time and haven't seen Shenna's true colors yet. There are players who have patiently been waiting for YOUR server so we wouldn't have to deal with them again after what they did to Scriptcraft. I'm not the only one surely, just by reading these threads and what people are giving out rep for. Asura this sucks dude but your the boss man. do your thing I guess =/ I hope you do some Donald Trump "extreme vetting" of their admins and GM staff though, I guarantee you will need to drain that swamp because the corruption is real over there. The servers are hacked to shit, there was no anti-cheat for months and China is up to their old tricks with client edits floating in the middle of the air in 5 mans soloing w/e the hell they want making untold amounts of gold.
  5. This is all pointing to a scared Shenna paying you all off to maintain relevancy. Elysium quite obviously would be killed by a Crestfall launch if they didn't make this "acquisition" hell people have been steadily been coming back to k2 over the last few weeks. I'm interested to know the numbers. Like many else have stated Darkrasp, Elysium are not our friends and to be quite honest. I would rather see this whole project shut down and sued out the ass by it's owner then see Shenna be able to profit even more, ESPECIALLY off Asura's work - Scriptcraft was ENOUGH! You have no idea what your getting yourself into =/ ffs
  6. Sorry mate, like many others in the Legacy community. Alexensual makes my blood boil any time I see him post. GL with your project I guess I don't have to read anymore of your updates because I really couldn't care less now that Shenna is involved. Shenna is so much like the Alyson Reeves (Ex owner of WoWScape) that it makes me sick to my stomach. I wonder if her paypal account is stacked the same from the corruption over the years - http://www.geek.com/games/blizzard-wins-88-million-from-scapegaming-over-illegal-wow-servers-1277800/ and truthfully they were getting more corecraft like every time anyway. same old, same old with no actual results to show.... peace
  7. I guess you don't read your own YouTube comments. I'll have you know we cleared Spider wing on the PTR this week on Kronos and there was a surprising amount of polish in the scripts. Everything is just as brutal as I remember it. How's your War Effort going? Trash player like you stands absolute no chance in Naxx anyway.
  8. We don't want your taint on Crestfall servers, A bunch of corrupt admins generating char's out of thin air getting a free ticket to BC on CF? No thanks, this partnership needs to die now. I'm so sick of you inciting drama and making this community look terrible. Just look at your last video here you are insulting a realm who lost money last year, They were charge backed to all hell by salty chinese gold sellers who would get banned, buy a char, get banned and then CHARGEBACK costing twinstar money each time. When the problem look to be sorted they resorted to DDOS which made twinstar move and buy new hardware to support the playerbase you're one toxic piece of shit so Alex, let me tell you the real reason why you hate Kronos. You got beat by a lvl 17 hunter on your level 25 druid and world chat trolled the fuck out of you because your terrible at this game so you decided to take out your anger on the server like it was Kronos's fault.
  9. I will also be sticking with Kronos throughout Naxx, The PTR this week was a fantastic experience for my guild and they just seem to be one step above everyone else. It's sad they get falsely accused by Asura for being "for profit" when in fact they lost money last year fighting off goldsellers and relocating their newly bought hardware to support a playerbase they truly care about. I really thought the only project that could topple them would be Crestfall but with this announcement and our lead dev Asura wasting his time with the Anathema core I don't even know what to think. I can only ponder WHY the fuck would this happen? It has to be money, Shenna of Elysium is a power hungry cunt and will do anything to keep power
  10. OMFG The post in this thread that EVERYONE needs to read. Asura just get rid of this partnership asap, carry on with Crestfall and let that project rot in the ground where it belongs as for Loeths comment above, I agree 100%. Elysium just merge and kill everything they touch and I have no idea why people even bother dealing with them anymore.
  11. Yes, Valkyrie (Elysium) got their boost to fame by getting Scriptcraft core and database from Gummy, Guilds like GRIZZLY raided there and things were fine until it was time to get new content, it took them 5 years to release Nefarian (Chromagg was "Final" boss during this time) and they NEVER once released a war effort, scepter chain and obviously tier 2.5 raids in 6 YEARS of operations . during this 5 year period alot of random generated characters started popping up and getting sold (By Admins) not to mention alot of power tripping GM's. You would get banned from their forums for disagreeing with something. As more time went on the Russians took over, There wasnt a trace of English left in the global channels and if you spoke English you would be globally muted by a GM who didn't like the language. After this boost to fame they died because the quality was shit, so they rebooted as Elysium and their server was dieing until Nost did was Scriptcraft did and gifted them another core and database. Also funny how alot of their player base shit talked Crestfall. even guys with some pull around there (killerduki) These guys are useless and only freeload off of other peoples work. Crestfall team, you had something astonishing brewing here, and independent PTE project without the baggage of that organization and playerbase and you effectively killed it off. I know Shenna well and I'm quite sure you were bought out but its not to late to say NO AND BACK THE FUCK OUT
  12. Asura, back out of this. Run this project independent of the corrupt Valkyrie team.
  13. Do your research on Valkyrie and ask people who played there. I played there for 3 years, here is my take on that project in 1 word Corrupt. There has been money involved with this announcement, I'm willing to bet Shenna did the usual trick and paid off Asura. Deja vu Scriptcraft all over again wake up sheeple
  14. def not making this up. there is a reason why most of us were loyal to CF and didn't want to touch Valkyrie. (Because they're just all around shitty people, nevermind shitty developers)
  15. Because Valkyrie (Elysium) are corrupt as all hell. They butchered Scriptcraft and had sold characters that were generated out of thin air and go figure the same thing was unraveled recently on Anathema. I will never touch anything associated with them again.