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  1. so does that mean a likely even latter launch/beta? Seems like Blizzards's classic are going to still be quite a ways away so being able to play on CF before or even after if Blizz fucks up is something im still looking forward to. But of course it's still your hobby project, just curious if the time frames are different now.
  2. nice post, thanks for all the work you put in writing these updates and keeping in touch with us
  3. LMAO. Its exactly what everyone fuckin said. They so shady
  4. Cool, thanks for the detailed responses.
  5. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego
  6. Few questions. 1. A)What would you do, if even after all the raid "buffing" guilds were just breezing through the content so quickly a month or 2 after launch? Or vice versa, how quickly would you nerf content if it was not being cleared quickly or would you just let the community figure it out? B) will add-ons like bigwigs and other raid adfons become obsolete due to significant changes in raid encounters? 2. Will there be a /world channel or will chat be kept to specific zone or linked through cities? 3. How will you address AH botting and add-ons like auctioneer. 4. Do you have any plans to police monopolizing like cartels/mafia? 5. Think it was almost a year ago many of us had a lengthy discussion on ironfoe and procs/proc rates. Any official information on how procs with weapons/totems/trinkets will work together and their official proc rates that you can share? 6. On the PvE realm will PvP be flagged on during world boss encounters?
  7. @Darkrasp good points. I agree botting is a problem, should have rephrased that better, my point was just be careful not to punish some smart AH players because I don't think a few players doing it legally without botting is a real problem. In your scenarios on the searches, would that limit add-ons like auctioneer when it scans and searches the whole AH to get the price of every item on there? I use auctioneer all the time as I'm sure most people do, but if we had to just use the blizzard auction that wouldn't be bad either. I personally think the best solution would be to just ban any auctioneer type addon and let everything run through the blizzard AH. Of course making sure it can sort properly unlike on any other server.
  8. That is such a slippery slope. Whats are the limits? After 10 or 20 searches? Limit auctions after 20-30 were created? What about farmers with who may have 10-15 stacks of leather plus another 15+ different stacks of herbs or whatever else? Then what if they then want to buy tons of pots/herbs/mats/gear all at once? What are the limits on this? You can play the AH making good money just buying and selling 20 items or 50 items, limit that though and you're limiting regular farmers who may just have farmed a lot of stuff all at once or buyers who need to buy lots of mats for different professions/gear/whatever else. Example, i usually end up switching to engineering after I've farmed my gear and enough gold and then buy tons of mats off the AH all at once to get it up. Done this with alchemy before too. It works the same with lots of tailors who buy out tons of cloth. How do you limit something like this? AH bots aren't really a problem, screwed up economies come from: Overpopulation of Private Servers (this is really once of the biggest reasons) Gold selling/buying Mafias/Cartels monopolizing certain goods/products Broken nodes and spawn timers Other glitches/bugs/exploits that are everywhere on all these servers Way down the bottom of the list is a few AH players. You guys claim to you will have the best scripting and closest blizzlike experience, well then let that take care of any economy inflation. There are always people who will play it somehow, but it's such an exaggeration to blame them for inflation. They may slightly raise the price of an item here and there once in a while, but the things i mentioned above are far more damaging to the economy.
  9. Oh don't even get me started on SWTOR. Just gief me kotor3
  10. It's time to just start playing the better side @Elicas
  11. You're talking about features that aren't part of the game till at least the 3rd expansion when open beta hasn't even launched. Let's see when and if the project launches and how well it does through vanilla and onwards. you're talking years from now, worry and talk about those game aspects later.
  12. Ah, that's too bad. Been on for most of the day and haven't seen anyone on, figures lol
  13. Are you guys still playing on Darrowshire? I've been bored and haven't played in a while so may join if it's still going.
  14. Has anyone here got r14 on a PvE before? Curious how it went and how long it took
  15. Since vanilla pretty much there's been this stereotype of Alliance racials along with Pally's (especially with Salvation) make them better for pve while horde are better for PvP. Horde of course do get WF totem and the racials balance each other out. With all our knowledge today alliance has no real advantage other than perception so more players lean to them. The other argument i think is it really is about the models lol, which is also why more players play horde on PvP because the sets look way better.