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  1. Elysium doesn't ban VPN's and if CF realm were to have "tweaked" bosses and mechanics like many of us wanted and hoped for, they would have to market that very differently than the Elysium realms. Unlikely. Why partner then, the realms would be so different other than PTE if they did this. Its basically a compromise from the CF staff as they are obviously behind schedule probably burning out of time/money. And then this. Along with very little updates or progress of developments and an incredibly slow beta progress. We all, including myself, seem to have had this blind faith in this project, preaching the greatest scripting/core but honestly, what exactly has been shown? Now it's February and all that we have is this one official announcement of a merge. It's not exactly convincing. Sure i still believe they may have superior scripting, but at what point? And again, what evidence? I mean i play on Elysium right now and im having fun, the china problem is a little annoying but it's still a great server. But definitely was hoping for more from the CF team.
  2. Ive been a huge fan of this project, yet to still see any real hard evidence of any major progress or development other than bi-weekly updates. It's now February, not even a video or progress bar let alone even a website. Cool.
  3. So you were way behind schedule and decided to settle for a compromise...
  4. This. +1. People just look and rely on addons these days and not the game, not thinking for themselves. Everything else spot on as well, although i do love pvp and the gear rewards too
  5. Well damn.
  6. "Blizzlike" can't be used and thrown around whenever it is beneficial to a specific argument. I get we all want the closest thing to blizz like emulation but we will/are playing on realms with latest patch talents/armor stats modified and countless other tweaks like raid buffing to "emulate blizz like conditions" to adjust for the vast wealth of knowledge and/or time constraints we and developers have. It's totally fine if you really feel compelled to keep a global chat but I don't see how what I suggested is any worse and how you can argue against it. Global chat across all cities, general chat for each specific zone. That's the bare bones of it, you can trade and lfg all you want in that general chat too. You will still have that strong community interaction and constant communication with players. Do we all need to be in constant chat with every 12k+players? There are the forums too. I don't need to read LFM Tank BRD while questing in Westfall. I'd much rather communicate with the players in my zone and once I make that travel to a city I can then experience that full immersion of a global entity and spam LFG or WTS to my hearts content.
  7. Sick puppies, just found them. So happy
  8. Like I said keep world chat linked when in cities. You can still use general for lfg which would also target specifically players of that level group in that zone and if not, you travel to a city. It's an MMO, you may have to do a tiny bit more work for like traveling if you want to spam LFG, but so what? It's the same argument we use against dungeon/raid finder, we want a more social and MMO feel to a game. The argument I'm making is more for personal/player preference, the gold seller problem is something the devs would have to figure out
  9. My personal opinion is that having a Global/World chat can actually be a negative for the community as a whole. I understand CF is working on ways to combat gold sellers, and i understand that we want to be able to communicate/trade with everyone but i think disabling this feature would actually be much more beneficial to the community. Why? Not having a global/world encourages people who are in a particular zone to communicate and help one another out and allows for players to interact and build relationships along the way with those that are are the same level or maybe farming the same things. It'l in fact strengthen the community. General chat is usually lost in the vast flood of global chats, yes you can turn it off, but because there is usually a global chat, general is ignored and global becomes a spam fest of everyone from everywhere diluting and making general pretty obsolete. You can still have Cities chat linked together such as trade/or general where all the different cities would be linked. This encourages trade,recruitment,banter etc just as usual but doesn't run into other players chats while they are experiencing other aspects/zones of the game. Limits gold Sellers and easier to monitor them and chat in general Like i said, im all for a chat where everyone can come together and talk/trade or what not, but i think it needs to be limited so it doesn't ruin and confuse the experience of other players and levelers who don't want to be flooded with WTB/WTS or LFM but instead focused on that particular zone and level. Eventually we spend most of our time in cities anyways and i see no reason why we can't have a "global" chat in that scenario. Sorry if this has already been posted, i do think i read a while back on something about Chats on this forum, it just popped into my head while playing on another server and felt like posting.
  10. I'd love to see newer models be allowed, we use things like SweetFX to improve the look of the game, and improving some character models are nice and a personal preference that don't affect game play.
  11. Always have played warrior, always have Off/Main Tanked. Been bored lately and always loved the druid class so going to level one up now and play around with it while i wait for CF. Love the guide, thank you so much for it.
  12. An Orc can tank just as well if not better due to different, maybe *better* itemization options when using an axe. This is even more relevant on a properly rage scripted server. They are not just for dps
  13. My original post with WW works within .5 seconds after charging in with the spec I provided, I used to do it that way. @Zaroua provided his rotation which I've also tested out, and his generates more threat in less time and is the safer, better and more effecient option. Actually I think I'm going to edit my op with the new rotation. And as for rage, I tested both of these on Kronos where the rage gen is quite close to blizz like and was able to still get off shield slams, conc blows and WW. You only really need one Fore Reactive disk since you just use it on initial pull which will be enough to gain initial aggro along with your rotations and then swap back to a regular shield.
  14. Just a little confused on the wording here, so you charge, Zerk rage then swap to Dstance and taunt and then Conc Blow same target? If i read that right why taunt and conc blow the same immediately? I cant find any faults in anything you said actually, starting to agree with you. Curious what spec you'd run for this/raiding
  15. I clearly stated how with the spec i provided that after the charge and my first white hit landing, along with the mobs hitting you almost instantly, you can cast WW within 0.5 seconds, usually instantly. (i do this all the time) There really aren't that many packs in most dungeons where there are more than 3 or 4 mobs and lets say there are more, then taunt the mob you missed with your WW, the rotation and everything i said still applies. I also specifically gave an example where there are more like in BRD with 4 or 5 mobs and how to deal with this..... Make use of BS/Demo shout here too if you have the rage and are in range of your party as you should be since they are usually pretty close. Actually this whole build and thought came to me when i first started doing BRD speed runs. Its hard to hold aggro on all those little mobs and dps hit fast, mages aoe, healers heal too soon so that's when i started the WW method which really works and helps with the burst threat or loss of threat. My emp runs were <15 mins every time. You would use CC in a situation like this and most likely Range pull, but if you charge, you can still CC after (Hunter trap, Sheep, fear or whatever else im missing) and yes, this guide isn't on how to dungeon tank with a bunch of clueless people, the initial charge and WW burst will hold aggro and with CC (or even with not) and marking up targets/communicating are just obvious WoW 101 tactics, you kill the non elites first and can leave those to dps (they know this) and same rotation on tanking the 4 elite mobs, shouldn't be any different. This is also a situation that isn't normal, a better tank could use his taunt and mocking blow on a pull like this to hold aggro on all 6 targets, and/or use Challenging Shout here to help because there won't be many pulls like this. Again, i'm not writing the full dungeon tanking guide. I've given two very useful options on how to hold aggro in most situations. You can use this and work with it, but have to also adjust accordingly and work with the group/encounter. But Why? This costs 15 rage when i could just taunt the first target, revenge the second target, sunder the third revenge/sunder the first again, taunt the 3rd (or even shield slam because by now i'll really be getting a lot of rage), sunder the 4th or whatever. BUT i will say i do like this if you didn't use the WW method since it keeps them stunned for 5 seconds vs 3 taunt gives and you'll have the rage for it. Yeah, again i explain when and to use Mocking blow often. Challenging shout is more of an oh shit button but again, like i was mentioning to Elviss, this isn't a full tanking guide. This is a guide simply on the best way to hold threat on multiple mobs in general. True but that WW burst will keep aggro. The whole point of the charge and WW is to grab and hold initial threat for at least 3 seconds (more with the scaling of gear/weap, i use as much hit/crit gear i have when dungeon tanking). Let's say i use the same spec and Charge-->Defensive Stance->Taunt(or Conc. Blow)->Rotation of sunder/revenge. This will work for the first 2 mobs, that third and 4th will turn and either start attacking melee dps(not the worst thing) or run to caster/healer (BRD Emp Room adds). The WW Burst guarantees the majority of the targets focus on me and if i miss one, i can throw my taunt on the one i missed first, then go into the rotation i mentioned and not have to worry about adds running away from me. The whole reason for WW is because players playing on private servers now are much better with a lot more knowledge and expect more and run quickly through things. You need this burst damage because dps don't wait or slow down at all anymore and expect quick runs. Its just an evolution of tanking, i have the same views in raid tanking. Read my thread on the 440 def cap vs 8% hit. Any warrior in half decent gear can tank a dungeon, we're not talking about raid tanking here or even UBRS, even without a prot spec. But swapping to Zerk to WW and the extra damage you receive is not so much that any half decent healer can't cope with. It may be different and unexpected but you can let them know to be ready and they'l learn and adjust with the run. Also the only mobs that hit that hard would be in DM N and id charge here but not use WW unless raid geared, but not really even necessary (also very easy to CC here). I actually really like the Conc. Blow thing you said by popping that first and will use this all lot more, don't know how i missed this while it was starring right at me You also need the spec i gave for the WW or you could pop bloodrage after the swap to Zerk Stance. Engineering Shield is also amazing for AoE, use that at the start of every pull then swap back to a regular shield. And when tanking Strat/Scholo, Throw down some holy water on the skeletons and you'll never loose aggro.