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  1. I hope this is true because those type of encounters are definitely lost on today's servers and would bring back some of that challenge that's lacking. Tanks putting on lots of dps gear and guilds just speed running this content is just so mundane now. I'm really not, i hope you find out what you can. You're not wrong in most of what you've said, im just saying on the servers out there so far, mitigation is not nearly as important anymore. Tanks run with tons of hit and crit gear because so many are speed running holding off threat from r14s and other BiS geared dps. Here is a video of the MT of one of the top Ally guilds on Elysium. Note that he uses Sunrazor actually here, he explains why, it works for him at least for runs like this doing MC only and chain pulling like that, at the end he makes the argument for Vis'kag as well. If you're not pooling rage and chain pulling like he is it makes daggers even more obsolete. Anyways, there's just different ways and approaches to the game and the way people play. Even with what @Darkrasp has said with spell delay and people going to have to adjust on CF, eventually they will also adapt and change/try different and faster ways. There is no one way or one race/class combo works best (Well some dps classes there are). Different strokes for different folks. There will always be certain race/class combos that's "best" from a min maxing perspective for certain classes but meh, you need the gear and skill first anyways. I do wish tauren were smaller though, they're just so big and look ridiculous on other mounts, main reason i don't like playing them http://db.vanillagaming.org/?spell=6346 It has a 30 second CD. It is primarily used on the tanks, it is not a buff just spread out raid wide. Therefore a competent tank can just stance dance hence my point they are quite over valued and if you really need to min-max bring a human.
  2. Oh don't even get me started on SWTOR. Just gief me kotor3
  3. I guess when i was MT i didn't notice all that rage you speak of. Fuck me right. Guess all the other tanks who knew their stuff on Kronos/Anthema and retail all of us using slow weapons after using Alcor's cause we adapted to the new fix had no clue either. It's been dissected and discussed on these forums and much more on others, with evidence shown incoming rage while main tanking was never high enough to spam HS. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=17068 Deathbringer from Ony http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=17075 Vis'kag from Ony BiS tanking weapons till BWL or TF. There's ironfoe too and some others but those are more complex and not the point anyways. I'm really excited about this which is why im actively following this project. Of course higher mitigation means its easier to survive. But you can't compare back in the day where we were all learning game mechanics and raid tactics. For new content and progression you would stack more mitigation in whatever form because everything was cleared slower and we all had to stay alive, our information along with so many other factors like talents and gear were not the same. Now even if you bring back the proper scripting which is lacking on most private servers and buff the raids, the actual game mechanics and overall tactics are still the same for the most part (well maybe, we'll see i guess). So some more experienced players MAY go ahead and try slightly less mitigation pieces for more damage/threat pieces pushing our dps and trying to end the fight faster (this in itself is a different philosophy on mitigation in a way). It may work, it mat not, maybe it'l work on some bosses and not others. Any great tank has 4 or 5 if not more different tanking sets you swap in and out of depending on the encounter. Also within the tanking community we argue over what IS the best mitigation to prio (Def, Stam, Dodge? Def cap and hit%, how much? etc.) which one do you put first and and what do you itemize and swap So there is no one way fits all. And Orcs have Axe skill, trolls have berskering. You just choose to prioritize the tauren HP over the others. That's your thing. It's not the ultimate min-maxers guide to best tank.
  4. Dude... alcors has not been the best since old Nost where the rage formula was broken where tanks practically had infinite rage. They fixed this. Daggers were the best because you could spam HS, that is no longer viable (people who are using this still on Elysium for example is another example of people following old outdated information and not learning themselves). Now it's the complete opposite, a slower weapon is the best and most of these are axes. Old Nost sure a tauren would be best. It was fixed and it will be fixed on this server too. And you're not reading my whole post, so I'll just repeat this for the last time since all my points have been made and made again. It depends on your and your guilds play style and approach to the game making min-maxing not as black and white. I literally gave you a priest example of how more experienced players can deal with fear and mitigate differently therefore making humans more viable. I agree with every point you made on the dwarf as well. That is completely applicable for a guild who approaches things in that way. But there are many who don't have to deal with those issues and approach the game differently. So again the point that x is better than y because of z is an old argument that has been discussed and accepted on all the different forums without much more in-depth thought when it should be more like Xa is better than Yb because of Zc but Xb is better than Ya because of Za... etc. If you really want to min max.
  5. I agree its a science, and i get why so many people do it, but it doesnt make anything i said unture, and even though i think its overrated i would still pick an orc mostly over the axe skill (and cause tsuren are just too big). There's a reason almost every top guilds tank now is a human or orc. I just said in the above post why that is, stacking mitigation pieces is an outdated way of thinking. People now end the fights faster, that is the best form of mitigation. Shorter fight equals less heals, less mana spent and less time spent. And less mitigation equals more threat pieces and more rage to hold more aggro.The game really just is that easy and even if you were to buff the raid (as suggested CF might) , you could still argue what is more important or which is more beneficial to you and your guilds playstyle. (Oh and the best tanking weapons are axes, not sure what you're talking about here, if it's QS you're talking about thats a pure mitigation weap you use on 1 maybe 2 fights) Same with the priest thing, fear ward is useful, but the best players, not even the best, more and more now understand the game mechanics and raid tactics, know how to deal with fears like stance dancing for example. So if you really are talking about small advantages which is what min maxing is all about, then a human is absolutely better. But a dwarf would definitely be better for a progression guild more new to the game. And a tauren may also be better for a more average guild where threat isn't an issue since dps aren't going crazy and healers need any extra help. Point is, if you really wanna min-max it's not as black and white anymore as it was in the past. Our knowledge of the game is far greater now than even a couple years ago. so point still stands, differnt situstions affect min-maxing in different ways and it really does become less relevant towards the second half of vanilla. And to the orgianl topic, there really is no advantage to horde or alliance either. There is just a lot of perception and misinformation along with too many players not learning and adapting, just following old guides and tactics.
  6. So true, racial min-maxing is so over hyped and talked about and the thing is, depending on you and your guilds play style you could argue almost any race over the other. 2 quick examples, most alliance say dwarf priest is the "best" because of fear ward but many have argued that a human priest that has a passive of greater spirit is better. Same with tanks, everyone always argues Tauren are the best because of the HP boost, well i could argue the axe skill with orcs is better since i can hold more aggro allowing me to itemize differently as well not threat capp the raid and thus ending the fight quicker. Trolls have berserking which when timed right in a fight can allow for the most threat in a fight. Also most of min-maxing only affects early on game play through BWL (and only so slightly) and only makes a difference for the most part once you have every piece of BiS gear available to you where you are now just speed running through content to farm. once you hit AQ and especially NAXX the gear will be so dominant most of these racials will have even less to no affect.
  7. It's time to just start playing the better side @Elicas
  8. You're talking about features that aren't part of the game till at least the 3rd expansion when open beta hasn't even launched. Let's see when and if the project launches and how well it does through vanilla and onwards. you're talking years from now, worry and talk about those game aspects later.
  9. Ah, that's too bad. Been on for most of the day and haven't seen anyone on, figures lol
  10. Are you guys still playing on Darrowshire? I've been bored and haven't played in a while so may join if it's still going.
  11. Has anyone here got r14 on a PvE before? Curious how it went and how long it took
  12. Since vanilla pretty much there's been this stereotype of Alliance racials along with Pally's (especially with Salvation) make them better for pve while horde are better for PvP. Horde of course do get WF totem and the racials balance each other out. With all our knowledge today alliance has no real advantage other than perception so more players lean to them. The other argument i think is it really is about the models lol, which is also why more players play horde on PvP because the sets look way better.
  13. I made the argument for PvP earlier, but i actually do admit i have seriously been thinking about going PvE when CF launches. As @Elicas pointed out i do remember PvE server's being the Norm (i sadly lost my original copy of the game years ago). I remember when i was 13 and first started way back in 05 i wanted to play to explore a world where i could go anywhere and do anything. My main focus has always been about conquering the challenges in the game, such as epic dungeons or taking on big dragons. I made the switch to PvP later on since i had some friends on a PvP server but also because i've always wanted to challenge myself and play the game at the hardest setting and to me, just having to be more aware or hone in my PvP skills to deal with other players in the world added that little extra element. WoW was originally played for the most part because of raiding and grouping/playing with other people/friends; the added element of WPvP was an added layer of thrill and excitement thrown in. Competitive PvP wasn't really added till TBC. Unfortunately PvP servers today really are becoming more and more just about the gank fest, because of the fact we are all playing a very old game, many of us on our 2nd, 3rd, 4th serves with all this knowledge now; there is this real farm mentality that goes into the game especially on the PvP side where the grind for armor and weapons is on a level not quite seen in retail. The biggest issue, and i have no real research on this other than my own experiences and observances, is the PvP community becoming quite toxic compared to PvE, like may people have pointed out, the PvE does seem to attract a more mature community. In my opinion there are many different factors as to why: PvP has become the norm of these private servers and people in general like to follow the "It" think or the crowed. So this attracts a lot of people or "kids" with immature mentalities that don't really think for themselves and bleeds over into a more toxic environment Overpopulation on most private servers leads to competition of resources, mobs, lack of BG spots. (Lower pop on CF could help with this) Many people on the PvP server just get their enjoyment now out of griefing/ganking, killing opposing NPC like FP masters etc. Back in the day this was never the main reason to play, it happened but we all played for the most part to play game. I do want to go back to focusing on the game, and not worry about all the above, my only issue with PvE is the glaring lopsided ratio of Alliance to Horde. Like it's usually nuts on PvE servers especially on private servers. Not quite as fun when one faction completely outnumbers the other in my opinion. Other PvE'ers thoughts on that?
  14. I agree with the world channel. Keep channels to their zones and if you need, link the major cities for trade.
  15. Why are so many of you triggered by OP? He never belittled anyone and was just curious what a PvE'ers mind set was. Then repeatedly replied in a respectful way lol. But i am curious too actually, you claim that it's a different play style, but what is this different play style on PvE? I always play PvP and I'm never that interested in WPvP and try to avoid it but it is a huge element of the game that makes you consider many different things; eg: different talent builds, when and where to quest, grouping and making friends for a variety of different reasons associated with PvP, etc. No ones wants to be ganked but leveling really is the shortest amount of time you spend in game. What about the majority of your time which is actually at 60? You don't have to be interested in PvP at all but OP makes a good point of it being such large aspect of the game, it keeps you on your toes, it can give you an adrenaline rush, it makes you think a little differently and be more aware, it affects economies and competition for resources and world bosses. The whole game of WoW is about an ongoing war between these two factions. this is such a good point. The main argument is always "time" and "ganking". This is such a poor argument. Ganking happens, sure, but it's not so prevalent it's unbearable every where you cant continue playing. And if it is you may need to reconsider how you engage and where you play. Again back to my point of adding in another aspect of considering different options and play styles when there's PvP. Is it not a an MMO? you're not racing to 60 anyways, so once in a while you have to deal with an aspect of PvP, is that really so bad? It's a live breathing world, its about the experiences i thought. Or is PvE really just about questing?