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  1. Hey fair point, I guess we are still/were hoping for some updates with info on open Beta, a website or Launch by this point or sometime soon. But you guys are doing this all in your own time and that all makes sense. Still appreciate the updates and the direction this project seems to be headed. I'll keep checking back and patiently waiting
  2. Thanks for another great update, really appreciate them and all the info you put in and share with us. Curious though, the timeline for Vanilla wow is almost 2 years.... wouldn't time be better spent focusing on vanilla and getting it launched? You then have 2 years to work on TBC and implement some of those scripting/core features. Observing the project from afar over the past 6 months plus, with these continued updates (which i love btw); it does come across that the dev team may be striving for complete perfection (which realistically won't happen, at least at launch), taking on and trying to improve more and more features not all even related to Vanilla, hence why even though i love following this project and the community, there hasn't been as much progress as many of us have expected (and i get it's a free project and you're all working on it in you're free time and you don't owe us anything). I could be totally wrong, but it's starting to get that feel. Just curious is all and still a fan.
  3. he did say 15 min was try hard, guess i was try hard then. Why does this bother you guys so much? i don't understand, like if i knew it was doable i would be excited and challenge myself and my guild mates to do this instead of arguing on a forum that its so unachievable. Guess that's the difference between us. Wish i had video evidence but i dont. Still with me and the others and even an explanation on how its done you still trash and mock it. Good for you guys. that's the mind set of an average person/player. Anyways done now, take it or leave it for what its worth.
  4. "Probably on Emerald dream" Even though I clearly stated this was on Nost/Anthema and Kronos. Guess we're all liars trying to make our claim to fame on a quick BRD speed run. Go us. Maybe improve your game or find some other players to play with. God im so bored today, i usually just browse these forums real quick and maybe post a response but today im arguing with people over a Lava run. I'm out. You guys can take what we've said for what it's worth knowing its doable and try to make your runs better if you care, or don't. Whatever. Play how you play then.
  5. Never took a video farming BRD... I honestly thought this was more common, maybe i was wrong on how common it was, still doesn't make it untrue. I'm, not playing much atm and waiting for CF. Maybe eventually i'll do a run and post it. You can take my word for it or not, all i know is me and my guild did this regularly on all these realms as did many other players from many other guilds i ran with. Undertanker and Walgrave confirmed this too btw. Its really not a hard run, maybe instead of questioning it, go out and play the game and try it, it benefits you the player that you can farm something with a little bit more ease. Or continue to be average and keep playing the same way believing i just come on these forums to brag about a BRD run. Cool me right. And even in it's most Blizz-like state, this weapon will still be incredibly powerful and better than some BWL weaps when fully buffed so it will still be farmed.
  6. No glitches, its called good tanking, good dps and good healing. Not a single glitch. Practice, its just learning the route and running through the pulls quickly. this isn't even that rare, a lot of people do these fast runs. Just because its hard for you to fathom doesn't make it not true. I don't know where you've been playing because Nost then Anthema and on Kronos people were doing these fast runs all the time. It will still be one of the BiS items and will still be heavily farmed and reserved.
  7. Maybe not for you. There's a lot of very good players out there. Used to do this regularly, once you get it down its so fast and easy and a lot of good guilds will help and do runs specifically for it.
  8. This. +1. People just look and rely on addons these days and not the game, not thinking for themselves. Everything else spot on as well, although i do love pvp and the gear rewards too
  9. Well damn.
  10. "Blizzlike" can't be used and thrown around whenever it is beneficial to a specific argument. I get we all want the closest thing to blizz like emulation but we will/are playing on realms with latest patch talents/armor stats modified and countless other tweaks like raid buffing to "emulate blizz like conditions" to adjust for the vast wealth of knowledge and/or time constraints we and developers have. It's totally fine if you really feel compelled to keep a global chat but I don't see how what I suggested is any worse and how you can argue against it. Global chat across all cities, general chat for each specific zone. That's the bare bones of it, you can trade and lfg all you want in that general chat too. You will still have that strong community interaction and constant communication with players. Do we all need to be in constant chat with every 12k+players? There are the forums too. I don't need to read LFM Tank BRD while questing in Westfall. I'd much rather communicate with the players in my zone and once I make that travel to a city I can then experience that full immersion of a global entity and spam LFG or WTS to my hearts content.
  11. Sick puppies, just found them. So happy
  12. Like I said keep world chat linked when in cities. You can still use general for lfg which would also target specifically players of that level group in that zone and if not, you travel to a city. It's an MMO, you may have to do a tiny bit more work for like traveling if you want to spam LFG, but so what? It's the same argument we use against dungeon/raid finder, we want a more social and MMO feel to a game. The argument I'm making is more for personal/player preference, the gold seller problem is something the devs would have to figure out
  13. My personal opinion is that having a Global/World chat can actually be a negative for the community as a whole. I understand CF is working on ways to combat gold sellers, and i understand that we want to be able to communicate/trade with everyone but i think disabling this feature would actually be much more beneficial to the community. Why? Not having a global/world encourages people who are in a particular zone to communicate and help one another out and allows for players to interact and build relationships along the way with those that are are the same level or maybe farming the same things. It'l in fact strengthen the community. General chat is usually lost in the vast flood of global chats, yes you can turn it off, but because there is usually a global chat, general is ignored and global becomes a spam fest of everyone from everywhere diluting and making general pretty obsolete. You can still have Cities chat linked together such as trade/or general where all the different cities would be linked. This encourages trade,recruitment,banter etc just as usual but doesn't run into other players chats while they are experiencing other aspects/zones of the game. Limits gold Sellers and easier to monitor them and chat in general Like i said, im all for a chat where everyone can come together and talk/trade or what not, but i think it needs to be limited so it doesn't ruin and confuse the experience of other players and levelers who don't want to be flooded with WTB/WTS or LFM but instead focused on that particular zone and level. Eventually we spend most of our time in cities anyways and i see no reason why we can't have a "global" chat in that scenario. Sorry if this has already been posted, i do think i read a while back on something about Chats on this forum, it just popped into my head while playing on another server and felt like posting.
  14. I'd love to see newer models be allowed, we use things like SweetFX to improve the look of the game, and improving some character models are nice and a personal preference that don't affect game play.
  15. Always have played warrior, always have Off/Main Tanked. Been bored lately and always loved the druid class so going to level one up now and play around with it while i wait for CF. Love the guide, thank you so much for it.