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  1. Ok, why is so hard people to act serious....why...?
  2. That cleared the "war fog". I cross my fingers and wait for this new home to come. Thank u @Darkrasp!
  3. I think we want a server to reborn our old memories of the past. To remake the struggle again - long road with happy end from sense of acomplishment. The fun, the wipes, the trolls, the grind, goin to bed after hours of raiding, but with smile. Smile not from the new purple, but the laugh ur guildies made. <3
  4. I was goin the break my finger clicking in madness, to open the topic on the forums...then i laughed loud....its good ppl are with their smiles back on their faces. Good one @Elicas
  5. Hello!
  6. @Outstanding or anybody out there can u add Dagronar
  7. Ahhh ppl this just made my day. So im goin to make toon on Elysium pve server tonight, might be bit later but will do my best to log in with some char, no idea what class/race. I was washing my brain from this reddit drama, was searching for place to ground my roots for some time. Lets hope our desired pve home we all wait from Cf will come this year ( in the worst scenario i will be on pve server with familiar faces from this forum if Cf is delayed :D). Not the fresh start is scaring me, but the braindead ppl sometimes i met on my attempts to start on new server. Anyway all my hopes are to have good times with you ppl. I will contact u @Outstanding.
  8. Day after day, things become better and better, the road is long, but i hope the end of forumcraft will come soon and we will be live at @ Crestfall servers. thanks for the news @Darkrasp!
  9. My personal opinion will be druid. The world is huge so in my view we can make gold from many, many places. Herbs, metal veins, cloth farming, low lvl dungeons, just so many things. Stealth,dps,tank and selfheal - thats reasons why i like druid.
  10. Later in the evening, everyone is sleeping, the wow moment comes for me....
  11. I jus saw it on reddit and asap wrote this here. Sorry for the impulsuve post. All i wanted was to make a warning in my speed reaction. Happy to see ppl are aware of this.
  12. I know huge part of the topics are bulshit in r/wowservers but like in every joke or irony there is still one little piece of truth. I spent long time in Cf forums and the peace and calm background this community holds are worth defending if the shitty story from reddit is true.
  13. There is conversation on r/wowservers showing that there is huge risk for Crestfall database. Netherwing tester is trying to get information from here. I have no idea if its true or rumors but Dark and Asura please read this and keep the Crestfall sanctuary safe in case anyone here is testing for spy reason or just put maximun effort on the security level. Huge regards - Triball
  14. I prefer to stay and patiently wait. We all are hoping for sooner date of the birth. Soon or later it will come im really frustrated from hypetrain...hype megabombs...just huge hype, for something and then the feeling of the "burnout" effect.
  15. Hahaha loud laughing