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  1. Yes but this guild will start on the fresh server once it opens to compete for server 1st's
  2. Sorry to everyone who applied, but we are moving to the fresh start server on new nost. gl to everyone here!
  3. yea its a bit dated due to being from an old, dying server. but the questions are more geared towards your knowledge of the class you intend to play. atm we do have open recruiting as we want to fill our roster with dedicated levelers interested in rushing to 60 to begin raiding asap.
  4. We still here and recruiting! Looking forward to all the hype!
  5. Hi Guys! <Devastaion> is recruiting to fill our core! We are an Endgame Raiding Guild focused on our motivation to strive to always improve. We have experienced leadership with over 5 years vanilla endgame experience. Our goals are simple. 1. Keep improving our gear be it though PvP or PvE. 2. Tear through the content Crestfall will offer with surgical precision as we rise to the top of the alliance raiding scene. 3. Be at the forefront of World Bosses. So if you are a motivated, experienced player with vanilla endgame experience, are looking for a place to call home and get in on something great from the ground floor, and this all sounds interesting to you, then feel free to PM Papertank for info or apply on our website @ http://devastation-warsong.shivtr.com/ All exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of class! Raid Days and times: Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays 20:00 - 00h GMT. We use DKP loot system! Any questions feel free to PM Papertank. Have a great day and hope to see your application soon!