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  1. ever since nostalrius made a huge tantrum about their C&D letter, blizzard is now more proactive in shutting down servers. it's to be expected that the time from scriptcraft 2 and the time of post Nost shutdown would be different. maybe 2008 you could host in the US, but not in 2017. also in regards that blizzard wont be going after the hosting provider anymore.. moreso the person hosting it entirely. it's a different battle now and the pserver community must adapt to it and become more elusive or risk being the victim of shutdowns. also, people need to quit boasting about private servers to these gaming websites. it's like using 911 to attract the cops when a drug deal is going down.. like seriously smh.
  2. seems to be good so far. im still waiting for the server to come back up..... must be something wrong with the server provider...
  3. good question on #4 since #4 could be a gateway into gold selling on the realms or "laundering dirty money" via the AH with leather. i would like to hear feedback on that and i heard elysium did something to counter it? not entirely up to speed what other realms did to counter such things. though, the same could be said about certain TBC materials being monopolized as well. as much as i wouldn't prefer the blizzard way of telling you how to play the game, certain changes could be done without punishing players for playing the game. ban players for colluding, or do small custom change to stem collusion on a resource, letting players play without fear of losing account. interesting discussion indeed and i wonder what people think.
  4. i might check it out if the Pserver scene is dead.
  5. leveling takes like 2 weeks max.. dont stress about it and play what you want.
  6. haha.. well said.
  7. vanilla is a different game. treating it as something other than what it was is just wishful thinking. Darkrasp is on point to how it was back then. the ones screaming for challenge should try the later expansions when blizzard retracted the "laid back" raiding approach and started making everyone play better through mechanics. (hence the increase in raid difficulty from late vanilla to TBC etc with less people.) the only thing that is acceptable is tuning old content to meet the standards of the latest patch to give more "feeling" to the experience vs a faceroll one. all vanilla content is meant to be cleared. how much time and effort you're willing to put in to achieve that depends on the players. change the flavor up and it will be fun all around for everyone. another beauty of being a PTE project, you get multiple flavors of challenge while enjoying the experience from the beginning to whatever end you want to stop at.
  8. world buffs and consumable stacking was a part of vanilla. blizzard corrected this design choice in TBC with the battle/guardian elixir and making old world buffs useless past level 63. also, most pservers dont even script the world buff cooldown timer, resulting in multiple world buffs being dropped daily at their disposal. fix this and you will have a tougher experience doing content without world buffs due to the cooldown.
  9. first things first about raid tuning.. CF needs to have the fights working 100% correctly first.. then tune it. it's disapointing to see a broken fight be ignored because it is "difficult" due to it being broken or missing things being scripted. than find out the fight was tuned to make it more "difficult" when it was already more difficult due to bugs and poor scripting. if it worked correctly it would give an equal or greater challenge as if it was left in it's broken state. (changing the claw spawn timer on c'thun in phase 1 to 5s vs retail 8s, resulting in a player getting bumped on the run in and chain beaming the whole raid. this is an example of "rng" which should NOT be considered. a better tuning method would be upon combat start in c'thun, first claw spawns in 8s (retail like) then back to 5s spawn afterwards) this ensures "rng" is not the cause of the raid wipe and the tuning still gives the raid a challenge. (you pick when to increase add spawns and when to increase the challenge, vs it's just a broad increase and anything RNG related is whatever.) it's poor taste and looks ugly to be honest leaving things broken. it's very unappealing to see as well. there's also certain things that should not be changed in certain encounters due to the reason of "RNG" that could cause a raid wipe. no guild should have to play "russian roulette" with a tuned encounter just to defeat it. that defeats the purpose of the fight entirely. also removing the need for the entirety of classes is another factor that needs considered. example: huhuran having 300% hp buffed but frenzy on a 45s timer still. resulting in the raid bringing only 1 hunter for NR aura and tranq shot. the rest is fill the raid with warlocks and mages to meet the dps check on a tuned up fight. (5min retail enrage timer still) this basically just removes the need of bringing more than 1 hunter. multiple fights like these can be tuned to utilize more classes and result in a difficulty increase. just by changing the frenzy timer to 15s would increase the fight difficulty of "mechanic" check vs flavor of the month class stacking to defeat the encounter. small tuning on multiple mechanics would result in a net difficulty increase without punishing players for "rolling the wrong class" so to say. another issue is flat armor and resistance increase. upping the armor on all mobs would punish classes who do less damage than others (hunters for example) who are affected by armor in their damage calculation. if it was possible, a better tuning method would be to add a -10% melee damage taken buff on the boss vs a flat armor buff resulting in proper tuning on limiting DPS warriors/rogues from cleaving everything down to allowing other classes opportunity to be viable in a tuned state. same concept used for certain spell schools or flat magic damage taken reduced etc as a passive buff. the worst thing to see is a mob have 300 resist all and your caster in t2+ geared become useless. this would just force the player to not even log on and play if that's the path of tuning things. (like we see on other pservers). its poor taste and bad design choice. the goal is to get players to LOG on and PLAY a lot without making things not "fun" to do. 315 resist mobs arent fun. 10k armor mobs arent fun. you can see the pattern here. but if the team wants to "tune" certain classes in line without having "class stacking" be the only method to defeat the encounter, that would result in a better experience. if warriors in 1.12.1 talents are cleaving for 1200 dps and hunters can only cap at about 500 dps. buffing armor up to 10k would only hurt the hunter while the warriors would be still cleaving. also consider the factor of factions and how high armor would hurt alliance more than horde etc. also armor affecting tank threat etc. this is why the paint brush method does NOT work and every server doing it always gives a poor experience(on top of the bugs). having a custom modifier in place for certain bosses would be better tuning than having a "paintbrush" buff method. again, all of these buffs can be removed and tuned down to retail values after the CF team decides to do it. but doing it right will result in a better "experience" than just throwing numbers at it and call it good. a good experience with proper tuning will give a better result (some may even want to keep it tuned if done right). having a great wow experience with lots of players matter, not being #1 guild on a dead server. bad tuning will result in loss of "incentive" to log in and play. just my opinion.
  10. Asura is actually the lich king.
  11. another reason why closed beta takes a bit longer to prevent "disasters" like that from happening when the realm is live. ignite is no small thing to get right.
  12. windfury should actually be more consistant and much smoother than other servers have it. through research, it seems in 1.11 and even 1.12 blizzard did some more changes to the spell than intended. another thing is how the bonus AP is applied once a WF occurs. the (snapshotting) yellows during a WF effect is technically a blizzard code flaw and they only intended the actual extra attack get the bonus AP, not the entire char sheet. but again, blizzard ignored it for years even into wotlk about it so.. unintentional mechanic so to say that is sort of a buff. interesting bits though about the spell and its function. it should feel better on CF than other servers personally. consistancy > RNG as a dpser.
  13. sounds like someone got mad they had their latest bug report shot down by their own sources. forever 75% holy damage reduction on Chromaggus/drakenoids. kek.
  14. just blame blizzard for terrible game design on that part. i dont think anyone really cares about AV being more than an average battleground.
  15. i hate Male taurens.. super fat and block the screen. female cows are ok though.