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  1. fix the encounter/issue and you wont see it being a problem.
  2. you know whats great? having Beta Access for Elicas and he's nowhere to be found.
  3. all those rogues with full greens.
  4. ^this is what people need to understand why Crestfall is different. this isn't another dog and pony show with a CMangos core from stock. it's setting new standards and making PTE more of the norm, rather than something obscure. the reason why I enjoy testing and researching things for CF. it's just gonna pay off in the end.
  5. Megaman X and Metroid Prime were mine.
  6. now now, don't remind them about Kronos
  7. didnt Mark Kern post something about this question in Discord? who has the screenshot of that.
  8. Solution: don't bring 10k+ people to 1 server.
  9. 2 different folders works fine. just be sure when switching between clients, you DO NOT click yes "reload to default settings" button.
  10. do they sell the character with gold attached? if so, why dont they just buy gold and plop it on the characters then sell it on the silly AH. if i was a chinese gold farmer, thats another way i'd get around to fluctuating gold in the market. TLDR, its best to just not do it at all. if characters can be bought (even player leveled) whats stopping someone from selling gold or items too?
  11. its not actually undertuned, its actually correct blizzard values on HP atleast. it feels undertuned because you have 1.12.1 talents AND items out which came out after it was all said and done before TBC. it's like starting MC when Naxx is already released on retail basically. if you went back to 1.6 talents and spells, you would probably hate life playing as a warrior with no shield slam etc. you also had no catchup gear to get when fresh 60. 1.9 without crafted NR gear and all those juicy buffs/consumables given out. it only proves that players crave a challenge in the game, even if its not blizzlike. not everyone can do patch per patch timeline, but the ideal way would be accept retuning of the content to fit 1.12.1 spells and changes to increase the challenge and mimic the difficulty like it was back then when it first came out. Nost already implemented HP value buffs so people preferred Nost feeling over kronos because of it. i dont think people enjoy having poopy Tier 1 and Tier 2 stats for 6 months, but i'm sure someone may enjoy it.
  12. they announced they are releasing it open source and giving back to the Mangos community. that basically means anyone can look at it with a github account. Naxx research isn't that complicated to acquire honestly. (except mob immunities that i did for a month) most of the CF team already has credible evidence on that raid back then of how it was. as for the shutdown, i'd recommend the players urge Muggle to consider character transfer to another project for their playerbase to play on (not CF) that could also use the fixes they applied to the Rebirth Core since 2012. MagicWoW is a small pop realm with a passionate team looking for extra players. would be a golden opportunity for them to revitalize their project with old Rebirth players. they can also import fixes over from rebirth IIRC as well since they both use Mangos (albeit a later Core revision). i was a player there for over a year and experienced the "bad" during its lifetime. i have my own opinions about how it was ran and the potential it had which was untapped. but yeah, i'd start finding ways to save the char DB first. if Muggle does open source release, then it doesn't matter who gets the fixes.
  13. yeah @Crogge, time to put up Snow and icicles to mimic the weather.
  14. PFui or RisenUI. that is the real question.