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  1. windfury should actually be more consistant and much smoother than other servers have it. through research, it seems in 1.11 and even 1.12 blizzard did some more changes to the spell than intended. another thing is how the bonus AP is applied once a WF occurs. the (snapshotting) yellows during a WF effect is technically a blizzard code flaw and they only intended the actual extra attack get the bonus AP, not the entire char sheet. but again, blizzard ignored it for years even into wotlk about it so.. unintentional mechanic so to say that is sort of a buff. interesting bits though about the spell and its function. it should feel better on CF than other servers personally. consistancy > RNG as a dpser.
  2. sounds like someone got mad they had their latest bug report shot down by their own sources. forever 75% holy damage reduction on Chromaggus/drakenoids. kek.
  3. just blame blizzard for terrible game design on that part. i dont think anyone really cares about AV being more than an average battleground.
  4. i hate Male taurens.. super fat and block the screen. female cows are ok though.
  5. thats because nost boosted all the trash HP in ZG by 30% same with world bosses and ZG bosses. MC as well. BWL wasnt touched on Nost HP wise. Nost felt better because the HP values were flat increased by a %. you can do the math yourself and take nost values and compare to retail values. its literally 30%/15%/5% boosted. Nost did the patch item regression thing which grabbed most player's attention as it was a new experience compared to the "run of the mill" 1.12.1 servers. also the changes to pack more people into 1 server reaching 10k+ people.
  6. kronos doesnt have nerfed content, it's just the "retail" versions of the content with HP and Damage values. also keep in mind blizzard loved to forget about old content when putting in new things and fixes. MC/Ony/BWL/even AQ sort of got left in the dust when all the class buffs and changes came about throughout vanilla. where as, the content didnt get anything buffed. more so small nerfs and fixes. why people think kronos is nerfed befuddles me. they are just utilizing the latest patch of the game when everything is basically done (before TBC prepatch). they just need to tune things up to 1.12.1 to counter all the class buffs and items added. do that, and you'll experience a different game. (non blizzlike). there's no way to please everyone.
  7. fix the encounter/issue and you wont see it being a problem.
  8. you know whats great? having Beta Access for Elicas and he's nowhere to be found.
  9. all those rogues with full greens.
  10. ^this is what people need to understand why Crestfall is different. this isn't another dog and pony show with a CMangos core from stock. it's setting new standards and making PTE more of the norm, rather than something obscure. the reason why I enjoy testing and researching things for CF. it's just gonna pay off in the end.
  11. Megaman X and Metroid Prime were mine.
  12. now now, don't remind them about Kronos
  13. didnt Mark Kern post something about this question in Discord? who has the screenshot of that.
  14. Solution: don't bring 10k+ people to 1 server.