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  1. Thanks for the reply. I can deal until Cataclysm..........for now! Well if Cata is a possibility then I will definitely wait for Crestfall...
  2. Is it a definitive decision that it will be PTE until wotlk? and if yes, why? Just curious why, thats all. Hope u don't take it personal.
  3. Hello all. So, I have been away for far too long about what Crestfall is up to and how things are going. LAst thing I heard was Crestfall merged with Elysium, that was s few months back and after that i just didnt log into Crestfall forums. Are we finally close or near launch date? One of the things that made me stick around and wait for Crestfall project was that supposedly it is going to be a PTE (Play Through Expansions) server. Is that still going to happen? Please if anyone answers to my questions, be serious, don't link me long forum articles cause I'll probably won't read them. Quick, simple answers; Yes, No, When it will be released, etc...
  4. Hello everyone. So it's been kinda hard for me to keep up with what's going on with crestfall and since this has ben going on for quite some time now, I would like to know when will the server launch date be? Any time soon?
  6. amg! not Cthun! I go to the house near crystal lake in Elwyn forrest from time to time, just to hear that. Well thanks all for the welcoming and yes you will sure see me on release day as a proud Horde. I´m so hyped i´ve even started to think what class i´m gonna roll, what name and all that stuff. Cheers!!! MY LIFE FOR THE HORDE!
  7. Hello guys! I come to you from a wotlk server and seeing how much fun i´ve had playing in a wotlk server and how people were always talking about how vanilla was way better than new expansions, i decided to create an acc on Nost. and i barely got to play there 1 month ´till we all know what happened and i couldnt satisfy my need to play wow vanilla as blizzlike as possible and as of today i decided to search for a new vanilla server and in my searching i stumbled upon this Crestfall open project and well, after watching some youtube videos about this project I felt pretty excited about it and wanted to try this out and finally be part of something right when it starts. Since i tried wow for the first time back in May 2010 (wotlk private server) and like a couple of months later this new expansion (Catclysm) came out and ever since i could never be part of the release of new content. Now i want to be part of this project and i can´t wait for this server to open. I really don´t have a clue how things are going right now with this project and release date or anything but you can count with me that i will surely be playing here. BTW, hello all!!! GLORY TO THE HORDE!