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  1. Just remembered posting in this other thread. If you like this thread you'll probably like that one too. Nostalgia...
  2. One live vanilla/early TBC WoW, I played a human warlock. I spent a lot of time going through all the face/hair/skin options until I found something unique. He was a bald black guy with a goatee, looked like some kind of spellcaster for sure. My first memory was doing the long-ass warlock quest chain that gave you a REALLY good cloth chest piece. I felt so accomplished when I finally got it, and it lasted me 15+ levels before anything better was available. The other thing I remember very well is camping outside Deadmines and Wailing Caverns and waiting for the full party to show up. Lots of PVP, fishing, and chatting with other people waiting for their party to get there too.
  3. I like to collect items with a strange or unique display model. Pitchfork, shovel, dual rolling pins, a fish, ripped ogre loincloth, etc. Is there a list of items like this that exist in vanilla? What are some of your favorites? It can be something funny or a more standard weapon/armor that still stands out when equipped. Are there any sets of green items that you really like the look of? Maybe even white/gray pieces from vendors or world drop? I love this kind of stuff, when I played hunter I would go hours out of the way if it meant I could get a pet with a rare/cool skin.
  4. How much forums rep do I need to get exalted with Crestfall?
  5. I finally dusted my signature off and put something there. Do you have any favorite signatures from other forum users? Post 'em! You got a sick signature? Post it! Do you need a cool signature? Post and maybe I make a thing??
  6. I would be bored out of my mind on a PvE realm. I love that certain zones are like a World War I trench fight. I don't mind getting my ass handed to me as long as I can get revenge afterwards. I love finding the one chill guy in the entire zone that will wave at you, slap your ass with a fishing pole, and ride off into the sunset. I love that when you hit 60 you can be the hand of justice, vigilante sheriff of Hillsbrad. I also totally understand that this isn't everyone's cup of tea. I'm glad that there will be a server for both sides of the argument.
  7. I know that even when it just came out, WoW was pretty generous with minimum system specs. In retail vanilla or any past private servers, have you played on an older, crappy PC? Maybe a laptop with pitiful on-board video? My secondary/living room PC is an office tower Dell from about when WoW was new. I'm curious how well it will handle Crestfall when it finally comes around. 3.4GHz Pentium 4 1.5GB RAM (one of the 500MB sticks died) 512MB GeForce 9500GT video card Monitor maxes out at 1280x1024, will probably play windowed so I can have music/discord/etc. easy to access. Looks like I meet all the requirements on the box, but I'm just curious. Do you remember what your specs were when you played actual retail vanilla WoW? Did you have to lower settings for AV or 40 man raids?
  8. Orc: Strength and honor. Humans smell bad and cannot be trusted. *pets wolf* Troll: Vengeance for Zul'jin. If you are a hunter, get a raptor pet and raptor mount and obsess over dinosaurs. Tauren: Either a racist caricature of native americans, or endless cow/moo/milk jokes and puns. If you were typing a sentence and it doesn't reference the fact that you are a cow, delete it. Undead:
  9. If only humans and tauren were on the same side. Level up a human guy named Manbun and a tauren named Cowpun together.
  10. Ooh! Thanks for the idea. Tengri would be a pro shaman name. I really like that WoW orcs are Mongols, Uralic/Siberian and Native American cultures smushed into one. It's a refreshing take compared to "green humens, always evil alignment" and gives all the more lore reason for them to ally with Tauren. A lot of WoW races are 2-3 real life cultures crunched into one. Night Elves have a Greco-Roman thing going on, as well as Celtic/Druidic stuff, and some Feudal Japan thrown in. Trolls are kind of stereotypical to the point of almost being racist, but combine Caribbean, African, and Central American cultures into one. I love the tropical Mayan ruins theme of STV and Zul'Gurub. Blizzard's visual/lore crew did a fantastic job. It helps that WoW's style has aged fairly well. Kind of like Wind Waker on the GameCube. It holds up a lot better than the "super realistic" graphic style that other MMOs at the time used.
  11. Hey man, like, you don't know. Maybe the server will drop tomorrow. Anything is possible. I don't want to spoil the experience by playing to level 50 on another server, then trying to do the whole thing again when Crestfall launches. Nothing else to do until then.
  12. That's the point. These are names I'm not gonna use, so they are up for grabs. I remember screenshots when WotLK death knights were brand new, every single variation of AARTHAAS XARTHUSX ĂRTHĂS
  13. On Nostalrius, I was doing some lvl 30 elite quest, going down into a druid barrow as a party. We had gotten 3/4 of the quest doodads, but then at the bottom of this fucking bear tunnel with no other players around, we get ganked by a level 60 rogue. Her name was BLACKSTABBATH this is a real thing that really happened and that was their name
  14. Sad to see Outstanding go, but I think Elicas will do a great job as new CM. Both of you guys have a strong forums presence without ever being toxic, elitist, etc. and I think that shows how much you care about the server project. Good traits for someone that's going to be the forums figurehead more or less. Excited to see the next updates!
  15. My first time ever doing Zul'Farrak, We killed Gahz'rilla and his body slumped to the ground. Then it slowly rose up to what I assume was the max height of the instance, and just hung in the sky. Luckily our GM ticket was answered a few minutes later and we got our loot. This was on Rebirth server. I've never been able to do it on any private servers I've tested, but in retail there was an exploit where you could climb any hills that were less than 90% vertical or so. As long a it was made from triangle polygons and wasn't totally vertical you could climb it. You had to jump side to side across the face of the hill, and only move forward in the air. If you pressed W before your jump or held it after you landed, you would slide back down. So you just hopped left to right across the wall, then right to left, repeat till you hit the top. I spent so much time exploring after I figured this out. I got to that area above Goldshire where there are NPCs fighting a drake. I scaled the giant dam on the north of Loch Modan. I walked underneath Stormwind. I went to Hyjal (and a GM somehow found me and teleported me out before I was done looking around). I walked vast plains of perfectly flat empty dirt that exist in between zones, hidden among the highest mountain peaks. I went to the dancing troll village. I climbed over the hills and into Moonglade. The world was my oyster... One time I got disconnected from the server while on a flight path over Azshara. When I logged back in I was still mounted on the wyvern, but no longer on the flight path. I was just flying about 5 feet above the ground and could control my movement like regular walking. I was not able to use any skills or items, and could not be attacked by mobs. Logged out again after messing around for 15 minutes and I was just my regular self in Azshara. A shaman in ghost wolf form, mounted on his warg. It was a wolf with a slightly smaller wolf standing on its back. The rest of these aren't bugs, but are strange things I've seen. A group suicide in Stormwind - about 10 naked people all jumped off a bridge into the jaws of the sewer gator. Walking into the Goldshire Inn second floor to train your class skills, and finding people doing /emote heavy ERP on the bed. An absolutely gigantic human paladin (must have had several types of enlarge buffs) running through the main entrance to Orgrimmar, safe in his bubble. undead mage on the roof of a building in Ironforge, waving at people down below. edit: here's a video of the wall climbing thing I discovered it on my own and taught my brother how to do it. That is probably my proudest WoW accomplishment.