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  1. On the contrary, I think this was a decent update with some good info. Doesn't have to be an essay all the time Also good to see some talk of release, even if that will take a long time. And I totally missed the discord post by Asura, so I wasn't even aware of anything. Then again, night-shift and all Asura could not have chosen a better person for managing the project at this time, than @Darkrasp so I'm confident you can handle the situation. We believe in you!
  2. @Outstanding Exactly how much does it cost to run these forums? I mean, anyone who works full time could probably have a forum I guess. Not that I ever looked into it but I doubt it would require a fortune - I assume it should be fairly simple to keep up by Asura or someone. So I see no reason why we could not have the forum running, unless if Discord is cheaper. Regardless, sharing info is vital for Crestfall at this stage I believe. I feel that a lot of generalization is being thrown around about the expenses so it would be nice to have a rough breakdown of, just how much would this project cost. Additional questions would be: 1. Where is the computer for the beta server located and who owns it? 2. Who owns the forum website? 3. Who would own the Paypal account and who would have access to it? I for one, will not pay a single coin for anything, until I see some tangible results. I came to Crestfall after seeing some promising videos a year ago and ever since then, there were only empty promises, lots of drama that could have been avoided and sloppy PR. Only in the last month, did I see any videos from Darkrasp and I can tell that a lot of work is being done, however, I won't pay anyone anything until I can see for myself what Crestfall can offer - which has to be proven to me in Open Beta. And I sure as hell want to know who accesses that donations account - we don't want another Shenna-only access now do we?
  3. @Outstanding While I give credence to your words and believe that you know a thing-or-two about company management, I disagree with you on several points. I will only write down a single one, however, as this one trumps every other issue and it is a serious one at that. If you make a company to run a server or website for your own creation or property is fine but.. World of Warcraft is a ... TRADEMARK AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF BLIZZARD!!!! The moment you start asking for a subscription fee is when they will come to get you. And this time it will not be only a cease and desist order. They will sue and this will turn into a court affair. It is their property and their legal right to do so. And if anyone thinks that hosting Crestfall from a backwater country of the Eastern Block or anywhere else will prevent this, well they are simply daft. There is no such thing as "geographically impossible" when it comes to legal rights. The Piratebay moved to Sweden at some point because it was not illegal there and they thought they were safe. After a year or two, Sweden was pressured enough by corporations and the DMCA that the police came and ended the operation there. So don't be naive, when money, corporations and legal rights are involved, if you ruffle the feathers enough they will come and then it's over for good. I urge everyone to consider what I have said, for the good of the server. Donations and the vanity shop are all around on private servers and they are overlooked, so the original idea is the best idea I think.
  4. You should be more careful with where you want to throw your money and not to be so reckless with it. Take that as free advice before you get burnt for real. And that goes for everyone, not just Demise. Let's not be so hasty. Wait and see what happens. And as for LH, remember what Arthas said: "I was a fool to trust in the Light" Best to stay away from it until we can see just who they really are.
  5. Always take everything with a bucket of salt - yuck - and never trust anything until trust is gained/earned. I don't buy it, this is not Crogge. Only a pretty poor attempt to frame him I would say. I mean, it's not impossible for him to do such a thing but, knowing Crogge from how he posts, I would have expected a decent post admitting that he did it and not "Haha I made so much money and I deserve it idiots" etc. I would not trust the LH guys either. Anyone can say that we are the new "hope" for the private servers and we will carry the torch jaddajadda hearditbefore . If Crogge really got hacked and compromised then we might hear from him, denouncing that post. I'll wait and see .
  6. @Darkrasp Is that teleport in Azshara supposed to be instant? Like wasn't there a spell effect around the player? I vaguely remember something but could have been added in a later expansion. Anyways, nice to see some videos on how things work on the server. Seems the work is progressing nicely and I'm happy for it. Keep it up guys!
  7. Sounds like a lot has been done, considering the lack of time you guys must have had. I like reading the progress reports, always surprises me how the code and formulas work... but definitely waaaay out of my ballpark Keep it up guys, you are doing great
  8. Awesome work, this will definitely be in my addons list, thank you Keep up the good work!
  9. Exactly, my first ever server had like what 400 tops and declined to 200ish, yet it still was a rather busy server. All we need is about 1k pop and it's all good but I think we can all see that we will havem uch more than that. I would like to avoid queues though. And to the OP, TBC Ely is wonderful news. Now they won't be focusing on or bothering CF and the team can launch it in peace. Even the loudest Ely forum voices said they don't care about CF but if we get a TBC PTE and they don't, then they want to transfer. With the recent announcement, I consider this problem to be potentially over
  10. I assume they will for a while here and when the forums merge, then they will surely pick up to let us know of progress Waiting for Darkrasp to confirm.
  11. Hmm I just read te Legacy Crusade post on Elysium. I think this is some good news. Seems to me like the Ely players are already hyping it up and all attention is on it, maybe we can get CF to go as planned in the end
  12. Smirre is not behaving like a child, seems like he is a child, probably 10 or so I think. But hey, if being a troll is the only way he can enjoy himself, then I guess we can let him and move on with discussions. @valaquenta I'm pleased that you at least acknowledge the possibility of a breakdown of the agreement. I have nothing against being hopeful but I have seen too many servers go down in similar ways to not expect the worst. That way at least I'll be either positively disappointed or not surprised - both good. But as you said yourself, we will see what will come of it.
  13. Mecher, you call Kronos' core dogshit but I saw it with my own two eyes that their scripts were impressive. I don't idolize them or anything, since I see that the gold-selling is rampant now, however, from the point when I started playing there up until the nost migration and the Ddos that followed, until that point that server did not offer anything more than vanity items in the shop, decent scripting, good community and rarely any bugs. I'll sum up the problems with Elysium right here to make it more clear: - Inability or unwillingness to regulate gold sellers (corruption indicator #1 - happened on Pandashan, Kronos, I can name more) - Deleting unpopular opinions on forums - not exactly free speech - and before you say it was trash talking or hate speech, nope I've seen it, it was reasonable. - Just because they say Vitality is no longer there or the situation is different doesn't make it true. Of course I don't know for sure but I will not be naive and blindly trust them. Remember, they say that everything is fine in North Korea and the people are happy. - Previous point, if Vitality (server owner and Admin profited from gold sellers and currently, gold selling is everywhere, unregulated...) - finally minor point, the players want to transfer to our PTE server as lvl 60s. Well that would be totally unfair for the people who start fresh on Crestfall, wouldn't it? I mean I'm lvl 1 I finally got my server and then hey look at that, some lvl 60 has already cornered the AH with some materials or something, and god forbid they can bring gear or money too, that would ruin the economy even more. I don't hate Elysium and if you look at these points above you will see that I don't have a problem with the people. I have issues with their management. On a final note, I didn't say that they already violated the agreement. I said they CAN at any time. You know what happened to WoW? The guys who originally made the Warcraft series worked on WoW Vanilla. Then Activision bought out Blizzard-Vivendi and pretty soon the old crew was booted from the company before they even launched TBC. Since then WoW has gone into a steady decline, with every expansion and now it's not even multiplayer anymore - MMO anyone? just sit in the garrison and play farmville all day. I want Elysium to get their shit together, stick to the agreement and get rid of gold-sellers that is all.
  14. It seems like some people just don't get it and can't be helped. Elysium will OWN Crestfall and everything that relates to it. If you OWN something, even if others are using it, working on it, you the OWNER has the final say in it. So if you decide to pull the plug or restrict/ban/change anything then you can, because, gasp!!!!! you OWN it. THIS RIGHT HERE is the main problem and since we have yet to see any so-called improvements around the Elysium staff (just look at some of the negative posts over at Elysium forums getting deleted in the "Welcomse Crestfall thread" - hah oh the irony), it will remain a problem until it actually changes for the better. IMHO Elysium gets too many freebies and I don't see why they are the "torch carriers" when they have and still are a sub-par server with bad management and shaky credibility. I also don't get why Kronos/Twinstar was never on the radar for most people. I played there and the fixes/community was amazing until the Nost migration. Now its gold-sellers everywhere and doomed economy - but its still better fixed than Elysiums... so think about this for a bit.
  15. I've seen this before on Pandashan and heard of it on Warmane. When server-staff engage in this kind of damage control there is usually corruption involved. This silencing is essentially what the mafia does. The other reason is that they are also inept at PR. Like Cybaster points out, all they had to do was say a simple line of "we will do our best" and it would all be fine. However, as long as they stick their noses out of Crestfall if and when it launches, then all this would be fine.