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  1. Very nice update @Darkrasp! I would just like to repeat myself in saying, the fact that the CF Team stuck together in these difficult times and persevered means a lot. It shows your determination and ability to the entire community (and outside groups as well), which in turn, will make our support for you greater. Keep up the good work guys! And srsly, take a holiday or two off
  2. I was in a very strict but efficient guild in Wrath. There we had DKP AND a loot council of 3 raid leaders + the guild lead. It worked out pretty well I have to say, although the basic problem that you guys described above happened here as well. We had a few people, who were there on all the raids, since they had all the time in the world and not much loot would go through that barrier of DKP Bu the Loot council would override them often and it was pretty fair. In a corrupt atmosphere it won't work, I agree. Although I believe that if someone is there all the time, they do deserve something.
  3. Perhaps there is something to the "odd numbers help with votes" thing. Personally, I feel 5 is the right number, it's just right for a group. Why? Well, you need a tank for all groups or they will be short lived. A healer is also essential. But their damage is so low that they need some help. 1 DPS is not strong enough. 2 is pretty decent but there is not much room for variation. In a D&D setting, you would like to have a rogue for unlocking doors, chests and finding traps. But it's also good to have another, say 2h warrior to dish out some damage and also take a few hits himself. Well, then you miss out on the powers of a mage, which is realy useful. Either way, 5 allows your group to have a more generous number of class variations. That's what I think.
  4. Huh I totally missed this new development. TBH all of these things are happening so suddenly that I stopped trusting. Too much talk of "transparency" but actually there was never much of that from Elysium. It could be just an excuse to do this, not necessarily but I would not be surprised. Going OS makes sense though, seeing as without any outside help they can't fix their own core. (Nost, CF and now this) Since the start of Valkyrie it took them like what, 7 years to get nowhere and use a supposed stock mangos core that they renamed. Before you bash me for all this, I have seen some bugs on Elysium which are exactly the same as on other stock servers: mobs pathing in the air, dropping combat, no rare mob loot etc. Maybe the players can fix what they can't? This is the last time I make a post about anything Elysium related, especially here. I think we have wasted enough words on their incompetence. And don't believe everything you hear about this leek
  5. I also want to be early on the vanilla realm like OP but I'm going to be PVE. A fresh start in a new comunity is all I need It is always a good idea to think of class and profession combos, because money is what you need most of all on a new realm.
  6. I waited patiently for several days for the wonderful news I hoped was on its way and I was not disappointed! Not only, because I wanted to hear these exact words but I also thought that this was the only good solution: Tank all that drama to the face and keep going. This shows how powerful and resilient our CF management team is and you have my respect @Asura @Darkrasp@Crogge and all the others! PR really goes a long way if you let the community know that you value their opinion and listen to it. And this update really hits it home! About Discord: I thought it was a bit distracting and making the forums emptier. Glad that it is being done away with, nothing lost really. As for keeping up a Vanilla realm IF there is a substantial player base still there - it is awesome. I will be sure to keep a few characters around if I feel like it. The only thing I wish to add is that the cross-faction BGs would be a wonderful idea. No, I would even say, necessary most of the time. I have been on too many private servers, where players would switch factions en masse because the other one was winning more games. This eventually causes the whole PVP scene to die a one sided death, sad as it is. And I am not even a PVP fan but this has always bugged me as a problem. The solution might not be simple to make but it is worthwhile to consider. So, thank you again for this much anticipated update and I will be here, continuing to wait patiently
  7. guide

    I support this thread! It was a wonderful read! Especially in the beginning, with what the Tank's duties are. I'm also pleased that you take the time to explain the importance of Mitigation > HP. Obviously you should have a minimum amount of Health to no get instakilled but after that, mitigation goes a long way. Every little bit counts. Just to add something, although I already made some posts about this in AOE Tanking, that Demoralising shout also makes threat (I don't know the exact numbers) and is useful to supplement your AOE threatmaking on larger groups. Shield spike also does wonders in the same situation - better for trash groups but use enchants for bosses.
  8. I was overjoyed when I read that announcement. From the first moment this LGN stuff started I thought of: Crestfall is jumping into this way too quickly without thinking through, what this move will cause. And surely enough, there was a lot of anger and resentment. I never heard a SINGLE good thing about Valkyrie, even before they became Elysium, so I was baffled why anyone would want to work with them. What is obvious is that their team is incompetent and they are trying to gain expert help from other, more successful project (Nost/CF) and they still fail miserably. Not to mention all the gold-sellers that are running rampant on their realms and nothing seemed to have ever been done to get rid of them. Well, now we know why. Funny thing is, I can remember that the CF staff had high opinions on Shenna before the LGN was formed and now look at that nice post, bashing the community for their own failures. Applause! Great PR I have to say! I hope that the CF Team has realised now that they do not need other projects - certainly not failing ones - that will drain their time and resources.
  9. Yes absolutely, the Paladin Threat is too great and they must be destr.... wait... oh that's not what you meant... uhh I meant they make great threat of course heh.. heh.. But on a serious note I like this clear breakdown of all the abilities and when to do what. Also, I appreciate your, making the group's needs a priority. Always a good sign. I would like to add the usefulness of the Engineering profession Grenades, as they can help tremendously with some extra threat for saving all that precious mana. Bombs too of course but they are less cost effective and with slightly higher cooldowns.
  10. I really like this topic as it makes me think of all the good times I had and all the people I met. For me it was like this: I started playing with my High School mates at first so I knew them quite well but then they kept hopping from one server to the next and always wanting funservers, which I didn't want. Then I met a British guy and we became good friends. I can still remember the two Night elves we made when we were still noobs. A rogue for him and warrior for me. I recall going into Azshara and picking a fight with a black stag that totally owned us because it was higher level This was on a canadian server called Chaos or something. Yup that name was appropriate too - I couldn't kill lvl 9 bandits in Elwynn coz they would knockdown-stunlock me every few seconds lol Then I settled on another canadian server (what is it with Canada I just dunno ) called Exodus and that was my home for 10 years. Small 300 max pop community and I loved it. I met many people there including a Dutch friend with whom we have been good for 12 long years and finally met him IRL too. Okay that was a huge nostalgia trip, now I feel great again.
  11. Happy to have you here! I can relate to your dream, since I also want to relive that progression from Vanilla to TBC at least but I want the rest too. Always wanted to progress on a single server, rather than having to go from Server to Server like I did. See you in game
  12. True but Shield Block does many things: Makes some rage for you, prevents some damage ( and mitigation helps your healer too.. a lot of small bits go a long way) ANd with shield spike, every block generates more threat onyl for a minimal amount of rage. I think that is rage well spent
  13. Thanks Okay let's see. My idea was set on Shield Spec + Shield Block but I was so tired I forgot you can't do that outside of Def Stance so my bad. But the reason why I dont go def stance is because I can't use Thunderclap - or retaliation, which are both great for this purpose. Here is the talent tree that I would use: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#LAMezZZEwzhe0d0o I agree. Starting with Berserker stance and Berserker Rage uses no rage if you are dry. If I have many mobs I would consider Retaliation before switching to Def stance or staying in Battle Stance until only 3 mobs are left. Those you can Sunder and revenge all the way in Def.
  14. Although the last post is several months old, I am of the opinion that there is never enough warrior tanking discussion, so let me jump right into it. The first and most important rule of any group, if they wish to stay alive, is to coordinate. That means that the DPS should not go ALL OUT right away. It is not the tank's job to compensate for the trigger happy. No matter how much damage you can do as a tank, the first pyroblast or ambush will take the mob off. And this is why it is a good idea to keep that taunt ready. I read a guide on Elitist Jerks, where they said that Battle Stance generates more threat in and of itself, so it is the ideal stance for pulling and keeping mobs on you. Sounds strange but it seems to be the case after testing it. Here's what I do: Charge Pull: if I'm confident in my gear and team Charge -> Bloodrage -> Shield Block -> Thunderclap -> Demoralising Shout -> Cleaves The problem I see with WW is that, why bother with stance dancing just to get that extra damage off, when you can put your points from tactical mastery into something more useful for Threat Generation. WW doesn't generate extra threat beyond the damage it does and what your stance adds to it. As crazy as it sounds, Demo Shout actually makes some threat, and every little bit adds up. Ranged Pull: Shoot -> Bloodrage -> etc, the same I only use Defensive Stance to tank 1-3 mobs that I can easily control with my Sunders, Heroic Strikes etc. Now that was that, keep in mind I am sleepy when writing this so I might have left out some small bits for forgot what skills are limited by stances. I'll correct it later if I have to.
  15. Hey hey, what's this Ret bashing now They are just misunderstood! #Retspecmatters One problem with 2h arms, is that it is rather slow, so your rage bar will not fill up as quickly as with DW Fury. Arms does have some nice DPS and the weapon specialization talents though. But a 2h Arms warrior is great for lvling. If you really want to weild Ashkandi and go all out, then the best bet is Get Ashkandi -> go PVP, you might enjoy it