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  1. +7.3 for the creativity. Happy Festivus to you too.
  2. Happy holidays.
  3. I'm trying smoething new, which is to /leave all channels as soon as I autojoin them by entering a zone. But that makes it hard to complete quests that require a group unless you're already playing with friends. And come raid time, it becomes impossible unless you have a BIG group of friends from off-server and your stars line up right.
  4. Every MMO on earth suffers from the same problem: "toxicity," which is a euphemism for a chunk of the community being subhuman filth that should have been aborted before birth. What does the Crestfall team propose to do to prevent that segment of the gamer population from coming to dominate the Crestfall player population the way it does retail and pretty much every legacy server?
  5. Paraphrased from general chat on Nost PvE: "If you don't come when committing rape it's harder to get caught." So when is Crestfall launching again, and will that guy be playing on it? I hope not.
  6. My Tourette's is acting up because of this thread. (No kidding, I really do have Tourette's.)
  7. I'm PvE or I'd hook up with you. Also just joined a really good startup guild that's growing quickly. (I"ll still be on Crestfall after launch but, as things stand now, might put in time on Nost PvE as well depending on how the guild goes.)
  8. Oh dear. Someone left the porticullis up when they came back from going into the bushes.
  9. Thanks. I was hoping that that would be the case.
  10. I don't know whether anyone has asked: will the toons levelled in open beta be retained at launch?
  11. Lots of people unhappy about the sociopathy on Nost/Elysium will check out Crestfall. If the Crestfall community is better GMed than Nost/Elysium's, then those people will stay here (and sociopaths who come to Crestfall will find themselves unwelcome and will leave). What I'm really hoping is that the pimply fifteen-year-olds with developmental sociopathy and psychopathy issues won't find a good home on Crestfall, the way they have on retail and some legacy servers, including the latest incarnation of Nost.
  12. I read the interview of Noor you linked here, and it says four eeks of grinding daily quests to go from level 27 to level 28. Now, that takes dedication! And I was just curious about the viability of pacifist toons. I wasn't planning on rolling one.
  13. This is a bit of an off-the-wall idea coming from my memory of Zen'kiki, the retail NPC who's no good at combat and therefore gets picked to be only healer. I thought the Zen'kiki quests were a lot of fun! Assuming you're in a co-operative guild, is it possible to level a toon who never does anything aggressive against any other toon, NPC or mob? The most obvious such toon would be a pure healer who's in a group that permits him never to use any attack abilities, but also possibly a buffing specialist, a crafting specialist and general gofer, a pack mule who's along for the extra bag space, etc.--perhaps all of the above combined. I'm just wondering whether such a toon would work.
  14. Oh damn Jumper Cables! If they really are any good for rezzing, then I'll max engineering at 60 for sure.
  15. You're a pretty good writer! I enjoy your written work. Too bad that publishing (at least here in North America) is purely a scam, or I'd suggest you try to get paid writing work. And thank you for such a detailed update. Frontline client liaison has never been one of the top skills of computing people, but your skill at it is exceptionally good. It's rare to find a technical person with so much technical skill who doesn't have a social deficit, and on this website you're definitely a social asset. And thanks for tackling warriors and pallies first! Those are the classes I've most loved in retail (even if I'm piddling around with hunters now) and you're tempting me to roll warrior and pally on here.