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  1. So, if I understand you correctly, basically you want Asura to give you a ride.
  2. This is definitely concerning and not particularly surprising. Obviously we'll have to wait for more info and hopefully an official response. Regardless of how much truth there is to these claims it's bad in that its mere existence will probably make Asura and co. more paranoid. Looks like Felmyst might move from a casual backup to my new WoW home.
  3. I'll probably play casually to scratch the WoW itch since I don't expect CF until December. And then I'll have a backup in case CF gets delayed more or (please no!) cancelled.
  4. I actually liked phasing, at least in WotLK. Sure, it sometimes made it hard to group with friends, but seeing the world change made it worth it. I remember resubbing one time and leveling through Redridge. I thought maybe they had patched the bridge to be more repaired than it originally was and show some progression in the world. I was wrong and kind of disappointed about it. For sure it requires a balance between storytelling and grouping though.
  5. Thanks for your input. That is something to consider. And if all you do is sell mats, there's no need to actually level enchanting bypassing its great cost. Of course alts can be used to DE BoE's so then you have to weigh the benefit of DEing BoP's (ex. valuable large brilliant shards) vs. another profession.
  6. There doesn't seem to be a good forum for professions so I'll throw this here. I'm planning on playing a warlock and going tailoring + herbalism/mining. Tailoring for leveling gear to wear and sell and eventually bloodvine bonuses, plus a gathering prof just to make gold. I considered enchanting, but from my memory and my experience on Nostalrius it's not that useful in vanilla. It seems to be more of a gold sink than a gold maker unless you're one of the first handful to get a rare recipe. And there's no personal benefits like BoP items in other professions as long as you can find an enchanter who has the recipes you need in your guild or in trade. TBC gives you ring enchants, but I don't know if that's worthwhile. People who like enchanting and plan to level it, why do you like it?
  7. Pretty much confirms what I've suspected by reading between the lines: release probably won't happen until Nov/Dec 2017 if it's not pushed to early 2018. Still, it sounds like most of the nitty-gritty core work is nearly done which means more people can get involved by contributing to things like scripting and such (if I understand this development stuff properly). Having the open beta not at 1x is a good move I think. I certainly wasn't planning on participating since my memory for how things should be isn't good, but if the exp rate can be boosted I might tool around and try things out, maybe catch something obvious. If other people like me feel the same it should help by getting more eyes open for potential issues.
  8. The quality of world chat depends heavily on population. On small servers like Primal or Vengeance, it's almost always polite and helpful. On Nost PvE before the server grew to 3-4k peaks it was less than 50% trolls, probably even lower if I remember right. It also helps that PvE servers tend to have less trolls in general. I would be in favor of some type of moderation (what exactly could be discussed), but it seems silly to not have world chat at all. If you don't like it, just turn it off and use city channels instead.
  9. Agreed. I like world chat even if it can get spammy. I think it can really build a sense of community when people are being helpful. More importantly, I think it really facilitates more world interaction. If there's good world pvp going on like Tarren Mill vs. Southshore you can go join in even if you're in some random zone. Or, instead of sitting in a city twiddling your thumbs on your 60 main you can be on your alt, populating lower level zones and not have to worry about missing a dungeon group for your last pre-raid BiS.
  10. I've played both Alliance to 80 and Horde to 60, but will be rolling Alliance on Crestfall because it just feels more natural and gives me more nostalgia. I participated in Blizzard's first stress test as a NE druid and a human pally was my first retail character. In general, I would guess Alliance is favored on PvE servers because of the models as mentioned. Also, I feel early Alliance zones are more diverse and typical fantasy-feeling vs. say the huge, bland Barrens. And I believe Blizzard worked on Alliance zones and quests first (Westfall, definitely, was one of the first) so perhaps it gave more opportunity for iteration and polish. Personally, I think the music is way better too:
  11. I never really found wPvP to be that big of an element on PvP servers. I never made any interesting decisions (talents, questing, etc.) based on it. And the commonly proposed scenario of: 1)Get ganked 2)Call in friends 3)Enemy calls friends 4)Spontaneous zone war happened pretty rarely in real life. Non-guildmates in the zone generally ignored calls for help and guildmates in other zones mostly wanted to do their own shit. Maybe one or two might come some of the time. And as I said in my previous post, wPvP at max level was also pretty limited. Sure you had world bosses or BRM, but max level pvp'ers mostly stuck to bg's or arenas trying to get gear. Perhaps a good analogy would be that wPvP is like a fly in your soup. Some people consider it disgusting. Some people consider it extra protein.
  12. I played both PvE and PvP servers on retail and pservers. In my experience the ratio ranged from 75:25 at best to 90:10 at worst for ganking:"fun" wPvP. Ganking being someone 5+ levels above you or groups vs. individuals and "fun" wPvP being Southshore/Tarren Mill scenarios or fighting someone who is within 5 levels. WPvP at max level was quite limited. The serious pvper's were grinding honor/rating in bg's/arenas. WPvP was mostly ganksquads hunting lowbies or profession farmers and only rarely resulted in spontaneous wars like SS/TM. If I can still do arenas and bg's on PvE servers why would I choose a ~8:2 ratio of boredom/frustration:fun in wPvP? Not to mention that the population on PvP servers is generally more toxic.
  13. I remember leveling on Nost PvE when the peak was around 2-2.5k. The world felt nicely populated with people questing in every zone and groups for any kind of dungeon were relatively easy to assemble. Gathering nodes were not hard to find. Occasionally you'd run into people waiting for an elite to spawn, but not big crowds. To me it was perfect. After I hit 60 the peak slowly grew to about 3.5-4k right before the shutdown. The world felt crowded to me. I wasn't leveling by then, but farming herbs or mobs was noticeably more difficult. The AH economy was also noticeably different with prices for many farmable good dropping by 50% or more. And world chat got significantly worse with more spam and trolls who thought they were original and clever drowning out regular conversation. To me, a 3k Blizzlike cap is ideal. The devs plan for a 5-6k cap is fine and I understand it's a compromise, but I'd prefer something lower and would strongly oppose anything higher. Fortunately most people here seem to agree.
  14. Rogue, because I love stealthing around and choosing my engagements. Being able to bypass annoying/non-quest mobs and get straight to my objective has a lot of appeal. I also like that rogues have a good toolbox for approaching mobs with distract/sap/blind to separate out targets and stunlocking abilities + evasion to handle tough targets. They also involve a lot mentally in raiding situations. You aren't just spamming frostbolt/shadowbolt/etc. You need to keep slice and dice up, while trying to maximize eviscerate combo points and timing your cooldowns appropriately to procs or raid buffs. And it's great being able to sprint + vanish during a wipe to save on repairs and runbacks when guildies mess up. The biggest downside is that there's too many other rogues, such that getting and staying in a good raiding guild is hard/time consuming. My other favorite is the warlock because I've always had a thing for summoner classes. Between demons, fear, and dots warlocks are probably the best combination of durability and damage in open world situations. Other than perhaps kiting hunters or frost mages, there's probably no one who's as capable at soloing elites or other tough targets. And with life tap + drain life + siphon life + wand, there's very little down time. I haven't done much raiding as a warlock, but it seems the downside here is boring shadowbolt spam. On the plus side, warlocks are usually short in supply so you can have real life commitments and not have to worry about 90% raid attendance instead of 100%.
  15. What instructions will be given to the GM team regarding chat channels, particularly ones like /world which are non-standard but almost universally used? On one hand, I'm generally against censorship and I can see the practical issue of where do you draw the line, but on the other hand it would be amazing to have minimal amounts of repetitive trolling/memes and idiot "personalities".