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  1. I am really curious as to what is/are the primary reason(s) for development taking as long as it is. Obviously rebuilding a non-Mangos core is going to take time and the whole Elysium drama was a setback (that I hope reflects a one-time case of poor judgment rather than a broader and deeper issue). Is it simply a lack of experienced developer manhours? There's Asura, but Darkrasp is new to programming and I don't know much about the others in terms of how experienced they are and how much time they have available to contribute. Is reworking Ascent proving to be far more difficult than expected? Are beta testers not reporting enough or in proper fashion (doubtful)? A fall/winter release is probably better for my life situation than distracting me now, but I can't help but wonder why things are taking longer than apparently even the devs expected. I also find it interesting that so many private server projects have so few developers. Corecraft, for example, was mostly just Shiro. Is that because not enough people are both interested and capable or people jealously guarding their secrets?
  2. I'm fine with crossrealm BGs, but I'd rather have Crestfall released sooner and crossrealm functionality added later than have it upfront and the whole thing delayed.
  3. Another old school WoW tribute.
  4. I remember on retail WotLK I was in a loot council guild. They gave a 2h weapon to a fury warrior for his offhand over me (DK) as my primary weapon. I had the same or more attendance, but he was a friend of one of the raid leaders. Pissed me right off. Even so, I think I'd prefer loot council overall. If done properly and without bias, loot council is better for the guild as a whole and as @maronics mentioned, DKP can be corrupted too. If loot council is corrupt it will be much more transparent since everyone sees how the loot is being distributed, but people may not notice edits to a DKP spreadsheet.
  5. Rogue is my favorite class. Especially in vanilla, they probably have the most complex rotation and ability management in a raid environment. Stealthing is awesome while leveling and in bg's, and sprint + vanish is great for saving repair bills when your raid is fucking up/learning content. Sadly everybody and their uncle, cousin, and acquaintance also likes playing rogues so getting a raid spot is difficult. So I'll probably be going warlock. Locks are tons of fun and a powerful soloing class for leveling. I just wish raiding with them was more exciting than curse + shadowbolt spam. I probably won't be able to nolife to 60 and be ahead of the curve, so maybe I'll take it slow and dual level with resting bonus. I kind of want to try a shaman alt for TBC, but I'm planning on Alliance so that'll have to wait. Maybe a priest would be fun to experiment with healing instead.
  6. Oh I'm sure. It's just that the content itself is not new to me. If I can clear vanilla Naxx it's for waving the e-peen. Also, it means I'm in a good guild that is capable of clearing difficult stuff in TBC and WotLK. Although I'm sure there will be plenty of butthurt for everyone as the PTE goes from 40 man raids to 25 and people get cut from the A team. Sadly that will probably include me. I think I'm good enough, but I doubt I can afford the time for farming/long hours of progression attempts. But as long as I can clear the content when it's current I'm not as concerned about server firsts.
  7. Vanilla: Kill C'thun. My guild killed Twin Emps, and only made a handful of C'thun attempts. I'm somewhat interested in Naxx, but since I saw it all during WotLK it's not that fresh, mostly just for waving the e-peen around. TBC: RAID ALL THE THINGS! Seriously, my guild in TBC kinda blew and I missed pretty much everything except Karazhan and the first few bosses of SSC/TK + Gruul/Mag. WotLK: Ulduar hard modes and kill the Lich King. Also, try out death knight tanking more seriously. Cata+: Anything and everything. I never played retail past Ulduar, so anything here will be new. If CF gets this far I'm down. Even if they stay strictly Blizzlike, I think CF will be better than retail since the community is much smaller and things like LFR/dungeon finder won't have total strangers.
  8. I wouldn't worry too much about active recruiting right now. By most accounts, CF isn't going to go live for at least a few months (Q2/Q3 2017). It seems like a lot of people have proposed guilds and then changed their mind, so I don't think anyone is looking to join so early. Probably when open beta starts would be a good time to advertise heavily.
  9. I'm extremely skeptical about the bolded here. It seems like an extraordinary amount of effort for relatively little real world benefit. It's also interesting that Nost PVE had none of this mafia behavior.
  10. If it's opposite faction then I think pretty much anything is fair game. Kill them if you're on pvp, and if you're on pve get a buddy to counter sheep or otherwise harass. If it's same faction, then yes I think it counts as griefing and there should be measures to prevent it. However, I can see people arguing that it isn't Blizzlike. My counter is that Blizz would have done something about it, much like the devs' reasoning for fixing DM:North hunter solo farm. Hopefully though, the dev's have strong measures to prevent gold selling (anti-botting, DM:N changes, Chinese VPN bans, permanent account bans for selling or buying, etc.). If they do, I suspect that will curb a lot of the mafia-style behavior as there is a lot less incentive for pure in-game gold vs. real world money.
  11. I leveled an orc up to 60 on Feenix's Emerald Dream and really enjoyed seeing the other side, but Alliance just feels like home. Maybe it's because I started as Alliance in retail. Besides, afking in Ironforge >>> afking in Orgrimmar.
  12. I'm not sure honestly. I'll definitely play up to WotLK since that's as far as I played in retail and really enjoyed it. After that, it probably depends on what the devs decide to do. If they want to progress to Cata, MoP, etc. I'll probably go along as well. It would be interesting to experience all that content that I missed as it would have been (fresh). If I can COPY but not TRANSFER my PTE character to another realm I'm sure I'd do that in case I want to go back, but I think I would be terribly bored stopping at one expansion forever.
  13. The quest/event scripting I guess is what I meant. I know they recruited a bunch of people a while back, and the original plan was to have them start sometime in December. I was just trying to guesstimate progress since there isn't much official word on what and how much work remains.
  14. Maybe I missed it in one of the updates, but does anyone know if the scripters have started their work?