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  1. Simple. All the classes.
  2. No offense taken Yeah there wasn't much interest. O well I hope maybe I get some PMs or something.
  3. It's great to see so much work going into the small details. Great work team!
  4. Even serious guilds may let you raid ret for farm nights.. Your not going to be allowed on progression nights I would think. Just don't bring enough to the table.
  5. Welcome to your new addiction home.
  6. One of us. One of us... There is a few of us around. Search the forums I've made a couple of posts about a possible guild. Welcome.
  7. This is looking really good @Outstanding. Details matter after all.
  8. Also playing life. No wipes yet thankfully.
  9. Wait and see. Devs will implement something if needed.
  10. Having too many healers around is so weird. Everyone will be begging for tanks no doubt.
  11. unofficial top forum post counter? Back in the day my first toon was a Pally then warlock. Then I got serious when Wotlk came out and went shammy raided that guy until Lich king bit the big one. This time round I'm going priest to heal and shadow form my way though all expansions.
  12. hack all the botters
  13. Noice. I'm jelly. Even if it is smelly old fishing.