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  1. Oh yeah they are gonna make mountains of cash. Truck loads. So. Much. Cash.
  2. So you said nothing.. Does that mean there is nothing to say about CF beta? *GASP*
  3. Here for the long haul.
  4. Yes please. I for one am still excited for CF. Thanks guys and girls.
  5. I don't know about others but I'm here because of PTE. And playing with 15k is a nightmare. CF wont fail just because their pop is lower.
  6. IKR. WHAT IS HAPPENING!? EDIT: Or next level bait? EDIT EDIT: Just noticed the countdown Ha
  7. If it's Blizzlike then I say leave it alone. Not sure why people are wanting to change things.. Unless its a common private server issue/bug?
  8. Any streams coming up Darkrasp? I think I missed all your previous ones since time difference and all.
  9. They are doing a couple of classes at a time. Warriors and Paladins were done first for around 3 weeks. Shamans and Rogues are in testing right now. No idea when Mage and Priests are due.
  10. Wealcom! Call of Dutycraft.
  11. So say we all. And welcome.