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  1. Welcome!
  2. I made a list to keep you busy while waiting for Crestfall: Don’t change a thing. Doing what you have been doing has gotten you here so that’s a great start! Just keep it simple. Keep Busy – Waiting around is no fun. Get out of the house! Get off the couch and go for a walk. Have something planned to do, hit the beach or walk the dog Be Social - If you are feeling up to it, try meeting up with someone who gets you, head to a day program, call an Aunt or a friend you haven’t seen in a while Get Distracted – Watch this Look after yourself .Just remember to wash, eat and sleep sometimes. Try a new Hobby - This is a great time to start something creative. Draw or write or anything! Discover your Triggers - If you are up for it, think about what causes you to Trigger. It could be certain people, challenging situations, communication patterns or difficult spelling. Write a list. Look at how you can avoid/change these situations/people and make a strategy or plan ahead if you can see something tricky on the horizon. You already know what to do – If you think back to when things have been really tough, it’s likely you made it through by doing things that helped. You are the best expert on you! It can just be that we forget that sometimes. Try to find 5 things that make you feel a bit better. It’s great if they are easy to do, like listen to music, play the guitar or a game of cards, call a mate or go for a jog. Make a list. Just get through the next hour. When you are feeling crap, it’s hard to just be in your own skin. All you have to do is keep going. Leave space for the unexpected. Perhaps in the past, the unexpected hasn’t always been so great. Just consider that things could be different, that you don’t know how things are going to be and that it’s possible that things are already changing. Start Dreaming. If a miracle happened and you could do anything - you had nothing stopping you at all, what would you do? What did you do when you were younger? Why did you stop doing what you were told (by yourself or someone else)? When we are feeling down it can be hard to believe it’s possible, but often what we can achieve will really surprise us. Read this list from the start. Have a Nap. Get information. Hit the high notes. Give yourself some credit. You have gotten this far - you are doing great! Be kind to yourself. We believe in you! Don’t try to do anything else except to make it to 2030. Really, let’s be honest. Life can get crazy, full of chaos and change so all you really need to do is keep your eye on the prize and be at your computer at the right time – on the right day. And keep safe until then. Yes I'm bored. Don't judge. In answer the devs haven't said when the server will be released yet.
  3. Thanks for the update! I wouldn't stress to much about whats happening just do your best and release when you think everything is ready. Cant do more than that.
  4. Wait so the sever is shut down already? I was gonna give it a couple of days before rolling there so it would settle down a bit. Wow. That was fast. But not really unexpected.
  5. I miss reading the forum for one day and all this happens. Typical.
  6. Great post as always. Keep it up guys!
  7. gear guide

    Ah nice didn't notice. Well done!
  8. gear guide

    I would add where stuff drops, what patch they are added, leather, and neat it up with spoiler drop down tags. Just some suggestions. Also what fights need what resists.
  9. That would be great @Darkrasp Yeah that wiki is kinda dated and not very high quality. Would need a bit of work to bring it up to a good standard.
  10. Wealcome!
  11. @Phaanboi Doesn't Xpearl do 3d portraits? Its been awhile since I used it.
  12. Does he use the wow engine for these videos? I don't know anything about this kind of stuff and it shows.