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  1. Noice. I'm jelly. Even if it is smelly old fishing.
  2. Glad I'm not the only one.
  3. This is one part of why CF is great. Rare mounts and pets were supposed to be RARE and special. If you could just buy them it ruins the whole reason behind them. I'd rather just throw CF $20 a month instead.
  4. Awesome! It's all happening.
  5. @Darkrasp So those going into closed beta now.. What are they testing? Still working on class mechanics? or just general testing?
  6. Another quality update. Thanks Darkrasp.
  7. I'm with you @SweN. I'm confused. Not with this issue just in general.
  8. I enjoyed reading through this resurrected old post hehe
  9. Would the time it would take to travel around the world handing quests in nullify the xp you would gain?
  10. Another great update. Good stuff!
  11. I was thinking about this the other day. Blizzard pushed a lot of features that may or may not have had an negative effect on the game. What do you think? I think we didn't need dungeon finder in woltk or raid finder in cata. Or maybe no teleport to dungeons. Because of the groups finders no one left the capital city. The world was empty. Where as before people would always be traveling to raids/dungeons. The world itself felt more alive. Ulduar Hard modes please. They were amazing. Instead we got the on/off switch laziest design choice ever.
  12. Killerduki the meme.
  13. The hype is real! Well done guys so glad you decided to continue.
  14. ho ho ho if only he had known what was coming.
  15. Yes absolutely. It will come and it will be amazing. Remember people are developing this server not robots.