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  1. Let me know how that goes. I'm still hoping for something for Oceanic/Asia. Question: Do the devs have any ideas about maintaining faction balance?
  2. Thats disappointing. Ill have to wait for Beta to see how bad my connection is going to be.
  3. Dat monitor size takes me back..
  4. That almost makes Alchemy worthless.. @Darkrasp Are you intending to tune Naxxaramas as well or leave it blizzlike?
  5. For sure. I'm not complaining. Since I've never played Vanilla at launch I'm always interested in what people did in 2004.
  6. Amusing that people worry about optimal raid setups when these guys are running 6 pallys 5 druids and only 3 mages and warlocks. Still clearing bosses.
  7. Yew! Grats on the big promotion.
  8. The best flavored wow
  9. Question: Will we be allowed to use a tunneling service with Crestfall? I think some tunneling services use VPNs? I'm not entirely sure how they work but VPNs will be blocked so yeah.. Speaking for a Aussie with 300+ms.
  10. I think I'm OK with this. I dunno. For a start you can't please everyone anyway and also I would rather a strong dictator than a corrupt money grubber. The Vanilla wow scene is fairly toxic so I've got no problem with Asura telling people to shove off. Eh..
  11. I keep being impressed by the amount of work this project needs. Keep it up.
  12. Just leave it blizz like. One change here. Then another change there. Where does it end?
  13. I think I'm very trustworthy.. Don't you? hehe
  14. Ele shams rolling on "On Hit" weapons.
  15. Maybe open it up to trusted forum members only?