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  1. I dunno about Crestfall. But I do know in certain areas on Nost they disabled dynamic spawns because they were being abused. Don't think that was the starting areas though. Bring in phasing gg.
  2. Did anyone else try wow because of that South Park episode?
  3. Noice! So essentially your going to do all the classes and get them working then do quests and world content? The world the beta testers are using must be pretty dull
  4. Hey everyone. I made a temporary forum for oceanic discussion. Mainly so we can figure out which server would be best for us oceanics. http://goonbag.boards.net/
  5. Noice. Crestfall is going to be amazing.
  6. lol that's really cute. I started late BC. First toon was a Pally. Didn't know I could train abilitys until level 8. I was amazed how hard the game was when it took like 5min per mob kill and I died A LOT with level 1 abilitys. I started a warlock soon after and had a lot of fun with him. Raided until LK with a shammy. Good times.
  7. It's happening!
  8. I wanted somewhere I could play wow from the beginning. A true PTE experience. I think I heard about Crest Fall after the Nost shutdown.
  9. Heya everyone I made a temporary guild forum for us to discuss which server we might roll on and such. http://goonbag.boards.net/ Mostly empty but its early days yet. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know. The dream of a Horde guild and an Alliance guild..
  10. I'm doing exactly the same. ^this. Except for the Horde part. Devs are doing a great job keep it up!
  11. See you in the new year!