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  1. Welcome to Crestfall!
  2. Your the boss!
  3. And vanilla players act...
  4. Update! Thanks! Noice!
  5. Yeah some of the questions don't make sense related to others.
  6. Thanks again!
  7. Another awesome update. Thanks for sticking with it even through all the ridiculous drama.
  8. Noice thread! Thanks.
  9. All in due time...
  10. Ew
  11. This crap is amazing. You could write books about this stuff.
  12. Save your money for when they launch. Everyone will appreciate your donations for server costs then.
  13. Nice update as usual Yeah seems like the mob should turn and kick then go back to hitting the first target. Maybe hes just that fast.
  14. Vids are back woot woot
  15. ie. Q. Where will you host the server? Are you worried about Takedown requests? A. Western Europe, but we will have international proxies you can connect to in order to keep latency down. We don't want to talk about it too much, but suffice to say you should be very happy with your ping to our realms. We aren't concerned about C&D orders. Blizzard has no legal authority to enforce their copyright outside the United States unless that country has a specific legal agreement allowing US corporations to do so. We just host in a country which doesn't have those agreements. We aren't even live yet and have already gotten C&D orders, so they just go into the wastebasket with the rest of the trash.
  16. Have fun with that. Going for a long walk does recharge the batteries on some occasions.
  17. Black is a colour i guess.
  18. Those changes to abilitys were mostly for early raids right? MC, BWL etc?
  19. Can't hurt me bro.
  20. Thanks for the continuing updates. Let the team know we appreciate all their efforts.
  21. Check this out too:
  22. Yes Crestfall is a PTE project IE Progress through expansions. Starting with Vanilla wow then TBC then WoTLK etc. They may also be launching a TBC server around that time as well. See: