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  1. GDKP. -for a raiding guild (TLDR included) Ever heard about it? Once you kill a raidboss, he will drop item "X", everyone that is interested in "X" will then bet with ingame Gold. The highest bidder takes home "X". Once all 40 mothers tell their sons to go to bed, they simply take the total gold pot and divide it with the number of raidmembers. (You will need some sort of rules however, like Mainspec > Offspec. Tierpieces will always start at X gold even if only one member needs it) (You could have a 5% go to the guildbank, so you can found the Dark Iron set pieces for example) With that out of the way, let me introduce myself. Ive been playing on patch 1.12 since 2011 back on peenix. I have experiensed what happens to a game that stops progressing, people take breaks, guilds merge ect. And if you played in a DKP guild, all your hardearned Points are lost. The rep you earned within your Lootcouncil is gone. The GDKP system was really popular within the PUG scene (Max geared people boost wealthy alts to gain gold) but i have never seen nor used it in a guild format. I been thinking alot about it lately, and i can see more Pros then cons tbh. When you have gold=epics you will most likely see more activity within the guild, people farming herbs and 5mans as much as they can. The gold never leaves the guild, you will start building that snowball and once you hit AQ / Naxx content, you will have a very wealthy guild that can keep up with all the insance consumable costs. And if someone desides to take a break for ½ a year, well he will log-in guildless, but still having all that saved DKP in hes Bag. Would you play in a guild that was using GDKP? Please come with ideas and rules to improve to this theory, or rather let us know why you think this wouldnt work. Compare it with DKP ect! TLDR: What are your thoughts about using GDKP (Gold as DKP within your guild) as the betting tool on loot. Once you are done with the raid the goldpot is split /40. Giving all players their reward for raiding, in a currency that works outside of your guild aswell. Would you play in a guild that was using GDKP?
  2. Indeed, blizzard hosted vanilla before... then they fucked it up. History will repeat itself, and privateservers will be in demand once again
  3. yeah but the nost devs wasnt that special tbh.
  4. Apply for a job at blizzard!
  5. Thinking about joining the darkmagic-club with the launch of Crestfall. Really powerful class for both Raid monsters and green monsters. My question for all you demonlover is simpel, how do you AOE farm / Deal with 6+ mobs? Voidsac + Hellfire? Void tank and SB one at a time? Just log your mage alt and get things done? Intensity -> Pyroclasm in the destruction tree seems like a good idea for those RNG !3sec! stun.
  6. What are those rewards you are talking about? I def woulnt want that. Just a Goldbar poping up saying "Crocodile Dundee" (Tamed a Croc as a hunter) or whatever just to brag about or just having something new to farm / play for!
  7. I dont know shait about addons, but it would be really cool if someone would be able to make an achievement addon, you could always have the lame retail achievs but also add some costom ones Would give the really huge game some more things to do for those who got bad imagination ^^
  8. Forced to sit this raid out? Great for you! Go farm that lotus and you will earn your "DKP" outside the raid.
  9. So does anyone know if rogue poisons should scale with spellpower? And i belive they already said that items like http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=17111 will not scale with spellpower at all, correct?
  10. Best and most fair loot system? GuildGoldDKP. You simply bid whit the games currency, not some "made up DKP" that Only Works in your Guild, that Will be useless once you leave the guild Once the raid is finished you simply split the total pot between all the raiders (you can take 5/10% for the guildbank to help tanks get otus ect) This way everyone gains something from the raid, not like lootcouncil when you enter that raid you have on farm where you Only lose some manapots on rag.. It also gets People to play and farm when its not raidnight.. helps new members in 5mans, and all the extra goldfarm Will make the guild more rich. No more raidloggers Got no loot from that raid? Gratz you can buy that beo from AH! And once you leave the guild you Will not lose every thing you "build up" witin that guild.
  11. Thanks alot! Fixed alot of addons!
  12. Hey been downloading alot of addons from https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByAxutR4jmqfVFA4cGNkRG5ZdDQ https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0ByAxutR4jmqfQ2QxZV9Qc0RnR28 but all those addons are .rar but they dont seem to work ingame? Only the normal ones that get a folder. I dont know anything about these computer stuff so please help a fellow player out! <3
  13. So where can i find links to all these addons? Rolling hunter so would love to get those addons going and set pre release <3 any help is really appreciated
  14. What about offspec / pvp items?