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  1. Thats not bond. This is bond.
  2. Shorter fights = easier fights: less focus on how to use mana, cooldowns like trinkets and death wish being up for a larger portion of the fight further boost the raid dps and of course a shorter fight means fewer mechanic cycles meaning less chance for fuck ups. As you pointed out at the end tho - the major problem i have with world buffs is that it has become the norm for people to get them. Every guild gets every world buff for every raid... which reduces the time people spend online since they dont have to gather consumables to the same extent and guilds dont need to have multiple raid nights. Sadly tho i dont think any of the fixes you (or well, Darkrasp) suggested will prevent guilds from getting all the world buffs for every raid
  3. I wholeheartedly understand that its a fun social thing, "raid-logging" is something that is really boring and getting that extra time to coordinate for world buffs does give some extra social interaction with your guild. However i do feel that making raids harder by reducing your raids dps by roughly 20-30% might make the actual raid so much more interesting that it would outweigh that extra social thing. Atleast for me After playing on different vanilla servers for the last 6 years i've noticed that most guilds (even during naxx content) still do all the lower tier raids. Wether it be to gear up alts, get an Ony head for buffing or for a chance at a Legendary drop. And with world buffs doing all lower tier raids is very possible in one raid night. On Warsong i was in a guild called <Argent Crusade> (top guild on the server at that time). We did AQ40+Ony on wednesday and BWL+MC with optional 20-mans on sunday... so getting the lower tier raids isnt really a hassle to do when world buffs make content so easy. Even on K2 atm (Only MC, BWL and Onyxia are released) some guilds clear 40-man BWL and 20-man MC+Ony in less than one raid night (4.5 hours).
  4. I agree The thing i'm looking for is a vanilla server where i can experience the vanilla content in the same way i did in retail. And if that means having to change things to make stuff harder then im fine with that. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that content should be made easier so that anyone can clear anything. I just want the content to be harder for players (like me) who already got the know-how and skills to kill all the bosses - without making stuff harder for the people who dont. A direct buff to bosses will make things harder for everyone, not just for the "hardcore" players. But a nerf to the trivial and boring task of gathering world buffs would make content harder only for the "hardcore" players without making things even harder than they already are for others. I dont know if you understand what i am saying... "buffing up" wont get changed by players not being able to carry world buffs with them into raids. Even with or without world buffs guilds will have to gather and have their players cast their buff spells.
  5. Vanilla is 75% about preparing for raid these days, it was not in retail. I have plenty of time to "prepare for raids", farm herbs for 30-40 minutes per day and im set with consumables. Log in to get world buffs 40 minutes before raid and im done. Before i quit K2 i played in Praise the Sun, the top horde guild, and the time it took me to prepare for raids would even out to around 30 minutes per day (3.5 hours per week). It's nothing to brag about... and all it does is trivialize content. If you read through the entire post i made, i give you an argument for why the problem isnt just solved by me not getting buffs. I'll do you a favour and put it in bold text in this post: A lot of people seem to want Crestfall raiding to be more of a challenge than it has been on other private servers [...] It is (probably) a lot less work to implement than buffing and re-balancing raid bosses, and it is more fair to "non-hardcore" guilds who are not stomping all vanilla raid content on their first raid night since the content wont be tuned around raids having world buffs. In other words, Crestfall wants to make bosses harder and instead of making the bosses more difficult for everyone (even the poor guilds that cant kill them already). We can make it more difficult only for the players who complain that its too easy - aka the players who logs on 40 minutes early just to teleport or get summoned around the world to gather a bunch of buffs. This change would only affect a small portion of the player base, and all of those players are probably good enough to kill all the bosses anyway. The only difference would be that the top players would not be expected to run around gathering buffs all over Azeroth while also having their raids become more interesting. Edit: I made you a cool chart in paint to easier explain what i mean. http://imgur.com/a/uZyHo
  6. I've posted it on the Kronos forums (https://forum.twinstar.cz/showthread.php/116159-Nerf-pre-raid-buffing), but i guess that is the only other forum that matters these days. The definition of "word for word" really took a big hit. I spent 20 seconds on the Kronos post when i made it 2 weeks ago... wanted to put a little more effort into the Crestfall post since this server has way more hope than K2 does. Now can we get back on topic please?
  7. I just spent around 70 minutes writing a lengthy, interesting masterpiece... but for some reason i got logged out before i pressed Submit Topic and everything was lost... so here is the "i should have gone to sleep hours ago and i cba to rewrite everything"-version. A lot of people seem to want Crestfall raiding to be more of a challenge than it has been on other private servers, and there is a lot of suggestions floating around on how to achieve that. My suggestion is to remove all buffs applied to a character when entering a raid instance. This would mean no "40x warlock alts for soulstones"-advantage, no DM buffs, no DMF buffs, no Songflower buffs, no Ony/Nef head buffs, no Rend buffs and no silithus sand buffs. A rough estimate from the top of my head would be -20% overall raid dps in pre-naxx content... perhaps even more - probably around 30% for melee dps... Hell only the DM buff gives 200 AP, which during MC/BWL content is more than 25% of a rogues total unbuffed AP. It is (probably) a lot less work to implement than buffing and re-balancing raid bosses, and it is more fair to "non-hardcore" guilds who are not stomping all vanilla raid content on their first raid night since the content wont be tuned around raids having world buffs. It also gives the game a more vanilla feeling, since there were no guilds in retail vanilla who had 40 fully worldbuffed players for their raids in MC, BWL or AQ40... probably not even in Naxx. Personally i would prefer both removing world buffs and re-balancing bosses to be harder... since then top guilds would probably have to spent more than 2 raid nights to clear MC+BWL+AQ40+Naxx.