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  1. Your problem is nothing compared to mine. I don't even know what faction I will play not to mention what class.
  2. No disrespect but aren't Senseis suppose to be calm and patient? :-) However you joined 2 hours ago and already managed to ask the same question a couple of times. I assume I'm not the only one that got a pm from you. As said by other members. It's in closed beta, there is no release date yet but chances are good for a 2017 release. If you absolutely want to play Vanilla, or any other addon for that matter, just google and you'll find something (We don't advertise other servers :-) ) Anyways, Welcome to Crestfall. Hopefully I did not offend you.
  3. Oh please. If that is a dealbreaker and you won't be playing on this unique and awesome project, then I'm really sorry for you. It's not like there are 5,6 or 7+ realms connected to BGs. There are only 2. And it's only for BGs, later on Arena. I think it's a good idea. As mentioned by many, this will create more BGs and less queues. I also would like to mention that out of experience a PvP server has a higher Horde ration (probably due to racials in PvP) and a PvE server has a tendency to favor Ally. i.e. Horde has to wait longer on PvP server to join BG and ditto for Ally on the PvE. Crossrealm BGs would solve this issue.
  4. Yeah, I remember on retail that some people were imo too lazy to come up with an original name resulting in names like the one above or with øă characters. Man that was a pain in the ass to invite them into guild or using /inv
  5. I read a reply on Twitter by the Elysium guys that there will also be a complete fresh server. (i.e. without any Nost transfers) Considering that the Classic/Legacy players opt to revisit the journey they had on retail, I'm sure that a lot of ex-Nost players will start rather fresh. But that is only my prediction.