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  1. Regarding progress bars, don't quote me entirely on it, but we have a website layout in-the-works which might include something like that. I can't promise, but I'll bring this up with the rest of the staff. As for Videos, we have some coming. Soon™
  2. When it's ready. We don't want to rush a hasty release despite the recent events, because we still care about quality over quantity. PS. 2030™
  3. It's uniqueness is what drew me in. It's goals, it's ideals and not to forget, it's software. I've been part of big scenes in the past of pservers, but I quit them back in 2007 and been only following the scene slightly. I ended up here because something made me happy when I saw what their goals were. And well, here we are now.
  4. It's a shame I don't have my WHALECUM Ascii macro anymore, thus this has to suffice: WHALECUM!!11oneone. And it's always nice to see more people to the moderating team. ;]
  5. I removed the URL in question for.. obvious reasons. The domain has been around a while and we we're already aware of it. You can imagine how we felt about it when we saw it :-)
  6. As we've stated, we do not moderate private chat channels. While it's true that /world or /global have become the norm in private server communities, we do not enforce nor uphold these channels. That being said, our stance may or may not change regarding this but as of now, we have no plans to block private chat channels.
  7. Unfortunately we've prohibited our testers to post content publicly. There will be more content videos from us in the future, but for now all I can ask of you is to wait and sit tight.
  8. As what Elicas wrote is pretty much spot on. If our need rises to recruit more testers, we'll be accepting more people to the beta realm and help us test on a wider spectrum. This was the first wave of Beta Testers that we've accepted on top of our Alpha testers.
  9. I have faith that a lot of our members will keep this civil. I personally don't like to gestapo discussions about other servers because a healthy discussion is always welcome. Although Elsyium/Nostalrius are our future competitors, we certainly do not forbid discussing them nor any server. Threads like this get locked for the poor content, not the subject.
  10. Please keep in mind to stay civil in these kind of discussions, and I'm glad that you so far are. I'll be monitoring this to see how it proceeds. I've also moved this to off-topic, as General is meant for directly CF related.
  11. As RoadBlock mentioned, this indeed is Off-Topic things. I've moved it for you!
  12. Suomi nähty. Torilla tavatan. Ontopic;
  13. We have all language clients connected to a single general, trade etc channel. However, those channels are English only even if you're running a Russian, Chinese or French client. This rule applies to all languages.
  14. I'm currently enjoying a ice cold long drink, because one a day keeps the diseases away. Can't remember the last time I consumed anything higher because I see no reason anymore for me to seek the state of drunk unless it's a drinking game with friends
  15. It was a wild guess ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )