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  1. Elicas is right about Elysium discussion on Crestfall forums. While we may be affiliated under the Legacy Network banner, we're still separate projects with our own staffing and policies. For example we're still on the stance to ban VPN connections but it's entirely up to Elysium whether they wish to do so or not - our rules don't necessarily mean they will apply there and vice versa. This is something I can't stress enough as a lot of people for whatever reason see this as a "merge". If there is by any chance corruption or fails on the Elysium team then the posts about them belong on their subreddit or own forums. We are CrestFall, not Elysium over here. I hope you guys keep this in mind.
  2. Once a stable market forms, it's all about having a monopoly My plan is to accumulate as much gold as possible by playing the Auction House and get ready for TBC. So one option always is to play the AH, but that requires you to familiarize yourself with the market and know what sells and what doesn't. It can be a good stable income but also you can lose a lot of money. Flipping is great especially in later expansions too!
  3. For now I'll let this be here. But remember to stay civil so we won't ha e to lock this! Also, moving this to offtopic.
  4. Asura has addressed the situation in the recent post. Zzuk is not part of staff, but is a volunteer and shares information with Asura. He is not giving source to Asura, nor is Asura giving Benedictions source to him. I can't stress this enough, there are only a handful of people who have access to the core and this will keep being the case until new core developers join the road.
  5. Not much for me to say, but I set a movement regarding this earlier today and it advanced a little bit. Still figuring out methods of delivery, et cetera.
  6. This page links you to http://forums.crestfall-gaming.com/index.php?/staff/ Take note, it shows also Alpha & Beta Testers but they are not part of the Staff. But yes, perhaps, maybe a little bit better of a description for who is what would do good too. Hence why I've been working on something, hoping it'll be eventually used.
  7. Partially it has something to do with our vague rank explanations, too. For instance, forum moderators and alike are slapped as "Staff" on Discord. Originally this was my idea, but it seems that now that there is a lot more popularity we're taking a little hit for it. We have Alpha & Beta Testers, Forum Moderators, Game Masters, Developers (Web & Server) and naturally, our lovely Administrators. On Discord however, it used to be and still is less vague. We've lumped GM's and Forum Mods into one bunch, where they should also now be separated with the additions of System Administrator and Community Managers. Naturally, Moderators aren't in-game staff so these ranks will not have anything related to adding gold, items, teleporting, levels or anything at all. Whilst not fully structured yet, there are also multiple levels of Game Masters who have different levels of access power. For instance, giving a fresh Game Master access to adding items, levels or gold isn't necessarily the best idea. I'm in the process of convincing Asura and Crogge to spice ranks up a bit in Discord :-)
  8. I'm personally in for the whole ride. I'm a oldschool vanilla player, but I prefer TBC more than Vanilla so I probably won't be hardcore until TBC launches, and work mostly throughout Vanilla.
  9. We at CrestFall are a PTE Project, meaning your characters here will go from Vanilla to TBC, TBC to Wrath, etc.
  10. We'll be monitoring this thread actively, so please keep it civil! Don't worry about critique, but if you're being uncostructive we'll moderate your post. Thanks!
  11. Alpha/Beta testers aren't staff, but they show up in the list due to special rank. Just a headsup! We should be 16(?) staff members.
  12. Only a handful of people have access to our database. No testers and not even most of the staff has access to it. Unless it's a security breach it's extremely unlikely for anyone to gain access to our database. And yes, it's been a hot topic on discord about this so Asura, Darkrasp and Crogge are all aware of this.
  13. It shouldn't, but for the time being we don't plan to support anything third party. I personally use ENB & SweetFX in almost every game I play so I'm going to be pushing this towards more but all in all, we're going to have to see what comes around closer to release. I can't make promises, but I can't personally see why it wouldn't be allowed. Only time will tell.
  14. ENB and SweetFX are allowed on live server as far as I am concerned, as it modifies only shading effects and not actual game files. I don't see why we would ban such a thing because it only modifies your visuals, not actual in-game files by applying shaders on top. For the time being, we don't allow anything - but perhaps in the future we can give you a more distinctive answer. However, if there is an issue with a possible exploit regarding ENB & SweetFX then we would have to stop it on it's tracks.
  15. I suggest you head over to Discord and PM either Asura or Crogge. They would be the people to talk about it. As long as there is an official client to support it, we do definitely want it to be localized. If not, perhaps you can ask them to help with translation, as we are looking for translators for all languages. I can't say whether we have someone for zhTW or not, but it never hurts to ask them about it. Best of luck!