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  1. I am also on DArrowshire but after playing on wow-one and then feenix and then nost and now Darrowshire getting to the point where I am over Vanilla WoW and ready for TBC. Aremdor level 60 alliance warlock.
  2. So still in closed Beta Any news on when open beta will start ?
  3. Welcome to the forums !
  4. Welcome to the forums!!!! AND WELCOME TO THE HYPE TRAIN !!!!! lol
  5. Welcome to the forums !!
  6. I've been having this same issue.
  7. Human Warlock
  8. What's an Alliance?
  9. Hi!

    Welcome to the forums !
  10. Welcome to the forums !
  11. I have a 33 hunter on K2 and a 20 warlock on K1 usually play on K2 though. I would be open to rolling another toon anyway was thinking of doing it just for the professions anyway.
  12. HYPE!!!!