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  1. I can't stop listening to their EP. I'm going to ruin it for myself. D:
  2. Raced home from work, made my character after sitting in queue for ~2hours and never even got to log in before the server went down... I told myself not to get hyped! I KNEW this would happen (maybe not this fast) and I still got excited.
  3. Yep. It starts getting a little tough in the 50's but its doable. Eh, I wouldn't. You don't need to be resto to heal lower level instances. [For leveling] Not as bad as some will make you believe, but you do need to stop and drink ALOT. And since you have no way of regaining mana until 40, it can be expensive and slow. [For raiding] Same problem really, you'll do low/mediocre damage and you'll run out of mana rapidly. That's up to you really. Resto Druids can farm on par with other healers I guess. Its not great. [While leveling] Prepare to fight with basically everyone for leather +agi/str gear and cloth +int pieces for your offset. [While questing] There are some ok druid quests. One that comes to mind in Un'goro gives a nice blue +heals chest piece. [While raiding] You'll basically get Druid tier stuff thrown at you since most guilds only have a couple. Its kinda nice.
  4. Guys, I'm not advocating for deleting inactive characters/alts on your account - just inactive accounts. For example: If you have a main that you play regularly and seven level one characters that you never play, you'd be fine. However, if an account has a level fourteen and seven level ones AND hasn't logged in in six months, that account would be deleted.
  5. Not choosing an over played class isn't really a bad idea though. If you play as a Warlock, Druid, or Priest on a Vanilla server, you'll get guild invites and gear thrown at you.
  6. Q&A Submission: What is Crestfall's official stance on deleting abandoned accounts? Reasoning: - To ensure that popular or generic names are not taken or reserved and then permanently associated with an inactive account. - To return names to the community which allows new players more freedom when naming their character. Feedback received from General: - [mrmr] Only delete inactive accounts - NOT inactive characters. To allow active players to reserve names for future alts. - [Malediction] Allow people to petition GMs to free up a character name. - [ilovecats] Send automated (?) e-mails after 3 months of account inactivity. - [Retrac47] Only delete accounts with characters at or below level 18 (to protect Twink accounts). - [HearTstaRx] Shadow deleting characters. Retaining the data, but requiring them to re-name their character if they return from 6+ mo inactivity. - [Hops] Delete any account after 1 year of inactivity.
  7. Sure, I'm okay with that too. Any account that doesn't log in within 2-3 months should get an automated e-mail (like ilovecats mentioned) and after maybe 3-4 months of inactivity, the account should be deleted. I'm just spitballing here. If the general consensus is that its not a big deal, then so be it. Its just a thought.
  8. Haha, have at it bud. Hopefully I can get in on day one and get my preferred names. I simply used this one just in case I ran into someone I knew on Kronos/Old Nost. (;
  9. [Deleted - Duplicate Post]
  10. That's a good idea, I'll post this to the Q&A later. Let me re-iterate though, this wouldn't pertain to inactive characters, but inactive accounts or maybe a combination of both. If the user account: bob1234 doesn't log in for 4-6 months, any character under 15/20 will be deleted? or maybe delete the whole account? I know this adds a lot of extra work if it can't be automated, but its a thought. People don't have the financial investment in private servers like they do retail accounts. Its common for people to create an account or two, make 8 characters to reserve names, then play for two weeks and never log in again (hell, I've done it myself). My thought process is that if that if an account has been inactive for X months, its abandoned and any 'reserved' user names should be returned to the public. Maybe make a exception if the account has a character at or over a certain level say, 40 or maybe even 60. While playing on Nost/Elysium, I routinely add names that I wanted but were taken to see if they ever log in and the vast majority never do. I think that's silly and people with a sentimental connection to their character end up naming their character things like Hopps, Hoppps, Haawps, Hawhps, and etc. when the original name wasn't really in use in the first place.
  11. We all know that private servers are hype machines so there will be thousands of people making accounts and reserving multiple names with Lvl. 1 characters then playing for a few days and quitting. Since private servers are free and relatively plentiful atm, there isn't much incentive to stick with your account if you get bored. This means that most of the "good" character names will be eaten up in the first few days/weeks and then be locked away permanently on dead accounts. So my question is: is it possible to automatically delete inactive accounts after a specified time limit and if so, would this be a possibility on Cresftall ? Deleting abandoned accounts would routinely put character names back into circulation allowing for newcomers and people making alts a little more freedom when naming their character.
  12. Sounds kind of fun for a third or fourth character, but I'll be honest - if I died at 40+, I'd probably just quit trying and keep leveling. Vanilla leveling takes long enough as it is, and I'm not wasting weeks of my time because I accidentally aggroed a Devilsaur or something.
  13. I laughed and then I got sad.