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  1. I laughed and then I got sad.
  2. Only on the PvE server.
  3. I may be mistaken, but TT has a "tick" and only breaks fear every couple of seconds. Plus its group based so you'd need 8 Shaman for the same effect AND it takes up an earth totem slot. I'd still prefer fear ward over that option.
  4. I genuinely feel like you're trolling me here. I'm going to go wander around Kronos and Elysiums warrior forums and figure this out. I feel like I may as well be reading "wear leather, its been proven to be superior". I'm very confused.
  5. I get where you're going, but if all other variables are equaled out, the Tauren will still have 5% more HP. That's not game breaking by any means, but it is something. And I didn't know that about the healing queues. I'll be rolling a healer this play through so I'll look forward to seeing the difference!
  6. What? People used Alcors on static fights in retail. If you're MTing in a raid, you should never be short on rage. And even if that was the case, swords would still be better because there are only (3) decent Axes in the entire [end]game! Crul'shorukh, Edge of Chaos [2.3] BWL Doom's Edge [2.3] BWL Sick of Unyielding Strength [2.1] AQ Am I missing something? I read them in their entirety. How do you expertly approach not getting feared if you're not a Warrior? Dwarfs can simply do something that Humans and Night Elves can not, its pretty cut and dry.
  7. If you're going purely for threat, Alcor's Sunrazor (a dagger) is BIS (HS spam) until TF or the Naxx swords so unfortunately the Axe racial is still useless. And yes, Humans are the superior choice for the Alliance and potentially better than Tauren if threat is an issue, but Tauren are still superior to Orcs as they bring legitimately nothing to the table... except Hardiness which is situational at best. Min/maxing isn't just about personal increase, its about bringing more to whatever you're doing and in this case we're talking raiding/PVE. A dwarf simply brings more to the raid/group because you can keep fear ward up on everyone and classes that have no internal mitigation (all the non-Warriors) are protected from cleaves, accidental body pulls, fire, etc.
  8. Gotta disagree with ya here bud. Min/maxing for Vanilla at this point is a science. There isn't much to be skeptical about anymore. While yes, you don't NEED to be any particular race, if you're trying to squeeze out every bit of dps or defense, there are concrete choices. Priest: Fearward can not be beat - a slight healing boost (25% of a 5% increase) and a small amount of mana regen doesn't come close to the ability to mitigate entire game mechanics. Warrior: - Orc is decent for DPS, but for Prot, Vanilla lacks tank axes to make use of their passive and Blood Fury is basically a suicide button. - Trolls get a 10% speed boost for 10 (?) sec., but that's going to be negligible at best. Maybe an extra HS or two. - What makes Tauren OP is the fact that the 5% Hp DOES scale with better gear AND buffs, trinkets, last-stand, etc. So it only gets better.
  9. Sure, but that's one guy. In interviews, Kungen talked about how he and his guild were in regular correspondence with Blizzard employees and that Devs would watch their progress nights to understand how players reacted to new mechanics. These higher end guilds were also responsible to creating things like EJ, Shadowpanther, Tankspot and even mods like DBM that helped millions of players learn how to clear content.
  10. While that is true, the opposite can also be said. Many guilds throughout all of the expansions were so casual that they never even saw much of the end-game content. The majority of players never killed C'thun at all, much less set foot in Naxx. Similarly, most casual guilds couldn't even clear SSC/TK in order to attune to T5 so they had to remove the gate. Elitists have always been instrumental to the development of the game and paving the way for less serious raiders. I always found it admirable, if not a little crazy, that people would try a boss 20+ times during progression without calling it quits for the night. That's why we all remember Nihillum, Alleria, vodka, Death & Taxes, SK Gaming, etc. because they were the firsts.
  11. You've made a few comments about "tryhards" recently. What do you have against serious players? I always appreciated them for creating the strats I used and doing the number crunching so that I didn't have to.
  12. I agree that min-maxing is probably a giant waste of time, but I have to... I can't just not pick the best possible race for the faction that I'm playing. I can't roll an Undead Warrior when I know that being a Tauren would make me (regardless of how slightly) a superior tank. It would bother me forever. I'd feel like I intentionally gimped myself. The same goes for any class. Mage? Gnome. Priest? Dwarf. Etc. Edit: But then again, I' m going to play a Druid, so the choice is pretty easy.
  13. Because I truly enjoy the "flawed PvP system" I suppose. I guess could ask you the same question. Why are you eagerly awaiting this server when classic has by far the simplest/easiest PvE content Blizz ever put out? (Save for maybe Naxx40 which I can't comment on because I never got the chance to do it.) All of the subsequent expansions have superior PvE content, and yet, you're here. Edit: Unless you're here entirely for the lore, which would be impressive - though unbelievable. Do not confuse apathy with laziness. I agree, but is it remotely logical that they can't settle disputes with combat at all?
  14. I don't really role-play... lore is cool and all, but its a competitive game and like it or not, there will be wPvP at the gates (on the PvP server anyways) and it'll be awesome /shrug To be honest, I didn't search the PvE forums and didn't see anything about it in General. YES FEED MY EGO. Wait, are you saying that we're not at war? Granted, I'm not a lore junky and I haven't read the books or anything... but I thought that was the entire premise?