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  1. My pc from December 25th 2004 (first time logging in) had an old ass ati 9500 from 2002, 256mb of ram 100 gigs of HDD and i believe a pentium 3 or 4. It ran like utter ass, kept stuttering until i upgraded to 1 gig of ram. After that i could play comfortably at 45+ fps at 1024x768, raiding wa a little trickier, had to lower my resolution to 600p in order to keep 30fps. Also upgraded to a 18 inch LCD monitor right before launch. Still never understood why 256 mb of ram wasnt enough, but 1 gig was the gold spot for vanilla wow.
  2. >TFW mained gnome warlock since 2005 ;_;
  3. You're forgetting one crucial factor, orcs look better in armor and have better animations. On a side note, even if taurens are superior tanks, it doesn't mean you'll always be tanking. There are fights that don't require you to have multiple tanks and in general orcs will be better fury-off tank dps.
  4. What i remember reading is that orcs + trolls with axes completely destroy alliance fury warriors in dps, even with the extra +weapon skill humans get. However I still stick to salvation > windfury. Whats the point of windfury if youre dps cant even go big dick damage half the time due to aggro issues. However, shamans as a long term investment is good, especially in TBC since they become the best pve healers. For pvp, (if youre into that) paladins are just generally better than shamans. BOF, lay on hands, bubble, auras and plate armor for survivability just makes them better.
  5. Do not go weaponsmith, armorsmith makes much more dosh, especially selling fire resistsmce gear and lionheart helmets. On top of that, most of the blacksmith weapons (excluding nightfall) will be obselete once you get obsidian edge blade or bonereaver from MC, and thats the first tier of raiding! BWL has asskandi and draconic maul.
  6. God the skill level of some of those enemies is cringe worthy... Like that t3 hunter literally walking in circles... Or putting serpent sting instead of viper sting.
  7. Lets say i had the Men in black memory wiper and i could wipe all your memories of wow from when you first started to play. Would you want me to do this? Re live vanilla wow first hand like it just came out?
  8. All you have to know is that most hybrids become viable. Hunter, warlock, rogue become the only dps you'll see in 25 man Sunwell. Resto shamans will become the best healers during T6 progression and resto druids are the best pvp healers in the game.
  9. Beta/developer title incoming?
  10. Well the quadro is awful for gaming since most devs dont even support its drivers, not to mention theres an artifical cap on benchmark cards for games. And the i3 is a sandy bridge cpu (came out 6 years ago) and as ive said before i3 are garbage, 2 core cpus cannot cut it anymore, even in toaster games Like Overwatch. Honestly, Both are garbage and youd just be shooting yourself in the foot by wasting your money on them. Just keep the tower and swap the card with something like a 750 ti. They go for like 50 bucks on craiglist or 100 new.
  11. Sorry haha i went off a little tangent on that post, just passionate about this subject. I always recommend that you do a lot of research before buying a PC. I think i did a solid 6 months of research on all my PC components, while finding deals.
  12. I remember hearing them talk about adding TGC mounts only during TBC.
  13. For 629 euros (almost 700 bucks USD) that is a horrible pc... Its using old vishera tech that is 5 years old. That cpu is a massive bottleneck, even for thr 1050 ti. Keep in mind that CPU is 50 bucks. Also DDR5 ram is coming out in 1 year or 2 already, so youll be 2 generations behind. On top of that, youre running single channel ram on that bud, so youll experience a lot of slow down when running evem just multiple tabs of chrome. Using an unknown brand of PSU is also not good, the psu is probably the most important thing in your system as it can save or kill your PC from a short. I highly recommend you break your budget and go with an i5 CPU or the new ryzen cpu because that CPU is obselete and will severely bottleneck you in modern games. The 1050 ti is a good budget 1080p card, but the rx 470 is slightly bettet and cheaper. Also always get dual channel memory, if you can even get 16 gigs because games like GTA5 stutter with 8 gigs. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ Thats to give you an idea of how overpriced that PC is on that site. Theyre charging you a premium of 200 dollars? like what? Its a 400 euro PC. Edit* also OP dont settle for a 2 core 4 thread CPU like an i3. Multie core CPU's are the future, intel relasing the i3 in my opinion was an absolute dick move to confuse consumers.
  14. How do horror effects work under the new system? Do they fall into the same category as fears?
  15. Reported!