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  1. See's race: Nelf Everyone knows Dwarfs are master race for alliance.
  2. I farmed Twilight Cultists for about 3-4 hours a day to earn my epic mount. I could make around 100-200g after those 4 hours of farming. Mainly from mana/healing pots, twilight texts, the twilight sets sold for 1 gold a piece. Random greens/blues and greys, I even got a purple. After my epic mount I was burnt out hard though so I always hovered around 400g just to cover my raid expenses like consumables and enchants. Also I always grinded on the dead hours for Europe and NA, around 11pm - 12am If I tried to farm it during peak hours I would make like 20g an hour... Another huge tip I can give is to have a profession mule, basically your main has the proffesions you are going to use always E.G: Engineer/Alchemy. I leveled a mage all the way to 60 for the pure purpose of AOE farming cloths for first aid and herbing/mining for my engineer/alchemy.
  3. Just lol http://m.imgur.com/phkCnC2 I'm sure you're aware that Crestfall has always advertised as banning VPN connections, the main reason Vitaliy/Shenna have fallen out with CF is that as they were now 'admins' on the legacy network, they wanted to force CF and all the servers on the network to allow VPN connections from china because "everyone has the right to enjoy legacy wow" Asura dug in, and found one of the sites advertising Crestfall powerleveling and gold services ties in with Vitaliys IP that you leaked earlier in the week that sire mysteriously disappeared during the last couple of hours drama as the Vitaliy leak hit the fan that site* sorry Thank god Crestfall has backed out of this partnership before it was too late
  4. I feel so special knowing I had two head devs and a moderator post on that, feels like ages ago
  5. God you have no idea how much I hate trying to invite people with special letters in their name... I sometimes don't invite them at all.
  6. What really irked me about Duki was the fact that when someone called him a Slav he automatically had a PTSD flashback and when white screen... Literally calling everyone a racist even though as a Russian myself, when someone calls me a Slav I could care less... The whole holy resistance meme was the tip but he wasn't full on crusade mode at that time, it was when the Slav bomb was dropped. Either way he's one of those guys that literally Ctrl + C paragraphs of debunked "evidence" constantly to the point that he's shooting himself in the foot. And now we got Alexensual doing the same exact thing...
  7. I still think the partnering with Elysium was a bad idea. Now it seems like CF is having to carry the baggage of drama that Elysium began. Don't try to fix a lame mule, better to end it.
  8. Why does everyone bring up this special pleading fallacy... "I'VE BEEN COMING HERE FOR 10 YEARS GIVING YOU MONEY, WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M GETTING ARREST FOR STEALING ONE THING?" The logic behind this argument is so flawed its not even funny. Imagine you make an invention and want money but people who bought it now want a free one and decide to build it themselves, how mad would you be for not getting your hard earned money for YOUR invention. Oh and FYI I've been playing wow since 2004, I've bought almost every Blizzard game out there, but I never try to put myself in that box, you're stealing, whether you like it or not.
  9. Generally hybrids are mediocre in pve, in PvP however... Ret paladins are hard counters to almost every horde class. A druid who is a plays like a hybrid can take on almost any class with ease, and we all know how strong enhancement shamans are in PvP. I also don't understand all the people trying to make boomkins work... Its not even that you do much less DPs than a mage/warlock, its more that you go oom after 5 spells, have to waste innervate on yourself and the fact that you take the bis items away from others because their tier gear is meant for healing.
  10. I highly doubt nost team had the funds to go toe to toe with a company worth 18 billion dollars... Remember that girl who blatantly showed how much money she was making off donations? Yeah blizzard sued her for something like 83 million in punitive damages. Nost shutdown for their legacy agenda which backfired and now we have nostlysium. There is no crazy Illuminati theory.
  11. Question; is the beta in NDA ATM? Or can players post videos and whatnot, to get outside information on bugs etc
  12. 1: no, especially with warriors and rogues, its better to truck through it. You could alternate with a mage/warrior since mages can aoe grind. 2: dungeons are slower than pure grind quest, but the break up the tediousness of grinding. Druids and mages are not gear Dependant at all, especially mages. Druids don't even need to have a weapon tbh, it doesn't effect their damage in forms. Rogues scale pretty well, even with shit gear since a lot of their abilities arent based off ap, just base damage (eviscerate) 3: hard question to answer to be honest. The human zone will be unplayable for a week or two. Really depends on A: how many new people come and B: how many people quit Nost 2.0 to come to CF. Tips/tricks for me are try to avoid elite quests, unless everyone in the zone is doing it. If you're waiting over 10 minutes for an elite quest, skip it, not worth it. Kill mobs as you go to your next quest hub, you maximize xp gain AND profit! Always, always log out in an inn or capital to gain rested. If you can, avoid leveling professions, do it at 60 when you have access to your mount, or even epic mount. Finally, I like to use questie and have a vanilla db up on my 2nd screen with all the quests for that specific zone, that way I don't have to search. Questie just got a huge update so a lot of data is fixed and they added a bunch of quests to their db. Edit* take first aid as a warrior and keep it updated, its pretty much a mandatory prof for warriors/rogues.
  13. Damn, where did you even find entire raids being cleared? I'm assuming Warcraftmovie archives?
  14. That would require a lot of work. I think the devs said they would have to do a shit ton of wonky hackfixes to even get that to work, even then it would take months.
  15. Personally I'd stop at the end of wotlk, never really got into cataclysm. Also wondering, is it easy to recognize feats of strength that you did in vanilla wow to be crossed over into 3.3.5?