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  1. Reported!
  2. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sxVzZtGt0c0xZVf0p here is my world PvP talent build. As a reck paladin you counter basically every melee class in the game. Paladins are a literal pain the ass to most horde classes (orcs have a better chance against them)
  3. If you're going to rp as a paladin wouldn't a mace be a better option?
  4. Now mop did have somewhat of a rocky launch at first, but once the ball got rolling did it turn out to be a good expansion. I actually had a lot of fun during this expansion, and the sheer amount of content they added to its life time was amazing. The zones were beautiful, the quests were fun, the lore (albeit made up) was really well thought out. It really is a shame that a lot of people never liked this expansion, because honestly its really up there with the greats like TBC and WOTLK. Really refreshing after the train wreck of post nerf Cataclysm. Throne of Thunder and timeless Isles are by far the best content I've experienced since Isles of Quel'danas and the raids were really well done. Siege of Orgrimmar was a little long but each boss felt very strong and unique, it was a shame that there was such a long ass content drought. Monks felt great, but not overpowered; Blizzard definitely learnt their lessons from the death knight hero launch (overpowered class for almost the entire expansion) Monk healing was probably the funnest class I ever played with the damage/rolling around healing teammates.
  5. I always wondered how exactly the porting works from 1.12 to 2.4.3? I mean loot systems and what not seem simple enough, but A.I functions and class abilities? Weren't a lot of things changed during that large gap?
  6. Or just roll PVE master race human and cut the ramp runs in half.
  7. Here's an example Highest xp reward in EPL is 1200 xp at level 58 Disrupting their reinforcements gives 9270 xp at level 58 A single quest in outlands gives you the same as 8 level 58-60 quests in vanilla. I believe blizzard intentionally nerfed vanilla xp gained when TBC was launched in order to stop people from just staying in azeroth and grinding to level 62+
  8. Here I thought he was dead. Bashing a server that basically fixed a bug that has plagued every private server since original mangos but still thinks CF doesn't know how to fix paladins.
  9. guide

    http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cZtVohthZchickhub What do you guys think of this for pvp? I went with imp multi shot because the pvp gloves add extra damage. Or use it with the T1 bonus.
  10. The vanilla experience: Very rough, like really rough. Mobs hitting too low or too high (avoid ranged and caster mobs, they can take you down to 50% HP in like 2 hits) pathing in azeroth is pretty much stock, vmaps are broken in azeroth as well. Most dungeons are okay, however a few bosses are poorly scripted or tank n spank making them easy. What's frustrating is that all elites run like crack addicts while regular mobs (not all of em) run at half their speed. Classes are alright, I've heard rogues are pretty buggy at the moment. Though spell resistance on a lot of mobs are way too high (level 1-10 mobs apparently) making spells hit like wet noodles. I understand that people will be like "oh its a TBC server who cares about vanilla" except for the fact that you make us go through the awful vanilla experience on top of it being a buggy mess makes it unbearable.
  11. Killerduki reincarnated?
  12. Hey Elicas, would Might of Cenarius be BIS for druids as well?
  13. Fell for this shit post lmao Also wyke seems mad 😁😁😁
  14. As a druid who was 8/8 t2 in bwl playing a druid was hell sometimes, especially since I was 24/0/27 most of the time so grinding was a literal drag. Anyway OP, I'd recommend a mage. Low maintenance, not gear Dependant at all and you can make your own food/water. Its also the best old maker class.
  15. Even before the drama I believed that elysium did NOT at all deserve the freebie they got. They had 3 chances to make a good server and each opportunity they royally wasted.