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  1. Would throw all the kudos at you if you did <3~
  2. I like that approach to lotuses, actually. People are going to be going after the big herbs anyhow.
  3. Read the Malazan series by Erikson.
  4. As stated repeatedly, removing certain features in retail would actually make WotLK and beyond more appealing to a significant number of players. As also stated repeatedly, many players only care about Vanilla and/or TBC. Those are arguably the best two experiences Blizzard ever produced for WoW. I'd take it a step further and suggest that there be some custom tuning of certain things in WotLK and beyond - that could yield an experience similar to Retail in all the right ways, and then superior in the other ways. Of course, I'd also love to see implementation on areas and ideas that Blizzard worked on or thought about and then dropped - Azhara Crater, as a start. One can dream~
  5. This is really key here. If the population on Nost was 3x Blizzlike caps and there were STILL glaring PvP problems, it's in the PvP integration and system-balancing itself, rather than pure numbers on population. I'd underline this five times, if I could.
  6. Absolutely disagree. I'm not really interested in more than 5-6k, personally.
  7. That's a fine time bracket for me. Keep us updated as you figure out the Vengeance xfer?
  8. SM? You're funny.
  9. Could you be more explicit about what that time range looks like?
  10. Well, a time zone basis is pretty important, but I understand not having one until you have more a core down. Looks interesting, though.
  11. How many are coming in via GCG? What's your general time window for raiding, if any, based on that?
  12. It's funny what we do and don't remember.
  13. I wish I could get into Shamans, but the totem mechanic was always a turnoff for me.