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  1. Can't tell if trolling, honest, or looking for fap fodder. Funny coming from you. But why. O_o; Nice variety. Did you enjoy Pillars of Eternity? Can suggest HALT AND CATCH FIRE, taking up an IRL crafting skill (carpentry, welding, gardening, jewelry making), dating, marathon training and the Malazan fantasy series.
  2. This sounds awful. What a terribly designed system.
  3. This whole idea of pinning deep hopes on something, then despairing that it won't materialize - There are so many better things to do with your time, mate. I'll be there when it starts to materialize, but until then, holy carp am I having fun elsewhere~
  4. Least favorite meme here.
  5. I've never played vanilla on a private server. I've been content waiting for a premium 'product' to come out, and have been enjoying my free time on other games until it does~
  6. I'm fine with the character shop and buyable mounts, personally.
  7. A lot of, "What's the worstthat could happen?" viewpoints are fairly sheltered. If you're an immigrant, a hostile government can make up a reason to deport you because they don't like your politics on FB. The USA is rapidly gaining similarities with "those crappy countries", and what might seem harmless today could be what fucks you next year. Especially since the Internet never really forgets.
  8. Read this thread title as "Rad resistances" when first skimming by... you can guess what I've been playing a lot of lately. It'll be fun to actually care about the resistance stat again. Did it see much use in TBC?
  9. At yeast I don't knead to butter up any buns here, you're all knaffed out albready.
  10. You'll want to be a lot more precise.
  11. I agree with you 300%, but the popular disdain for "custom" (fucking ugh) will likely prevent it from happening. There are so many great unused assets, it's honestly a damn shame that the overwhelming response isn't "YES PLEASE" to using them. We could have WoW++ instead of just mostly Blizzlike. Alack and alas.
  12. Yer doin it wrng den
  13. Kind of a Horde ghost town atm, based on the forums.
  14. Ty for the response and effort on the spoiler notes. Much appreciated. Not sure why people type so many things as 'sjw'.