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  1. Cliff notes?
  2. Joined the Discord channel to find out what's going on, #offtopic is literally worse than Barrens chat, jfc. Is there a post anywhere on what precisely Asura and whitekidney found, other than the deleted logs? And why is Shenna still defending Vitaliy?
  3. But seriously, what actually happened?
  4. Where did your avatar come from?

    1. Lilaina
    2. myrnym



      Oh, carry on then~

  5. I'm gone for ~36 hours and this shit blanket is now wide open? Wtf happened?
  6. I don't have a face big enough for this palm.
  7. Playlist I made up for the Shadowrun-ish game my friend is running:
  8. You keeping up on dat yoga & exercise? Kudos if you are! That makes Gyms kind of great for exercise. When you 'clock in', you get to stay on task without distraction. Dancing is the best way to exercise, imo. Becoming the God of Sex. Best motivation ever?
  9. JFC, I am so done wasting my time on r/wowservers and this kind of nonsense. Unsubscribed and closed. Applying even a modicum of common sense reminds us that... the vast majority of these allegations don't hold any actual evidence of anything in them. As far as being suspicious of Elysium and CF, if CF remains bot & seller free, then I don't even care what crap Elysium gets up to at this point. Throwing all my eggs into the CF basket and calling it a day.
  10. Disappointed to see top CF posters full of such vitriol.
  11. Now wondering if Asura is more than Darkrasp's senpai and if embarrassment is a kink here...
  12. Respect for your opinions is rapidly diminishing based on your disrespect toward @Darkrasp. You've made your point several times over, as noted, why hammer away at it like this? New posts are for new information and new opinions. Not reduxing yourself over and over.