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  1. At yeast I don't knead to butter up any buns here, you're all knaffed out albready.
  2. You'll want to be a lot more precise.
  3. I agree with you 300%, but the popular disdain for "custom" (fucking ugh) will likely prevent it from happening. There are so many great unused assets, it's honestly a damn shame that the overwhelming response isn't "YES PLEASE" to using them. We could have WoW++ instead of just mostly Blizzlike. Alack and alas.
  4. Yer doin it wrng den
  5. Kind of a Horde ghost town atm, based on the forums.
  6. Ty for the response and effort on the spoiler notes. Much appreciated. Not sure why people type so many things as 'sjw'.
  7. Huh?
  8. What frustrations?
  9. Tank / Raid Lead / MVP
  10. I like open source. You miss my point. Asura is ostensibly against others profiting from his hard work. I agree and disagree with his position there. If he delivers as promised, I won't argue the point, given the hobbyist work involved. If there does end up being a cash shop, or even with just donations really, I hope he practices the pure transparency that was recently suggested on r/wowservers. We can hope for a lot of things and get shit all, though.
  11. You're making a lot of presumptions over this amounting to cohesive jumps forward in the pserver scene. Scattered play and improvements are much more likely. The only guaranteed thing here, really, is seeing what Nost did and relating any improvements back to the stock cmangos. Everyone who forks from there can do the exact same closed code special we've seen over and over again. This isn't a grandiose step forward in a united open source community unless that falls under Elysium, another project lead, or more individuals band together otherwise. I do hope it amounts to what you're dreaming at here, but I'll remain skeptical. And thus we're back to /salute.
  12. Much of what you said was very Ely specific. You're still assuming a perfect implementation and maintaining of open sourcing on Elysium's part. Hopefully it'll turn into some useful results for the community at large, but the baseline here is Elysium - not a great start for anything but population numbers, and pulling together a wide swathe of contributors in an efficient and positive outcome isn't a walk in the park. Which again has us looking at the project lead. Optimism and the cool ethics of open source don't eliminate these factors.
  13. Well if you're going to dig, I've been involved in lots of open source code shares and modding. But disastrous project leads and contributors *don't help*, *don't participate* and sap morale from everyone else surrounding them. Even if Elysium has 100 server members like you, it guarantees literally nothing on the part of Elysium's team. Check your inane assumptions before you wreck yourself, bruh.
  14. Just going to repeat myself here, so /salute.