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  1. Uh, unexpected first. And thumbs up.
  2. jc kill it with fire
  3. We're looking at playing vanilla, we clearly don't know what good graphics are.
  4. Yeah they planned a sequel but it didn't pan out, got canned or something, but GW1 guys
  5. Guys I heard Guild Wars had good writing maybe we should play that
  6. Omg the wait, it slays
  7. I'm going to guess the answer is 'Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah', but if there was sufficient interest from the player base... would you consider implementing custom 'just for fun' events like the Micro-Holidays in retail? The design ethic being 'here's something fun that doesn't affect game balance / loot / etc in any way'.
  8. I'd join <Elicas' Cutters>
  9. Fast-forwarding to TBC is nowhere near the same thing as playing retail. Troll elsewhere.
  10. They want to do several expansions and do them all with the same near-perfectionist attitude. Reason enough for them to do so. One could also say that all Vanilla servers die around AQ, or after Naxx. What use is there in leaving a vanilla server open for 3+ years? The people leave of their own accord, to a large extent.
  11. Will there be consideration of community 'events' or 'give aways' of TCG items since there won't be an "item shop" of any kind?
  12. He made his own biases very clear. That's a hallmark of excellent critics. Honesty and transparency.
  13. Why are you so rude? They just gave their opinion. Seems like you're hunting for validation.