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  1. Or have better things to do. xo
  2. You look so cute with your head buried in the sand. Have fun.
  3. Internal discord leaks abound, it's not hard to pull up a pile of shit on their wrongs. Hell, you don't have to look any further than Asura/Crestfall nigh immediately pulling the plug on LGN (aka partnering with Elysium) to know how terrible this is. Elysium leads are all about spin. You don't need to spin anything if you're only here 'for the love of the game'.
  4. The lead Crestfall dev never cared about us plebs, and the rest vary, but have little control or ability to manage things anyhow. Elysium is trash, and this isn't news, so there's nothing cunty about seeing the garbage fire starting here.
  5. Other games.
  6. @Darkrasp So long, and thanks for all the fish.
  7. What comes out of the end of this isn't going to be the Crestfall hoped for. And in the hands of Elysium ownership, the odds of this being as DOA as the LGN for everything asked for and desired from Crestfall skyrockets.
  8. 'Elysium owned and run.' Elysium owned and run. Doesn't seem like you really understand what's happening, bruh.
  9. Elysium ownership >> how long do you think any of your intentions will last? This isn't a legal, binding contract or business deal.
  10. RIP Crestfall, RIP Private WoW servers. Only way you could possibly save face at this point is publically releasing the code so that we could hope (ha) some non-awfuls do a better job than Elysium ever, ever will. But I don't see that happening. Least I can delete my bookmark and save time no longer checking into this dead project.
  11. Uh, unexpected first. And thumbs up.
  12. Gon wrck u
  13. jc kill it with fire
  14. We're looking at playing vanilla, we clearly don't know what good graphics are.