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  1. The only thing that doesn't add up about the meeting was the fact that Nost gave their core/database to Elysium some months later...you'd think (as I did) that the meeting was purely to prevent them from releasing or touching it ever again etc. by adding "we know your faces and where you live" to the threats.
  2. guide

    I would've said the opposite myself...if you go BM for lvling, slower pets benefit more from the attack speed talent.
  3. Funny thing is, pallies did have a taunt...it's called Righteous Defense. (and I distinctly remember using it in 2006 during my pally's one and only instance run, he was a lvl 20 bank toon)
  4. I came here because it was the only hope of a PvE server following the death of Nost...when it came back under Elysium I was torn between resuming on there, and waiting for CF. (a toss-up between lower quality lvling now or higher quality lvling later) In the end, RL intervened in the form of moving house (from a crap town to a good city), which I knew would lead to new hobbies and kick vanilla raiding into touch for good. (plus I was still concerned that CF's accelerated raid schedule would screw me over in terms of finding a guild and gearing up etc. due to RL slowing down my ride to 60). So I decided to cut my losses, resume lvling my hunter (from 40) over Chrimbo and raid on my lock for a little while until the move took place in Feb. (which had the expected outcome...I go out more than I stay in now, so I quit raiding and eventually the game) I still miss it from time to time, but I know I cannot go back. However I've still been watching, wanting this server to succeed, and it'd be a shame if this promising PvE community doesn't get to exist now.
  5. That's engineering for you...those [Copper Tube]s don't half malfunction sometimes
  6. Threads like this make me miss my enh shammy from pre-WoD retail
  7. If there was no world chat, gold sellers would simply stay/move to trade chat. Or simply spam their own channel invites, which is what they're currently doing on Nost 2. (so the devs will need to combat this too) But there needs to be some kind of global chat, just for the sake of forming groups. (even if it's the old LFG channel instead of Nost's world chat)
  8. Which won't work on CF.
  9. And therein lies the irony...after the initial outburst at releasing the PvE server last, come the actual launch day it ends up being released first.
  10. Professions are all part of the epic journey to vanilla 60, so I do them as I go along. It is possible to level cooking to 300 without fishing (did so on Nost) but obviously easier with it.
  11. butbutbut...with no alliance there's no world pvp
  12. bump PvE server now releasing on Dec 17th with the old PvP...good or bad for us?
  13. Oops, I meant red mobs, not players (since screech is reliant on hitting the target to take effect, unlike a bear's extra health)
  14. I'm still torn between a bear (better vs. reds) and a vulture (better vs. elites) for levelling with. (raid pets can wait until LBRS)
  15. Well...we now officially have more posts in the PvE forum than the PvP forum.