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  1. I do think that removing the battlemasters would certainly make for a more fun and authentic experience. Not only is it far more realistic to actually ride to the battlegrounds themselves, but the exclusion of battlemasters would set Crestfall apart from the rest of the vanilla servers even more. The past three servers I've played on fell to the players just afking on the battlemasters queue-to-queue; even AV befell the same fate. I distinctly remember hundreds of people gathering around the AV portal entrance the first time it happened. Having all those players congregate in one area for the same goal of slaughtering the other faction quickly leads to wars and epic battles, especially in Hillsbrad. Battlemasters take away a lot of that fun, and the older the server gets, the less people feel like traveling more than a minute to queue up for a battleground. However I do understand where the want for battlemasters comes from. But, in my opinion, having none would greatly contribute to the RPG aspect of the game, as well as immerse players further into their own world.
  2. Welcome! I hope to meet you on the field of battle, my friend! For. The. Horde.
  3. The vanilla honor system compares your total honor earned during the week to the rest of your faction, and rank is decided on your standing comparatively. From what I know, it should be available right from the start. Though I'm sure the level restrictions will be in place (e.g. max rank Sergeant until lvl 20+). I believe WSG and AB will be available from the start (correct me if I'm wrong), but I know for sure that AV will be later down the road.
  4. While I do enjoy slaying the Alliance, I bring a sense of honor to battle. As such, my guild stands for what I stand for. I've heard other members of the Horde preparing to literally slaughter entire towns, including the civilians. When we are so much as close to civilians and even low levels, I always call to avoid cleaving/AoE attacks. We never camp people very long, if at all. Overall I just enjoy playing the game with friends, and I want other people to as well. No need to oppress people. At least for too long. We enjoy good fights. Slaughtering low levels isn't very appealing. I have demoted people in the past for doing that. If there's to be a label on VVV, then I want that label to involve a sense of respect and maybe... just maybe a little bit of fear.
  5. Thanks, guys! I look forward to meeting as either friend or foe on the battlefield. And the screenshot I posted is probably from the same day you saw us. Sorry about that. I think it's really cool to hear from old acquaintances, but hearing from old enemies is awesome. Best of luck to you over on Zul'Dare!
  6. We don't have an active website at the moment, however I have been working on one off and on. Right now our communication is done mainly through Discord. I can answer any questions you have either here or via direct message!
  7. Veni Vidi Vici ...is a returning small PvP-oriented guild from the olden days of Kronos 1. We’re known to prefer a smaller, close amount of people who want to have a ton of fun on their adventures throughout the Vanilla world. What are our goals? Simply put: our primary goal is just to have as much fun as we possibly can together as a team while destroying the opposing faction. We focus mainly on the aspect of world PvP to accomplish this! The death of Nostalrius and the slow population decline of Kronos 1 & 2 showed us that nothing on these Vanilla servers lasts forever - at least not for long. So with that in mind, we set out to have as much blood-splattered fun possible everyday scouring the world for fights to start! We took a huge population hit during the infamous DDoS attacks of Kronos 1, which severely impacted our ability to run dungeons for gear. However, this time around we hope to maintain enough of a community to actively gear up all our members and be able to have a stronger presence in the world. What do we look for in members? First off, everyone is welcome within the ranks of VVV! However, usually our main members are ones who stick with us through thick and thin; the ones who are kind, patient, and always determined to do their best (and probably the most bloodthirsty). We operate on a smaller, tighter community, rather than just amassing tons of people and not knowing much about each individual. Why World PvP? While wpvp isn’t the only thing we’ll be doing, it will certainly be our main focus. Vanilla is the prime for world pvp. We’re almost always out in the world looking for battles. Of course we do battlegrounds (oh yes, bring it on AV!), however we never got enough gear or members to actively run premades back on Kronos 1. This is definitely something we would do in the future if our size allows. All in all, some great memories came from the experience we created on Kronos 1. If we were camping someone - or being camped ourselves - it didn’t matter. The fun we had seemed endless. Additional Notes Our PvP fun will start immediately! A large portion of Vanilla is in the journey of leveling, and we plan to take full advantage of that right from the start. Contribution and activity-based ranking system within the guild Regular scheduled events, such as world tours; also a lot of unscheduled, on-the-fly battles and events. We revolve around patience and kindness and working as a team (this should be obvious). Active voice and text chat (Discord) even when you can’t be online. As a guild we aim to maintain a fun and healthy environment; why else do we play the game? Because we don’t have a large amount of members, our tactics generally involve more guerrilla-style warfare with a huge sense of comradery. Movements are usually executed more precise and the group has to stick together at all times. You know the deal. All in all, we love what we do and hope we can get more Vanilla players to join us. The community we form while slaying innumerable Alliance is such a great thing. Here’s to creating and sharing a ton of new memories and fun! Contact me if you have any questions or are interested in joining!
  8. I'm super excited and so happy to get involved with this server! I can't wait to enjoy Vanilla all over again.