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  1. Crest train runs on whole grain, baby. WOO WOO
  2. Eyy, grats Ghostly!
  4. Sup d00d, you came to the right place. A word of warning, though: History repeats itself. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of innocent young adults have had their academic performance suffer as a result of WoW addiction. If you're lucky, the server will launch during your Christmas break, and you can go ham during the first few weeks. Otherwise, ye be warned. ... Wet blanket aside, welcome
  5. Some people, believe it or not, take great pride and joy in their role of gathering or crafting for the guild. Gathering itself usually isn't an issue at all; A few volunteers pitch in, and if it's not quite enough, the GM buys the rest from the AH or tradechat offers using guild bank funds. Making professions (alchemy) even less worthwhile and purposeful is sure to dishearten many, not to mention the economic destruction that was mentioned earlier. Maybe it's not actively, enthusiastically "fun", but that sense of meaningful purpose is certainly a critical element to the game and what some (a minority of, but still) players take very seriously. If you somehow form a whole raiding guild of people that strongly dislike gathering and crafting, that's just bad luck -- but you can still hire other people who need gold to do that work for you.
  6. Ooh! Loch Modan! Hands down! The level pacing of the questlines are horrendous. You have to leave and come back to be able to get the next set of quests like four times (to where? WESTFALL). Bingles's fucking missing supplies. "LFG Mercenaries WANTED: Chok'sul". Troggs that heal, lightning bolt, and spawn directly on top of you inside caves, with only more of them waiting outside (already respawned). Enraging troggs. Escort missions. Snooty blood elves. Timed quests! Spiders! THIS GUY But I love it. It's a beautiful zone with beautiful music and beautiful dwarves. It teaches you all the lessons you need - the hard way. And if it gets to you, you can always just step back and enjoy the comfiest fishing in Azeroth. Least favourite's gotta be Stonetalon. Completely terrible in all ways. I wish it was more Deadwind Pass-y. As in, you just pass through. Maybe some quests to take you there, but none to keep you there. Might as well be named "The Big Alliance Honour Farm Chokepoint" or "The Grand Corridor of Spirit Breaking so You Actually Look Forward to Desolace." desolace is pretty sweet though.
  7. I would care about what others do with the leaked code, I don't quite believe that leaked core/code = inexorable hackers/exploiters every time (I would at least have to wait and see, I wouldn't quit immediately), but I would not keep playing just because I've put time in - in the case that the leak did result in devastating exploits or some other catastrophe. So admittedly, that only leaves me with the "stock mangoes" option that seems to be a joke. I mean, it's natural to seek out and only commit to the "better" server, right? That's what we're all doing. The "better server" stipulation is the key, though. I'm sticking to Crestfall mainly because of the administration's ethic and fair judgement. I trust the team on what they say they'll do, and also with my limited time on this earth. Could a Vanilla/PTE server with a better staff, a better population, better quality, and better security than CF pop into existence as a result of a code leak? I highly doubt that.
  8. The valiance! The gallantry! The resolve! Ah, well, anyway, thank you. For the post, and your continued work. It's gonna be great, I promise. All smiles. Special /wave to the core devs and scripters and the rest who - do they even read the forums? They're a quiet bunch. I can only imagine what they've made of all of this, if anything! Stay strong.
  9. I believe the lack of dev presence and officiality (is that a word?) is deterrence enough for randos who would want nothing other than attention. There's a lot less fun to be had in shitposting when you know you're not annoying anyone important. I imagine that people who are off that deep end anyway would be dealt with since... they probably have no legitimate interest in or are a member of Crestfall/the forums? Keeping the link contained to the forums helps with this too. Anywho, I support it. Sounds like a cool place to make friends before launch!
  10. Also posting in favour of Winauth. It's just about flawless, so long as you read everything and be mindful of it if you're reinstalling your OS or formatting. As long as you don't check the box for "Encrypt to only be usable on this computer", you can put it anywhere. GG EZ.
  11. I'm positive you'll find some real mates very soon after the server launches. Thank you for your story, and welcome!
  12. Guards using knockback rifles!
  13. I always do research on racial names so the one I give to my character will be in accordance with the lore. It's mostly a habit from roleplaying, but you better believe I look down my nose at anyone who doesn't do the same! My forum name here was the name of my femdorf priest on another server. I thought: Dwarf, right? They carve their homes in mountains. Stoneform. Boulder. Boulda. Easy! As simple and stupid as it is, it's now very close to my heart. And every time Prophecy or Transcendence shoulders dropped, my pals shouted BOULDA SHOULDAS until the lootcouncil finally decided it was my turn. I think it was the perfect fit. My main on Crestfall is going to have the name of a Diablo 2 runeword, which is luckily lorefriendly to the race as well. Of course I won't say any more, but, I think it's an excellent source of inspiration if you can find one that describes your character's planned specialization.
  14. This whole scenario is focused on the context of a 5man dungeon, right? In that case, no, this is not necessarily true at all, even if the warrior is prot spec. Personally, I prefer a paladin or a druid as a tank in dungeons. Still a questionable claim, again, even if the priest is holy spec. I won't argue with that at the moment, though. It sounds like you're trying to enforce stricter rules by having two slots of a five-man party be required to be a warrior and a priest, while a hybrid class would be hanging around for "offtanking" or "offhealing". The traditional roles have become standard because they work. Of course, tradition can lead people to become close-minded, and people can extrapolate from them too far and ignore perhaps better configurations in some circumstances, but it's not like people just stick to them because they're mean, boring, or stupid. And not only do they work, but they do not go beyond what is necessary. Does a 5man dungeon need more than one tank? Does a 5man dungeon need more than one healer? Usually, no, unless one of those two players aren't good enough to fulfill that role. In that case, or if disaster strikes (too huge of a pull, someone D/Cs), then there's nothing stopping a "DPS", who also happens to be a hybrid class, to start healing. Tanking on the fly is a bit more difficult however. A "DPS" druid can do it, assuming they know how to. A "DPS" paladin cannot do it unless they, for some reason, have consecration (and it would still be difficult if they did not begin the fight as the tank, because they have no taunt). A "DPS" shaman has similar prerequisite woes, and they too do not have a taunt. But, in a normal scenario that people are prepared for, Druids, Paladins, and yes, even Shamans can tank (5man dungeons). I've even personally seen a warlock do Mauradon! Although, paladins and shamans need a bit more talent and gear investment (easily stashed in bags). In the case of healing, all one needs is healing spells and int/spirit gear. I believe vanilla WoW class balance is already as profound as you're trying to make it! The only issues, as I see it, is convincing people that the most popular class/role configurations are not absolute law, and teaching people who play hybrid classes how to aware of their potential. There's an important caveat to that, however. Being flexible requires skill and experience. All hybrid classes, assuming they are good enough, already fulfill this "support" role, as long as they have the appropriate gear sets on hand. But, more often than not, simply they do not need to deviate from the role that they entered the instance as. I've been a healer, and watching a hybrid start healing people instead of dealing the damage they need to deal when I've got everything under control, is annoying and even more dangerous to the group. I'm sorry if I misinterpreted your argument.
  15. I would agree with Cell. Global chats, which do change how a realm functions and develops, are pretty much necessary for lower population servers. The answer to why high-pop ones have them feels like just convention. While it definitely has its uses, these uses are not necessarily unique, nor blizzlike, and the channel can be safely assumed to become dumpsters in a high-pop server. In such a case, a lot of people would just leave it. Then, it would become more pointless. By itself, it's also a kind of meta-entity that acts as a reminder that you're not exactly on an authentic WoW server. Crestfall may do well to have a global channel, or it may not, depending on the size of the crowd -- but this is a difficult choice because it can only be made based on the devs' personal judgement... That said, I am very fond of their sense of judgement (so far). OP's suggestion sounds like my ideal, but I wouldn't be too quick to say it's the healthiest yet.