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  1. 5$ absolute maximum, with a 3/6/12 month discount. The game already exists. It was made 14 years ago. I would not be supporting the people who originally made it, only the people who've just now gone back on a decade of their stubborn lies about it being impossible. 5$ is just about as much as I regularly pay for old early 2000s RPGs. No way to be sure they won't screw with it. 5$ a month is what I'd donate to CF. We're not going to relive our past, or what we've been told that past was like. That's not what this hypothetical subscription will get us. Essentially, the subscription will be for a more stable private server, which could very well turn out to be a funserver. I can't, in good conscience, desire to play it for free, but at the same time I don't want to think thrice when I give them my credit card information again. Any private server that asks you to pay upfront to log in is suspect at best. ...This post just reeks "I hate video games" but I don't feel this way for no reason.
  2. Yeah, nah. At this point, even if I don't have the hard evidence, I trust the CF team to make a more legitimate, pre-nerf, well researched vanilla WoW than Blizzard itself. This is to say nothing of whatever monkey business the shareholders will pull, or any "quality of life" bullshit. I bet you all I own that enough crying will get people an inch - and then a mile, eventually. If CF turns out to be everything it's made itself out to be, and even includes those MC and BWL buffs (have people forgotten about this, or the general difficulty increase? I thought this was an important selling point), I believe that the only thing going against CF would be the fact that it could be shut down one day. Maybe population. So, more waiting. Mooooore waiting.
  3. yo. god bless.
  4. Unrelated, but I really hope any pserver historians are catching all of this. I'd love to relive it in a documentary when I'm 50. To the team: I believe in you. We all (still) do, deep down, I think. Take your next steps slowly and steadily. I mean that encouragingly, not, uh, threatening. <3
  5. One would expect some kind of statement, wouldn't they? Bit of a meet and greet. I'm sure that would be appreciated, I think it's kind of a big deal. Complete silence following an announcement about new management and server absorption (and apparently a forum dissolution) is, at the very least, a little impolite. A lot of people were and still are making life plans around this project. I've checked the Elysium forums and it looks like everywhere's a ghost town at this point, in regards to CF stuff. Depressing. If an introduction from Niko does pop up anywhere, I wouldn't be the only one grateful if somebody relayed it here. Thank you.
  6. Given numerous previous statements on past events, I would say it's pretty much a guarantee that character transfers to expansion servers won't be forced. Either a Crestfall (Kul'Tiras or Zul'Dare) vanilla server will remain behind, or they'll allow a transfer over to one of the Elysium servers. I can say that because I believe the philosophy for the Legacy Gaming Network thing was that nobody could ever transfer into CF, but CF could transfer out into Elysium in special circumstances. Here's a quote from the "Crestfall: The Next Stage" post. Here's also a quote about PvE and PvP from way back in July 2016, but hey.
  7. I recall Crogge or someone saying at one point that, in contrast to Elysium's launch, new realms could be opened within the day -- although that is a bold claim. Merging is also very possible when it's the right time. I believe the fact that Elysium kept their Zeth'Kur overflow server up for so long has bewildered people and convinced them that merging isn't easy or feasible. I'm fairly sure it's a non-issue if the administration knows what they're doing.
  8. Crest train runs on whole grain, baby. WOO WOO
  9. Eyy, grats Ghostly!
  11. Sup d00d, you came to the right place. A word of warning, though: History repeats itself. Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of innocent young adults have had their academic performance suffer as a result of WoW addiction. If you're lucky, the server will launch during your Christmas break, and you can go ham during the first few weeks. Otherwise, ye be warned. ... Wet blanket aside, welcome
  12. Some people, believe it or not, take great pride and joy in their role of gathering or crafting for the guild. Gathering itself usually isn't an issue at all; A few volunteers pitch in, and if it's not quite enough, the GM buys the rest from the AH or tradechat offers using guild bank funds. Making professions (alchemy) even less worthwhile and purposeful is sure to dishearten many, not to mention the economic destruction that was mentioned earlier. Maybe it's not actively, enthusiastically "fun", but that sense of meaningful purpose is certainly a critical element to the game and what some (a minority of, but still) players take very seriously. If you somehow form a whole raiding guild of people that strongly dislike gathering and crafting, that's just bad luck -- but you can still hire other people who need gold to do that work for you.
  13. Ooh! Loch Modan! Hands down! The level pacing of the questlines are horrendous. You have to leave and come back to be able to get the next set of quests like four times (to where? WESTFALL). Bingles's fucking missing supplies. "LFG Mercenaries WANTED: Chok'sul". Troggs that heal, lightning bolt, and spawn directly on top of you inside caves, with only more of them waiting outside (already respawned). Enraging troggs. Escort missions. Snooty blood elves. Timed quests! Spiders! THIS GUY But I love it. It's a beautiful zone with beautiful music and beautiful dwarves. It teaches you all the lessons you need - the hard way. And if it gets to you, you can always just step back and enjoy the comfiest fishing in Azeroth. Least favourite's gotta be Stonetalon. Completely terrible in all ways. I wish it was more Deadwind Pass-y. As in, you just pass through. Maybe some quests to take you there, but none to keep you there. Might as well be named "The Big Alliance Honour Farm Chokepoint" or "The Grand Corridor of Spirit Breaking so You Actually Look Forward to Desolace." desolace is pretty sweet though.
  14. I would care about what others do with the leaked code, I don't quite believe that leaked core/code = inexorable hackers/exploiters every time (I would at least have to wait and see, I wouldn't quit immediately), but I would not keep playing just because I've put time in - in the case that the leak did result in devastating exploits or some other catastrophe. So admittedly, that only leaves me with the "stock mangoes" option that seems to be a joke. I mean, it's natural to seek out and only commit to the "better" server, right? That's what we're all doing. The "better server" stipulation is the key, though. I'm sticking to Crestfall mainly because of the administration's ethic and fair judgement. I trust the team on what they say they'll do, and also with my limited time on this earth. Could a Vanilla/PTE server with a better staff, a better population, better quality, and better security than CF pop into existence as a result of a code leak? I highly doubt that.