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  1. Thanks for the update Darkrasp! I feel that this post really is putting things in motion. The team is doing some awesome work. What if someone is no expert in any particular area? I mean I leveled, cleared dungeons and raids, maxed my professions, but I'm far from having mastered any? No closed beta? :'( That I can do! Can't wait! S
  2. Evening everyone! I'm sQweegle, or S. I started played WoW vanilla as am annoying 14yo brat about a year before BC got released and stopped at WotLK. I played mostly mage and rogue, and killed my only 2 MC bosses at night when my parents where out (aah, good times, good times...). Now I'm an annoying 23yo brat and la bunch of you, I would have started playing again if it meant reliving WoW at its finest, (1.x, 2.x and 3.x!). Sadly, I couldn't find anywhere this progressive blizz-like heaven. I recently tried Kronos2 with a good friend of mine, rediscovering all the glory of vanilla. My friend is new to WoW, but he loves and knows the Warcraft lore. So much that he keeps asking me when we'll get to kill Arthas, Archimonde, Illidan and LIVE the lore! It reminds me of all the happiness I got doing exactly that, years ago. But I fell a little sadness in me knowing that we'll probably get discouraged to reroll on a new server, having to find another group of friends while abandoning another one on the previous server to raid all these bosses... Us not being the most hardcore players there is, I have to say it: CrestFall, you are our only hope!! * Dries his tears * Enough of this sad story, I hoped you all understood, I'm 200% STOKED about CF and can't wait for it to launch! More about me: I'm 23yo, live in CA, work in tech, originally from France, I'll be rolling an undead priest to heal PvE (don't you love it when a corpse keeps you alive?) or Tauren War to tank PvE. I'm sooo STOKED about CF, that although I'm pretty busy with my job, I really want to help in any way I can. I'm a decent dev, and Asura, if you see this, check your reddit inbox, I'm sure I can be of some help! Future people of CF, and staff, I'm glad to meet you! ~S