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  1. Didn't even use cannibalize to show proper disrespect. 0/10 Disliked
  2. I agree. I can see why the devs want to balance around hardcore players. It probably sucks to see some people destroy "your" (it's actually blizz) content and take away that feel of an unbeaten challenge so quickly. Nerfing buffs is the wrong way to go, though. It's taking away a way to get an edge over other people. It requires knowledge about those certain buffs, where and how to get them and it requires the player to actually go and get them. And now think about how hard it is to actually get a raid of 40 people that do all that kind of stuff. Your average guild might have 1 or 2 players that know about AND commit to doing it, but the others might not have the time or will to do it and therefor be "worse" than the top-guilds. If you nerf those buffs, that is just catering to the "casuals" (I'll use this word for now) This is what went wrong with Legion (IMO). They removed more and more stuff to give yourself an edge over the other players and now the differences between a top-player and an average one aren't THAT noticable as they were in older times. I know a lot of people will try to trivialize this by saying "Oh, well. Everyone knows about this now" You're wrong. People here are always linking Top-End guilds speedruns and achievements and don't look at the bigger picture. I don't know how buffing the bosses would play out but keep in mind that buffing bosses also hurts the average joe. When even the Top% guild struggles, the average guilds will have NO chance whatsoever to clear any boss at all. Again, people here are trivializing way too much and think that each and every person knows about those buffs just because most people in this thread do. Don't forget that the majority of players don't even bother to use the forums except for maybe activating their account. Seriously, watching NOPE destroy BWL doesn't mean anything for the average guild. It's like you and your friends watching speedrunners break MegaMan or BattleToads and you think the game would be as easy for you / others. You think other people have the same knowledge and perserverance as NOPE / any top guild ever but that's just not the reality. I, personally don't mind MC / BWL being cleared sub-90 minutes. It doesn't affect me at all. That's the reason why I enjoy Vanilla. The players who are willing to put in time & effort get rewarded, but it doesn't have any real effect on the average players. Just for the proof of the existance of "average" joes, here's a video of one for a change Those guys turned in Ony & Hakkar quest and still wiped and cancelled the raid later. World buffs don't have a real impact on players being bad (Sorry if you watch this whoever made this video). Just please stop acting like world buffs and flasks / elixirs are totally trivial and used by everyone. As I mentioned above, you might have 1-2 guys who knows whats up and help out with the buffs and strategy, but by no means does everyone know about it. And this 1-2 guys aren't enough to carry the entire raid. Always keep the "core" of RPGs in mind. Why do people play RPGs? First of all to play a role that they obviously aren't in real life. People like to play their classes for various reasons in different RPGs, not just WoW, and that's one point why RPGs are a thing. The other MAJOR thing is the feel of progression. You start as a newbie and you gain satisfaction with every step of progression your character makes. It's the reason why WoW or RPGs in general are so addictive. With every level, talent point, profession point, new recipe... basically EVERY little improvement of your character gives you satisfaction and makes you feel good. Why are people doing lowlvl runs in FF VI? Because they want to min-max their character. Why are people rolling certain races or try to find out the best possible way of spending their points? They want to min-max their character. It's a thing that people enjoy doing. Logically obtaining flasks, elixirs, cheesy trinkets & items for PvP, gives you an edge over others as well. It's a form of progression, too. It might be hard to believe but there are players out there that ENJOY having to farm for that stuff. They want to max out their character no matter how little the effect might be. Nerfing ways of progression hurts the RPG in the long run. (Hence the regular outcries on blizz' forums in WoD. You basically had nothing to do to improve your character outside of raiding since Engineering, World buffs etc etc all got disabled or removed, you had no reason to go outside anymore, and those people obsessed with progression became frustrated) IMO players who want to spend time to improve their character should be able to do so and should be rewarded for it. I read Nether's argument of skill should take over preparation, but you have come to the wrong game if you think that way. Vanilla rotations (if any) aren't exactly complex and very easy to pick up. Yes. you have some things you can do but the great impact on your performance will always be preparation and strategy. "Skill" in terms of mechanical skill and rotations were a thing introduced later in WoW, but Vanilla is the wrong place if you want complex mechanics. Not saying there isn't ANY skill, but it's not comparable to, say, feral / affliction playstyle back in MoP raiding. You ofc have to know your class a bit, but knowing how to deal with everything in the instance and being prepared is the most vital step. (Coming from someone who scored top% parses on Feral in WoD and was involved with all the theorycrafting regarding MoP / WoD priorities. It's not like I don't appreciate having and acquiring skill, but vanilla is just not the game where it mattered that much) TL;DR Not everyone knows about those buffs / elixirs / flasks. Not everyone commits to getting those kind of buffs. Buffs won't make the difference in the end, it will just hurt the players who enjoy that kind of min-max progression. There is no way NOONE will be displeased by any changes you make. Changing buffs will also hurt average joe in a minor way. Changing bosses will also make them harder for everyone else. Even though, I agree, if you want to make any change at all, then change the bosses. By the time the hardcore raiders try it, a lot of the "casual" players will not even be 60 and not be bothered by those changes. I don't think you should touch buffs at all. Not even the limit of 5 per instance. Let hardcore guilds do what they do best. Slipryyy, Surveillance and Adelinemdr pretty much said everything else. (Page 1) Old thread, but I feel this is an important topic to talk about. I absolutely agree with Adelinemdr. You shouldn't touch on things players can do to get advantages, because that will just get you on the same road that blizz took with their game. (And the reason why I'm playing private servers over Legion)
  3. The classic ninjalooter video
  4. Gothic series Might & Magic VII (not heroes) Sometimes Overwatch Various VN
  5. I'm amazed that the hunter got the corrupted Ashbringer.
  6. This. It's also not set in stone if Nostlysium will do as they said. The uproar might cause a change of plans. I think they should scrap the idea of bringing back the old characters all together, but meh. And what speaks against PvE + PvP Server to be released at the same point of time?
  7. Post your favourite WoW Movies here, not necessarily vanilla ones. I'll start with a vanilla one I found again recently regarding rogues in Classic. http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=245594
  8. No Antarctica either.
  9. Paladin. Cure disease aka cancer / aids and whatnot
  10. Just for reference http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=44550&start=40 A lot has been edited / deleted, but check for yourself. The first 40 pages are rant and disappointment, after the announcement they'd get their characters back, they're all nice again.
  11. You have to look at it from a future perspective. Even when Nostalrius released a lot of people had already invested their time in their Feenix (or whatever) toons but Nostalrius still managed to become the most populated server. For several reasons. You have to remember that a lot of people who went to Nostalrius were newcomers, people who were bored / annoyed with feenix (other servers), and people who didn't invest much time in their toons to begin with and as you mentioned the people who came for quality. For the same reason there's a high chance CF will gain a lot of players as well. By the time CF is finished, the same thing will happen again. You will yet again attract newcomers, people who want a fresh start, people who want to be "veterans", people coming for quality, people coming because of hype etc etc. Also, players who lost touch with their guilds might not want to play on Nostalrius again and want to try on a new adventure like they did before on Nostalrius to find new friends to play with. Long story short, if enough time passes and enough hype is generated, CF will attract at least enough players to offer a lively world to play in.
  12. Relaxing & Nostalgia
  13. Don't know if I will roll mage or rogue. Rogue has a lot going for it, especially the good-looking sets. Then again I like controlling the fight in skirmishes in PvP as a mage. Rough decision.
  14. Still can't decide if I want to roll mage or rogue.