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  1. Before I started to give my characters immersive names I quite often just turned the name of the class around lol Priest: Tseirp etc Oh, and I got a few Dreadlocks ofc .... .. .. (7 in RL, 2 in WoW :P) And if you want to take the risk of getting reported: Holyshit for Holy priests höhö
  2. I actually did not buy the PC I posted the link for. https://www.agando-shop.de/product_info.php/info/p108416 - I bought this one (with Windows 10 its 640 euros) @MadeByRockets : I really have no Idea what exactly are you talking about However, I think (hope) that the PC I now bought will last a bit. I don´t mind what settings I can play most games at, I just want to play them ^^ And yeah, as I said; If I would buy single parts I would most likely break something, so I´m fine to pay a little bit more if its already built haha
  3. I actually found a system with the combination you told me haha I3 7100 2x 3,9GhZ and GTX 1060, but with 3gb - I think that should do it for me now tho 8 GB RAM and a MSI H110M ECO, Intel H110-Motherboard For 640 Euros (including Windows 10) I checked a bit and I think it was quite a good offer, at least for my Budget since I really can´t afford more atm
  4. Well, thanks for the awnsers. I just ordered a PC, so It doesnt really matter anymore until I got money again
  5. Yeaaah, I know that it is much cheaper to build your own PC, but in my case .. well I bet things would be broken by even looking at them. I might buy some upgrades in the future when I got the money, but for now I just want to have a simple solution where I cannot break anything! Thanks anyways Edit: and besides, I have no Idea which parts are good, and which arent ... Thats why I don´t know if the prebuilt PC I want to buy is good enough for the newer games
  6. Hey guys, I have no Idea who to ask, so I will ask here Im planning to get a new PC since I´m afraid my laptop may explode... I would like to play modern games aswell, so it needs to be quite okay. Precisely I want to play Kingdom come: Deliverance. https://www.kingdomcomerpg.com/ As you may figuered by now, Im a complete noob regarding PC specs so I really need some advice .. and my budget is very low So far I have found this one: https://www.agando-shop.de/product_info.php/info/p108457 -- The site is in german only unfortunatly so I will just post the main Ingredients : Mainboard: MSI 970 Gaming, AMD 970 Processor: AMD FX-4300 overclocked 4x 4,5GHz Graphics: Nvidea Geforce GTX1050 TI 4gb, Palit StormX 8 GB RAM, while a firend got 2x 2GB which I can have Will I be able to play most of the "newer" games with it? Most importantly Kingdom come - I also don´t mind if i cannot play on highest settings, I just need to play it. And besides, for a total of 630 euros, is it a fair price? Greetings, buddhaseyes PS: And thanks in advance
  7. What bothers me the most is that anything I look up in the internet (or, well, google at least) is fitting my previous searches, results and stuff I clicked on. .. Since my english is all too good Im kind of struggling to explain this in more detail haha What I mean is for example: I google "music" and find, lets say, some good Reggae and I really like it so I listen to it more often. The next time I will google music my results would be full of Reggae so I don´t really have a chance to find any other music which I could eventually like. I feel like I´m getting caught in a bubble (and hearthstone on CD!) with no way to get out and gather new opinions, news or whatever. A small real life example: Some people in my country were protesting against TTIP (some freetrading arrangement between us and USA) and I had no idea what it actually was. So I tried to look it up but the results were mostly far left winged articles (cause thats pretty often my opinion) how super bad TTIP is and how it destroys our economy and what not, but no words of any facts to underline or explain this. (I mean, in fact I found out what was so bad about it, but it took me quite long) Greetings, Buddhaseyes
  8. Hello! There has been a threat about this and someone of the stuff said that it will be detected by their anticheat. (If the anticheat is already implemented) can some of the beta testers try it out? Cause it is a nice and refreshing look in comparison to all those vanilla pixels ^^ http://www.model-changing.net/blogs/blog/65-release-improved-models-for-112/ Greetings, Buddhaseyes
  9. "I kill two gnomes in da mornin´, I kill two gnomes ina di night, me a kill two gnomes befor a me kill two gnomes ... and then .. I kill two moar!" (Yes, me changed da text, mon, but a di dwarf a me second fevourite race mon!)
  10. Hey I posted it in the big "Non-blizzlike-features-planned?" thread but thought I´d spam all the forums! So, what do you think about implementing tbc onwrads swimming mechanics into vanilla? (if it even is, under justified amounts of work, possible) I think it would be a nice quality of life change with no downsides at all Greetings, Buddhaseyes Edit: Vanilla swimming mechanics: Basically the same as walking; w a s d, so if you want to swimm down you need to use the right mouse button, if you swim up you can either use the mouse button or jump (The jump tho is displayed as a "normal jump", which I find kind of annoying to look at under water :P) In tbc (or lter, not sure) they just adapted the flying mechanics for underwater; so you could swim up or down with keys and you wouldnt "jump" anymore but just swim upwards. It is a really minor thing and I just wanted to throw it into the room^^
  11. Hello Crestfall will start with vanilla and will progress through the expansions (at least wotlk afaik).
  12. To be honest (at least from what I have seen on other p-servers), I dont think they "chose" the number 5. Most dungeons are open for 10 people, and as far as I can see you can complete most dungeons with 3-4 people aswell. I guess the players made the number up because 5 players are the max for still completing quests and the more people come, the easier it is. What I REALLY wonder is, who came up with the Idea that forsaken should have a breathing animation? tz tz tz .. Greetings!
  13. If you want to actually explore the alpha: http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-emulator-servers/wow-emu-general-releases/328101-world-of-warcraft-classic-alpha-client-2003-a.html Go take a look at Ironforge <3 (I really, really hate Blizzard for the change to Ironforge! It was so amazing in the alpha!) PS: I cannot assure 100% that this download is safe and stuff, but I did not have any problems afterwards
  14. Wtb Dwarf warlock T.T
  15. I would really like to see TBC onwards swimming mechanics. It totally ruins my immersion jumping around under water Greetings, Buddhaseyes