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  1. What bothers me the most is that anything I look up in the internet (or, well, google at least) is fitting my previous searches, results and stuff I clicked on. .. Since my english is all too good Im kind of struggling to explain this in more detail haha What I mean is for example: I google "music" and find, lets say, some good Reggae and I really like it so I listen to it more often. The next time I will google music my results would be full of Reggae so I don´t really have a chance to find any other music which I could eventually like. I feel like I´m getting caught in a bubble (and hearthstone on CD!) with no way to get out and gather new opinions, news or whatever. A small real life example: Some people in my country were protesting against TTIP (some freetrading arrangement between us and USA) and I had no idea what it actually was. So I tried to look it up but the results were mostly far left winged articles (cause thats pretty often my opinion) how super bad TTIP is and how it destroys our economy and what not, but no words of any facts to underline or explain this. (I mean, in fact I found out what was so bad about it, but it took me quite long) Greetings, Buddhaseyes
  2. Hello! There has been a threat about this and someone of the stuff said that it will be detected by their anticheat. (If the anticheat is already implemented) can some of the beta testers try it out? Cause it is a nice and refreshing look in comparison to all those vanilla pixels ^^ http://www.model-changing.net/blogs/blog/65-release-improved-models-for-112/ Greetings, Buddhaseyes
  3. "I kill two gnomes in da mornin´, I kill two gnomes ina di night, me a kill two gnomes befor a me kill two gnomes ... and then .. I kill two moar!" (Yes, me changed da text, mon, but a di dwarf a me second fevourite race mon!)
  4. Hey I posted it in the big "Non-blizzlike-features-planned?" thread but thought I´d spam all the forums! So, what do you think about implementing tbc onwrads swimming mechanics into vanilla? (if it even is, under justified amounts of work, possible) I think it would be a nice quality of life change with no downsides at all Greetings, Buddhaseyes Edit: Vanilla swimming mechanics: Basically the same as walking; w a s d, so if you want to swimm down you need to use the right mouse button, if you swim up you can either use the mouse button or jump (The jump tho is displayed as a "normal jump", which I find kind of annoying to look at under water :P) In tbc (or lter, not sure) they just adapted the flying mechanics for underwater; so you could swim up or down with keys and you wouldnt "jump" anymore but just swim upwards. It is a really minor thing and I just wanted to throw it into the room^^
  5. Hello Crestfall will start with vanilla and will progress through the expansions (at least wotlk afaik).
  6. To be honest (at least from what I have seen on other p-servers), I dont think they "chose" the number 5. Most dungeons are open for 10 people, and as far as I can see you can complete most dungeons with 3-4 people aswell. I guess the players made the number up because 5 players are the max for still completing quests and the more people come, the easier it is. What I REALLY wonder is, who came up with the Idea that forsaken should have a breathing animation? tz tz tz .. Greetings!
  7. If you want to actually explore the alpha: http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-emulator-servers/wow-emu-general-releases/328101-world-of-warcraft-classic-alpha-client-2003-a.html Go take a look at Ironforge <3 (I really, really hate Blizzard for the change to Ironforge! It was so amazing in the alpha!) PS: I cannot assure 100% that this download is safe and stuff, but I did not have any problems afterwards
  8. Wtb Dwarf warlock T.T
  9. I would really like to see TBC onwards swimming mechanics. It totally ruins my immersion jumping around under water Greetings, Buddhaseyes
  10. I´m still undecided between Druid (Night elf) or Warlock. Both are pretty rare classes so I don´t have a problem with that My biggest problem tho is the Race for Warlock, I don´t like any of them. ... ... I wish there would be dwarf or troll warlocks Guess I have to wait till cata hehe.
  11. Wow! Thanks for the (super) fast response! Very good, very good indeed! Greetings, Buddhaseyes
  12. First off: Great job! Really. The "cracking" of the formula is amazing. I still don´t understand the logical mind behind such discoveries lol. However, please don´t take this as an attack or anything, but if I am right, the mobs shouldn´t stand inside each other but gather around you in a (half)circle? Just to make sure! Greetings, Buddhaseyes
  13. I would really like a minor change: It really IS minor and useless, but it would be a great change of life for druids (at least for me ). When you ctrl-click an item to look how it looks while you are in one of the druid forms (or ghost wolf as a shaman) you will only see your current form in the tab, it kind of bugged me throughout the leveling and it would be amazing if you could see your "humanoid" form no matter what animal you are atm. Greetings, Buddhaseyes
  14. Hey I can tell you my experience so far. I am playing a Shaman on another project atm (level 46) and I´m Enhancer with 2h weapon and Windfury. It CAN be a bit frustrating if you have a downtime on Windfury, sometimes you need alot of patience. But on the other hand, it is a damn good feeling if you get a procc ;). It is just random, but I like it. Sometimes mobs take a few seconds, sometimes hours. Most of the times I am pulling 2+ mobs so I don´t get bored while waiting on a procc. In a PvP enviroment .. I am actually killing everything if I have about 50%+ mana, you can literally onehit every clothie (just don´t forget to purge Demon Armor from WLs / Shields of mage or Priests). Rogues are the only ones I got problems with though. Long story short: It feels a bit slow, try not to use all your mana on a mob so you avoid drinking downtime to make it even slower. But if you get one or more good windufry proccs ... Fuck yes, thats a good feeling! (especially oneshotting mages ) Although, I always bothered to farm the best weapon for my level, that ofc makes it alot more fun^^ Greetings, Buddhaseyes
  15. Sorry, I didn´t read all the other awnsers yet. Too eager to awnser myself! Sorry, my english is not the best Sorry, for all the sorrys In my opinion this is exactly the problem! The "the only way to do it, is to do it right"-mentality... Maybe those 39 other people can have fun while wiping? Maybe they don´t desire to finish the raid? Maybe, just maybe, they are playing the game for fun? (It reminds me of my mathematic exams in school ... I KNEW the awnser, but hell, I did not write down HOW I got the awnser: Failed.) True though, if they don´t have fun, it may be considered wasted time... Although you can also say it is time you spent learning, practicing. If this sounded harsh, it shouldnt! (Thanks for the Druid guides Elicas! I am a very big druid fan myself! :D) Greetings, Buddhaseyes