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  1. If it were up to me I'd simply let all specs be viable and give each faction Pala/Shaman in Vanilla.
  2. Fear Ward wouldn't matter if Alliance had Tremor Totem in vanilla. If they did I'm certain Human would be the go-to.
  3. I have that problem myself. Want something new, but Nelf and their animal forms look better to me, plus if I end up Balance in TBC, the smaller, purple moonkin looks better/not as stupidly oversized. I don't want a retarded orange cat form lol.
  4. I don't want to deal with legions of Rogues waiting until I'm midway through fighting 1/2 mobs before they decide to skill shot me. I like to PvE in the world and PvP in battlegrounds. I do what I want, when I want it instead of being forced to.
  5. Priest. I've always identified with it. The classic healer that can cover all situations (single, group, HoT, absorb, buff, resurrect) Not a 'badass' or exciting class, Paladins taking most of the spotlight with all of 'The Light' lore etc, so Priest is a quiet support who is always there yet rarely appreciated until he's not. As Shadow got some love I turned to it as a fun offspec. It ever so slowly got additional lore and I enjoyed the duality of the class even more along with the Psychic themes. Healing with a Ranged offspec has always been my thing, so Priest, Druid and Shaman have always held my attention. I'll be branching out into Druid come CF, and I hope I enjoy it just as much.
  6. Eff you guys. <3
  7. Get a pocket Holy Pally and enjoy lol
  8. Paladin and Warrior are the ultimate combo tbh.
  9. Welcome to purgatory.
  10. I don't really play hunter, but if I did it would be a male troll. Enjoy the animations.
  11. That's cool. I'm not bothered personally but I know alot of people want more communication/news, hungry apes they are.
  12. Nice to see. Now where's my beta invite I want a purple name! Lol
  13. Nice try. You'll never get my secret list!
  14. Or be a picky bitch like me and go Druid so you can do it all! lol
  15. Good lord I've never met anyone who's gotten that lol.