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  1. Another of a long list on reasons I won't ever play on a PvP server.
  2. Personally I love the Draenei as Priests because they were the only ones to have some shadow lore for ages. Auchenai Soulpriests ftw. (Apart from just mentioning the cult of the forgotten shadow and never doing anything with it.) I have to agree however that the females are the only acceptable choice. The goat men look dumb tbh. I've also began to appreciate Trolls more, as opposed to never ever playing one, I'd totally roll one now. Also came up with a fantastic troll name that I've never seen used. Night Elf male would be great if the shoulders were not MASSIVE. Love the Druid lore. Dwarf Female has a special place in my heart. They've been the subject of ridicule for years and honestly I don't see why. They look great and have decent animations. I'd love to see a fem dwarf Prot Pally in TBC. Tauren are....nice as tanks. I'd never roll a male tauren myself as they're just so massive and since I'm not that tall IRL I can just never see myself being the biggest person in the game, its weird of me lol. I do however have a secret love for female Tauren, again neglected and ridiculed like female Dwarves. I will be rolling one if I end up on Horde, at least I can hide in animal forms from the terrible animations. Luckily come TBC I can be a tree too.
  3. Well I'm going to have 3 characters, I'm just debating what to take first that's the best for farming mats I can feed to alts. Druid (Female Tauren), Priest (Male Undead) & Shaman. (Male Troll) I'm thinking Druid, just bank all the cloth I find to feed my Priest's tailoring with. Would be feral to farm and do dungeons as a Bear mostly, which would make it easier since ppl always want tanks. (I love healing more but I don't think I would raid for a while.) So my choices left are what profs to take? Herb/Alc or Skinning/Leatherworking. I'll have both since a Shaman alt will be there, but do you think there's any slight advantage later on (say, TBC release) to having certain profs on certain classes? (Like Alchemist stone potion increases for an ele/resto shaman over a Druid who has innervate anyway?) Priest will be my Tailor for a while, maybe ill take mining and switch to JC when TBC comes too. So many ideas! Just trying to get the best priority to make things quicker/easier.
  4. Love High Elves, but ofc they aren't playable. In every RPG since 1991 I've picked an Elf to play as, just love their lore, look and feel. Hate Gnomes. They just havent been presented as anything other than comic relief so its hard to take them seriously.
  5. They better not, I want a purple name.
  6. Ugh a PvP'er!
  7. I want to see a custom music video featuring Darkrasp.
  8. Keep up the good work!
  9. I predict a quick decent into him going power mad.
  10. Bread pun. And how are your buns?
  11. I need to shitpost more it seems!
  12. Eversong Woods for my favorite Race, rich lore and great scenery. (and history with the dead scar) It has everything I want in an RPG. The only downside are the troll bezerkers that can 2/3 hit you when they rage lol. Following these are Elwynn for its classical RPG feel, Tirisfal for its depressing lore, (to see a kingdom in ruins) and I'd say the Plaguelands history/lore is also pretty nice, even if the quests are 'kill x of y' lol. I dont play on pvp servers so STV is also nice. ^^ I really dislike Feralas for being too spread out along with Winterspring. (love the scenery but its too big and has shitty drop rates for quests)
  13. Fantastic news. Keep up the good work.
  14. Honestly I just go through one zone at a time, doing every single Q which means I end up with alot of green quests, but at least it means it's easy. If I'm UD I'll go Tirisfal > Do half of Silverpine then half of Barrens before doing the 2nd half of each. By that point I'm 20'ish and have WC's 6 quests to do. Easy going from there.
  15. https://youtu.be/9ekgdoIbAwo