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  1. Tbh if you're that undecided just pick a farm class to make your later main alot easier. (Feed it mats etc.) I've always been a Priest, but I'm switching to Druid since I want to split between Feral/Resto for vanilla, then go Balance in TBC. Will be feeding cloth to my priest alt for bags.
  2. Fine with me. Like most PvE players I enjoy Battlegrounds immensely, I just don't want to deal with ganks in the world when I'm trying to quest/farm. If anything it might boost PvE pop a little. Edit - Maybe its something best left to a vote later on, if the realms seems to do well it may not be needed. Plus I have no clue how difficult it would be to implement it.
  3. /popcorn honestly.
  4. Well this is the PvE section of the forums, so yea. lol. Its a long way off though. It's odd since I've been a Priest for 99% of my WoW life, it's like I just discovered another class I really enjoy, along with realizing how good NE males look in some armors, while getting none of the downsides by having animal forms lol. Plus I'm bad at grinding out gold, so finding out the frostsaber mount is a 100% mount that can be used with rank 1 riding.... (at least I hope CF keeps it that way lol) I spend some of my days planning out alts and what proffs would be best to take with them to compliment a main etc.
  5. Wanna farm frostsaber rep? I've never done it and wanna save gold lol
  6. Warrior is a class that just keeps getting better as they get geared. Slow start, but if everyone is willing to invest in you, Fury is always wanted. I'm pondering a Warrior alt myself. I'm dead set on NE Druid main, so its open season on an alt as no roles are 'required' or missing and I've honestly never played one as its the last type of class i'd go for lol.
  7. I had to go look up when I joined lol. In June. Weird as I thought I joined much later when news started spreading. Hope everyone has a pleasant easter.
  8. Welcome, PvE servers are indeed superior.
  9. No idea if it's the case with CF, but I did notice a few rep quests not active on Elysium, noticeably the Timbermaw quests not being up, what a boring grind that was.
  10. Pretty much this. Didn't even say they should be on par with pure dps or more. Apparently wanting to include all the shit vanilla specs is heresy and, "well that's not vanilla..." when tweaking raids wouldn't be either, not to mention the snide, "we'll you can go make your own server then!" digs. Still excited for CF. Still plan on being Feral/Resto for vanilla. Just wonder why things like broken specs can't be tweaked if other stuff is. Looking forward to playing out this custom raiding, it can get a bit boring face rolling everything since everyone has their characters pre planned and optimized.
  11. My bad. Apparently tweaking and changing raid content is needed and would be ok even if it's not the all important, 'blizzlike' but fixing classes so we can bring more than the same 4 specs would make it a 'custom' or 'fun' server.
  12. Annoying people is my specialty! *flashbacks to playing a disc priest in WSG and just spamming dispel/mana burn and nothing else*
  13. I just want tweaks to make certain specs viable. Give us boomkins in vanilla! I'm bored of the same 4 classes filling raids.