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  1. Dear community, How's the testing coming along thus far? Still way to occupied to even keep track of the forum regularly but i'm so excited for this release. Best of luck to you all and stay in touch!
  2. So my believe is: I don't think the community blames any of you guys for trying to aspire to a new level of coöperation on this one with the LGN. I mean core and scripting swaps can continou in good overview of stuff either side might have overlooked. Too bad in this case that LGN turned out to be a bunch of frauds. You never know that from the first impression so i don't think anyone should blame you guys for being involved in this matter. As a matter of fact, you guys professionally pulling out of this and bringing out the statement that some accusations were still being investigated, gave us, as a community the feeling that you guys are actually actively persuing the wishes of your community. You could've turned a blind eye, instead you guys disembarked and waited for results of the accusations. I fucking love this about you guys. If it were my say: Lets just forget about the whole LGN incident at once, erase it from our memories cause this shouldn't affect us at all. I'm so looking forward to this project and i'm thankfull you guys found the strength and courage to see this debacle through and picked up yourselves. So my fellow community people, lets look up forward to that 2017 release and make this the best Private Server Project out there (this also includes community-whise).
  3. Well with the shitstorm Elysium is dealing with right now, one starts to wonder... Most likely blizzard was yet again breathing down the necks of the Nost team. but it all seems so coïncidental. Nost backs out on Elysium, reports start showing up on Youtube and Crestfall makes an announcement about corruption being present in the Elysium team. It makes me wonder, did the Nost team also bail because they found out about the corruption? I believe it was a really good decision to directly bail out of the Elysium project once this became clear. Also, when Crestfall goes online, i believe people will leave Elysium in droves and come this way. I want to show my respect and give thanks to the Crestfall team for putting integrity above short term greed, unlike the damn Elysium team!
  4. To be honest i have allways been on a pvp realm back in the day starting from vanilla till Warlords of Draenor. With the launch of Draenor and the catastrophe around it, we were forced to guild server change on the double. We started at Sylvanas eu (pvp) and we tranfered to Nordrassil eu (pve). Some conclusions i can make out of 11 years of playtime on Retail (of which 95% on the pvp realm). -People on pvp realms are generally focused on quick results. How to get that conclusion? i've been in a couple of guilds there, it was the same in any ony of them and word spreads quick when a server is just up and running. People were on this constant promotional drive. Wanting to get raids done quicker and after epics. If neither of the 2, they mostly go for arena's and bg's and there isn't a decent conversation to be held with these sort of people, simply because they don't care what you have to say. -For most of the time if the trade channel wasn't smashed with gold sellers, you would see nothing else than people selling they're ridiculously overpriced crap or guild recruitments. Not much idle talk going on. How this is? Well for some reason i guess.. the majority of these pvp servers don't seem to intend on chatter? i have no valid answer for that myselve? too busy to do anything else maybe? -When we transfered, it would appear that the population was lower, but that gave oppertunity to do quest chains without spawn locations completely dominated by others. -People are more easy going on PvE servers, more people there are either casual or semi-hardcore. Not a whole lot of elite pve guilds that are quick with downing raids. (i say mostly, exceptions be told) My own short conclusion out of these small conclusions (lot of concluding there Azu) It would appear that the people on pvp servers are a bit more self intend. they want progression and they want it fast. Thereas the pve realms seem to harbor more gentle/laid back people that actually want to enjoy more than just quick epics. (a bit too short on the details i guess but this was my personal experience)
  5. Sucks i'm so occupied with other things otherwhise i'd sign up asap for the beta testing. Such an honor and privilege to be part of this badass upcoming server. I'm sure people will come swarming in once they take note of this!
  6. /cry give me that server!!! I feel like one of those persons waiting outside a store to open when a new expansion is released... You guys are teasing me!
  7. You guys just wait back in line, i got a first class ticket on the front row!! (ye i wish....) Can't wait for this omg!!
  8. Welcome mate, Hope you enjoy your time with us!
  9. Fantastic to see this forum is really active. Nice comments my brothers in arms! F*ck yer i can't wait. Relive vanilla?!?!?!?! HELL YE!!!! I'm certainly going to check out the guilds recruiting. Its all in the name though, so i hope there are some good named guilds around. I'll check 'm out later and really once again... Thanks for the welcome! P.s. i need to fix an avatar!
  10. Sup my fellow Crestfallen, You guys hyped as f*ck as well?! So i just recently stumbled upon this project and really really looking forward to it. Since its PTE and i started as an alliance back in 2005 february, i'm considering going horde for a change on this server. But what to play? hmmmm... prolly rolling a healer class cause i love keepin 'm meters up! So either a Shaman, Druid or a Priest. i'll have to look into that. I'll most prolly rename once the server hits since Evalura used to be my back in the day Hunter original name. NE Hunter that is. So how do most of ya'll look forward into this and euh since so little preparations can be made, perhaps a guild launch at start (realms first guild) would be fricken awsome right? If you guys like the idea of a guild at launch (or perhaps couple of hours after it) then lemme know. We could set a standard here for all! Best of luck and regards from, Either Evalura / Nyrza / Azuraya / Elementia
  11. Its awsome to see that this will be a PTE project release. I've been waiting a long ass time for development of a project like this. Take the time you need guys, we rather have an almost flawless product than yet another molten wow or any sheit server. In the end, quality beats quantity. I'm new here yes, cause i wasn't aware of this project untill earlier yesterday. However i'm sticking around and will do what i can to get people on this server as well. People that want to relive the whole hype should know about this project in any way! Godspeed guys and continou the good work, as we will be waiting for ya!