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  1. So the beta realm is still online and working? That's good to hear.
  2. Well I guess he's just devastated with the news regarding Crogge. Still, I hope he'll continue his work since he's basically a lead dev of the Crestfall now - Asuras fixes weren't even mentioned in the blogs since the infamous announcement and this Niko guy apparently doesn't even exist. It would be a shame if such a huge amount of work was wasted now. In the end, I was right about Elysium merge, but I'm not happy about it.
  3. Maybe, but the promise of PTE could easily change their minds.
  4. You guys are forgetting that swarms of players in starting zones, a queue of 10 ppl to kill one quest mob, lags and server crashes are ultra blizzlike features. You can always wait a week or a month before logging and the amount of players in starting zones should be smaller. All the solutions like "DON'T TELL US LAUNCH DATE" or "PRIORITY FOR THE FORUM VETERANS THAT HAVE AT LEAST 100000000000 POSTS" will be useless - good luck with keeping the secret on the internet. BTW - if you think that there is any chance that Crestfall will have small population when (if) it launches, you're gonna be disappointed. There is simply no good alternative to it right now and it doesn't seem to chage in the next few years.
  5. They're going to do the same thing as Kronos and Elysium ppl did. Not hosting in Murica and then flushing every mail from Blizzard in toilet.
  6. Thank you for an update. Looks like the server is in the fridge right now cos Asura got better things to do and even Darkrasp is going on vacation. It's all fine guys, but I think you should announce that 2017 launch is no longer possible. There simply won't be enough time for proper open beta this year. Nevertheless, keep up the good work! # in case I'm wrong, just ignore this post.
  7. Another run through Witcher trilogy.
  8. Hello, I think you should check this topic
  9. Guys if you feel that this project has no future just leave and go play retail or tbc blood elf paladin or whatever. It will be more room for the rest of us when it launches in 2030.
  10. Omg the private server project is behind the schedule I see this for the first time in my life! Just kidding. 2018 Q2 is still fine, there are other games in this world. I assume that this guy is dissappointed because Asura is working on the core atm and not some specific class skills etc. Or maybe Asura is doing nothing and chilling on Bahamas. It's his right to do so, he doesn't owe me antything.
  11. Yes. Best raid healers due to the chainheal, ain't that good at MT healing. You want to have a shammy in every tank and melee dps group. You can still farm herbs in ghostwolf form. Most of the players that play tank or heal are leveling a mage/hunter/lock also for farming purposes. The other side of the coin is that you'll always have a raid spot as a healer.
  12. There was no problem with faction imbalance on vanilla private servers so far. You're debating a completely artificial problem here.
  13. On servers with high population, skinning is pretty much useless, unless you also have LW. Maybe after a year skins will achieve reasonable prices on AH. Maybe. Nobody will use enchantiing mats at launch but after a few weeks/months they'll become very profitable.
  14. That's Barrens' chat not world chat man.