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  1. Yes. Best raid healers due to the chainheal, ain't that good at MT healing. You want to have a shammy in every tank and melee dps group. You can still farm herbs in ghostwolf form. Most of the players that play tank or heal are leveling a mage/hunter/lock also for farming purposes. The other side of the coin is that you'll always have a raid spot as a healer.
  2. There was no problem with faction imbalance on vanilla private servers so far. You're debating a completely artificial problem here.
  3. On servers with high population, skinning is pretty much useless, unless you also have LW. Maybe after a year skins will achieve reasonable prices on AH. Maybe. Nobody will use enchantiing mats at launch but after a few weeks/months they'll become very profitable.
  4. That's Barrens' chat not world chat man.
  5. Just trollin' bro
  6. Ye imo making a topic with answer like "I'm fine with cutting entire features" is biased as hell cos some ppl might think that for e.g. devs will cut hunters from the game The poll for a dung/raid finder is a must before TBC launch ( so ppl can vote if devs should remove group finder also or maybe it's fine). Nevertheless Asura will make a final decision, but as many ppl already stated here, after TBC "Blizzlike" ain't a virtue anymore. RFD is one of my favourite vanilla dungeons man Don't remove it plz! :>
  7. The thing is, ppl don't play on private server because they want 100% Blizzlike. Retail is 100% blizzlike and guys who like the game being easier, less time consuming and generally "player friendly" just stay on retail, and it's nothing wrong with it. Most of the players on private sever scene left retail for a number of reasons but the most important one was that the balance between "player firendly" and "challenging" has been shaken. What's the point of making Cata/MOP/WOD/Legion 100% Blizzlike server? If you liked those expansion you just play retail, if not, you're expecting something more. I believe that with some tweaking, these expansions could be great. Removing dungeon finder would be a first step to that greatness.
  8. It seems that what was just a regular game in vanilla and tbc, is an "elitist approach" in wotlk. I guess nowadays leveling, rather then buying a 90 lvl character straight on, is an elitist approach
  9. I was planning to start a poll about dungeon finder after a Crestfall launch, since it will be a moment when the Devs start to work on TBC content. Nevertheless, Asura will be the one deciding about such matters, even f 90% of the community would vote against (or for) the controversial features. Which is fine, Crestfall is his baby after all.
  10. Very impressed with your plans on handling the herb nodes. I'm assuming similar techniques will be used for mining nodes. My next set of questions for you guys, hope it's not a problem: 1. Will Ragnaros be immune to taunt? There was a bit of a drama on Nost about this, cos some ppl claimed that Ragnaros was immune to taunt before nerfs and other insisted that he wasn't. I'm curious about Your data on this. 2. Will you consider fixing the "A Crew Under Fire" quest from Azshara which Blizzard left bugged for an unknown reason? Maybe it could give some exp on completion, maybe a bunch of silver? Thank you
  11. Whining on forums about pretty much every aspect of the game is a part of the server being Blizzlike.
  12. I have to strongly disagree. Vanilla world is so big that there is a huge difference between 2k and a 6k population. Though Nostalrius was laggy and shitty scripted, it was an awesome experience to quest with other ppl rather then calling a 60 guildie to help with elite quests every time. I guess such population might be a problem in expansions when the world is becoming much smaller. You can easily adjust spawnig rates to make questing easier, but there is some magic in waiting 30 mins for a quest mob to spawn and then tag it as a first person among 20 waiting for it.:D Vanilla is about teamwork, even at the leveling stage and the more the merrier. WoW is now a single player experience till max level, pretty much since Cataclysm. Vanilla reminded me what a real MMO should look like.
  13. True, but I think devs should see what their "super-mega-death" MC would look like after Dire Maul, then after 16 debuff limit etc. before nerfing the bosses.:) Just my opinion, they'll do what they want ofc and I'll still be satisfied more then on any other server.
  14. Darkrasp mentioned some items will be unavailable until later patches so I guess your turban has a good chance to be one of them since it's better then raid items. You can ask this question in the Q&A thread till tomorrow and get answer this sunday.
  15. This tuning thing is awesome I'm just a bit worried about the nerfing plans. Remember that the patch progression will nerf raids significantly any way. With Dire Maul items, MC will become much easier, BWL after the ZG and 16 debuff limit introduced will become much much easier too and with the 1.10 sets and 1.12 items everything pre AQ40 will be much much much easier. Crestfall launches with 1.12.1 talents and item stats, so raids have to be tuned accordingly. It's not just that we all became so awesome, the 1.12.1 talents and items are so OP comparing to their 1.3 equivalents that the content will be laughably easy without modifications. On Nostalrius, even in the pre-nerf Blizzlike content state, we had MC pugs killing Ragnaros every week and personally I think it is ridiculous. There were even BWL pugs killing Nefarian and it was all before 1.10 item patch. I don't want this to return on Crestfall.