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  1. You guys realise that there were no BGs at launch? So you want crossrealm BGs without BGs till patch 1.5? I don't have any objections but if it will delay the server launch by another year I'm totally against it.
  2. Awesome, 1 more resto shammy and 1 less useless ench on server!!!!111
  3. Actually, T7 was pretty easy at launch, even with 3.0 talents. I think Crestfall team will be able to handle the tuning nicely. They've already stated that they won't add any new skills or mechanics to the encounters, just make little adjustments like more fire on ground, bosses use skills more frequently, they have more hp and hit harder. The one thing we can say for sure is that we have no idea what was the MC or BWL pre nerf cos it was in the dark era of the internet. The good excemple is the "sholud Ragnaros be taunt resistant" drama on Nost. Some ppl who played WoW since launch insisted that Rag was immune to taunt and others said the opposite. The thing was, that there are no solid data on pre-nerf MC. So I'm for adjustments, since we won't have "100% blizzlike experience" anyway.
  4. Maybe add some other color for items you could equip, but you don't meet lvl requirements for eg. orange?:)
  5. I'd vote for fixing the quest, it should give some average exp for that lvl and maybe some money as a reward. Surely it wouldn't be gamebreaking or a reason to call the server "not blizzlike".:)
  6. As I recall the bosses in Zg also hit harder on nost, the Bat and Panther aspects especially, Mandokir leveled after killing only one player etc. It was not only an HP buff. That's why I'm not for the 100% blizzlike server if it means bugs, exploits and easy content and that's why I'm so interested in this project, they have a potential to even improve vanilla and maybe future expansions. I totally don't agree that Kronos had worse population cos it launched too late. there was a huge influx of players there, after Nost closed and for some reason, they didn't decide to stay.
  7. It depends. Was the lack of reward a WAD or just a bug? If it was a bug devs should fix it imo. I remember getting some reward when I was doing it in wotlk for my lolmaster acheivement, so I think Blizz fixed it in later patches/expansions.
  8. What brought most of the ppl to Nost was the pre-nerf agenda imo. Kronos released with 1.12.1 itemisation and nerfed content even if it was nerfed "blizzlike" along with the patch progression. ZG on Nost and Kronos were 2 entirely different instances in terms of difficulty. Rep gained from quests was hillarious, you could get exalted around lvl 50 or earlier doing quests. I think that what discourages players from staying on server is lack of challenging content, I for excemple quited retail wow after first Cataclysm patch that nerfed pretty much everything to the ground. The game was just too easy and in consequence - boring. I don't know much about the current state of Kronos but I played it a year ago and there was a ton of bugs there. At launch many players rolled Kronos and they were dissapointed and came back to Nost. Nost was not the best server in the world but Kronos was a far worse experience for me. Dunno what is the official definition of a "funserver" but it certainly felt that way.
  9. It's quite simple. Kronos is just a funserver with severly nerfed content presenting no challenge. Humans on kodos, character shop, nobody wants such a shit. Also scripts, pathfinding were far from perfect as I recall.
  10. Good question. I also don't remeber exactly how it worked back then, but I also recall some randomness in that matter.
  11. You've said that you're gonna release raids a bit more difficult then on retail and then nerf them. Will you nerf the content to the retail release state or nerf it further just like Blizzard did?(hope not)
  12. Creating a forum account just to make a troll topic. Nice try bro.
  13. With 5 k population, the spawns of nodes and creatures should indeed be faster. Just remember, that dynamic spawns ain't blizzlike at all. Remember ppl crying at the TBC launch that they can't do shit with 10 players hunting 1 felorc? Blizzard was like: meh, just wait a few weeks noobs, we won't change anything.:)
  14. I think the earliest possible launch will be around december 2017 (possibly christmas) but I think they'll postpone it to polish everything till Q1 2018