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  1. So I've only recently found out that HST scales with +healing too, which I guess should have been obvious to me. As a mostly Alliance player, Shamans are a bit less known to me, so I kinda just never learned this earlier. What I would like to know is the correct scaling coefficient for Healing Stream Totem. You're obviously not gonna use it in PvP, but do Shamans use it if they are grouped with people who don't need mana regen totems? And if they do, do they actually provide nice heals or are they used simply because there is no better option for water totems?
  2. At the moment, I believe most of the community is wondering whether CF will release at all (or at least before Clasic WoW), not on which realm to play, so I fear your plans are a bit premature. I suggest you wait at least until the open beta before experiencing any "dilemma". Until then, there are plenty (too many, even) new vanilla servers opening, so you can always check them out if you can't wait to play.
  3. I know, but they were still pretty fast to start that up. They didn't really try that hard to promote the server, but already started trying to make money. Not that I understand why anyone would spend real money on a server with 50 players and an uncertain future in the first place...
  4. I played on it during the first launch, they seemed more interested in introducing cash shop than doing any major work on the server. Their then main admin left, and the currect main admin is the guy who never even played WoW - or at least Vanilla WoW. They change xp, prof and drop rates based on community demands. I mean, most pserver are ran by either people passionate about wow, or people who want to turn some profit. Their main admin cannot really be passionate about the game if he never played it, right. I just don't see the introduction of cash shop on a new server that can hardly pull 50 ppl online as a good sign.
  5. Kinda makes one wonder why Elysium would agree to such terms. In case everything goes as planned, CF will have control over the realm, while Elysium's part of the deal is to... provide them with a steady playerbase as they slowly suck the life out of Elysium PvP? All I'm saying is, in theory so far, this deal looks like a suicide by Elysium team. Though I guess if Crogge does run them, this could have been the plan all along.
  6. So how much power will CF staff have once/if Crestfall realm launches? What can they do if Elysium decides to do things their way (let Chinese in, increase server cap and whatnot)?
  7. What if my char dies because of lag?
  8. I've never actually tried it, I'm a LoL player. What's the main difference between the two games?
  9. I started playing League in early Season 6, some year and a half ago. The currect Rift is the only one I've ever played in. In many League videos on youtube, I've seen different maps, champs, abilites, items and everything, which got me thinking... Is there anything similar to vanilla/tbc servers going on with League (Season 1 or 2). I'm curious because I would like to see what it all looked like back then, but I understand just how difficult it would be to actually do this. We can see how hard it is to replicate the retail WoW through private servers. Has Riot ever made any statements regarding this? Would (could) it even be worth it for them to try something like this?
  10. I remember Emerald Dream (feenix) peaks over 2k on Sundays being a really big deal. And that was just a year before Nost.
  11. Btw @Darkrasp, what about the idea of randomized cooldowns for bosses? It was mentioned before, and back then it seemed like one of the best ideas proposed. Edit: Sorry if you already address this in this thread.
  12. What would you guys say about making flasks more blizzlike? Until patch 1.3, they were dispellable, and it wasn't until (I think) 1.7 that they finally got their persist-through-death effect. I never played during retail, but I think it's safe to say that not many people used flasks in MC and BWL progression. EDIT: You could apparently also have more flasks at the same time until 1.6, though I doubt it was very compelling considering you lost them all on death.
  13. It wasn't that obvious to me before, but having spent months on the CF forum, I realised just how childish and immature you sound in your posts (read - shitposts). It's like Outstanding said, it's not even about being right or wrong sometimes, it's about talking on the forums without sounding like an angry 12 year old who is trying to make everyone agree with him or her (okay he did not say it EXACTLY like that, but I think that's basically the point). What I'm trying to say is, I've gotten used to classy, mature posts and posters, and you don't seem like one. I've already heard you say that you will not be playing on CF, so why even bother posting here in the first place? If anyone is interested in reading about your opinions on Ret Paladins, they can do so in dozens of topics on Nost forum that you and Duki hijacked over the months.
  14. Mkay lets see. I have no idea what your avatar really means, but it looks cool so I'd give it a nice, fair 8. I hope the next comment comes from a huge GoT fan. Just sayin. Stannis is the rightful king.
  15. It's like opening your fridge every half an hour, thinking that all of the sudden something new will have appeared.