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  1. It's like opening your fridge every half an hour, thinking that all of the sudden something new will have appeared.
  2. We're still getting your monthly forum reviews, right? Right?
  3. A new member with 1400 reputation. Wow, people must really like you!
  4. guide

    So I guess all we have to do is camp Blackrock to stop the enemy faction members from raiding full buffed.
  5. guide

    I'm asking cause it seems OP as fuck. I never raided Vanilla so I don't REALLY know these things, but it's just the first thought that comes to mind. I guess it should be the first thing removed/delayed if you want to make fights like Ragnaros harder, right? Maybe delayed for a couple of months/until BWL?
  6. guide

    Will the +83 FR from Mind Controled dude be available at launch?
  7. I'm glad it's over, and regarding Alex... On his discord, he was banning everyone from CF discord these days, so why lift the ban from him? Even if he was right the way he conducts himself is very immature and toxic. And it's not like eventually he's not gonna do something that gets him banned on CF again. He lives on drama, which I kinda understand since everything he does is done for views, popularity etc. That means that eventually, he's gonna start OR join the drama in shitting against CF. Again.
  8. You buy it - duh!
  9. Good to hear, thx guys!
  10. Hi all, just a quick questions for everyone out there. I go to Discord through Browse here on the forum, like I've done a thousand times in the past months, and suddenly my internet kinda gets stuck in the loading, all I can do is open up Task Manager to terminate the running window and then open it up again. This has happened a couple of times since last night, and once, a couple of hours ago, I actually managed to get in, but then I was greeted by a message saying something like "the room could not be found" or something... I did not take a screenshot, and it got stuck after I saw it, so I had to end it again. The problem is, this kind of thing has not happened to me EVER in my whole life. My laptop is not really the best so it can get kinda slow and awkward here and there, but to repeatedly get stuck at the same thing, I do not believe the issue is with my machine or internet connection. The only thing that kinda makes sense is that the whole Discord thing went to hell, but that would be kinda weird. I don't have a frickin idea what's going on so the only thing that comes to mind is to ask - is this hapening to anyone else? TL;DR - I can't enter Discord Chat via Browse, how about the rest of you guys?
  11. Are you Mr. Legacy?
  12. It would make no difference whether you played Vanilla on Elysium or Crestfall if both ways you can end up playing CF TBC, and I don't see CF staff approving of any idea that might discourage people to start playing on CF Vanilla in any way.
  13. What I fear is the core community members of CF leaving, and a bunch of new ones from Elysium coming over, which would pretty much turn this nice and friendly community into a regular shit we've seen everywhere. I guess it should have happened anyway, later when CF released, but this way it feels more... forced? I am also annoyed by the whole idea of united community working for each other's benefit. I mean, cmon, how can people be so naive? Yes, maybe leaders of CF and Elysium will pretend to be friendly and nice in public, but we all know there will always be competition to be better than the other. And no, the point of legacy community is NOT to help others become better, it is to BE the better one, remove the weak ones in your path and earn your place at the top of the hill. Simple as that. Might sound harsh or negative to some, but that's how things work. You do not help out your competition, you do not give away your hard work... Unless you have a much bigger masterplan on mind... What annoys me the most is CF giving away their hard work to Elysium, who, in my opinion, don't deserve shit. I said it and I'll say it again - they've received so much they don't deserve. They were a trash server for years, up until Nost gave them their database and with it, their own hype. And now CF will give them the fruit of their hard work... Doesn't it bother anyone that Elysium went from being pure shit to being the "leader" of Vanilla WoW in a couple of months? In the end, I guess all that remains is to wait for the FAQ and see. Though I doubt even that will tell us much. We already gained many answers, but the real question - will CF profit from this deal more than Elysium? - will not be answered.