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  1. I'll upload some UI's, once I think it's good enough to actually share. Xpearl has 3d portraits yes, but it's not usable because of too few settings/options (for this kind of UI). Did some rework on the nelf UI yesterday, think it turned out ok. Still I miss a good addon for portraits (Discord Unit Frames is totally awesome, but totally sucks on this one thing...)
  2. guide

    At Anathema BFD-buff gave 5 int, 5 spirit and 15 frost spell dmg, and had 60min duration. I had a lvl 20 lock and 2 clickers outside the BFD enterence to save time on all my other Buffs! Summon + running through (with run speed ench, swim speed pot, swim speed belt, stopwatch trink, skull of impending doom, and blink on CD) it took about 2min until ported+logged out in org! Some other buffs: You can mind control soem mobs inside BRD and get 25 Spell Power buff for 30mins. Buffs from the Blood Shard Quest giver in Camp Turajo (horde). Most notable is 25spirit for 30min. First time you deliver each of the different quests for those mini-flasks in Blasted Lands, you get the pot + a equal buff, with 60min duration! When completing the cauldron quests in WPL, you get a +41 stam buff (not supposed to stack with fort tho). Shamans get a pretty crazy buff when turning in call of water quest (30% haste). The most tryhard mofo shaman can save this quest until lvl 60 progression lmao. Thats all from the top of my head, I'll update this post if I remember some more, been some months since I quit Anathema
  3. I struggled for suuuch a long time myself....! My solution was to stop trying to get 'Discord Art' to work, and use eePanels instead. It basically does exactly the same, just a bit more lightweight. For the Unit Frames I used 'Discord Unit Frames', and for bars, I used 'Discord Action Bars'. I totally agree! I'm not really happy with the target frame, and it's still very much a work in progress. Tbh I'm a fan of the original target frames, when combined with the Human UI skin, so I might go with that one in my "final" version. I actually kinda agree with you! I'm probably going to try to make a "lite" version, that takes less vertically space. I did actually do a draft for a slimmer Nelf version some days ago (although didn't finish it): What's left to do here is getting a Square mini map inside the left box, and finding an optimal layout for the target unit frames. Yeah sure! I can ZIP my WTF+Interface folders, and upload it. However, I wanna wait until it's more polished
  4. Here is a WC3 inspired UI I made for my upcoming human warr. Screenshot of my Addons folder. My party frames are also WC3 inspired, but this screenshot doesn't include it. Only thing I'm not happy with is the Player 3D portrait. I searched long and hard for a 3d portrait addon that's compatible with Discord Unit Frames, but all I could find was the super lightweight "Adapt", which doesnt have a scale option... Anyone know of a nice and good addon for 3d portraits for DUF?
  5. I heard a rumor that there originally were 1 Black Lotus spawn per Dire Maul instance lockout (somewhere in the gardens I guess) - imo this could be an amazing thing to help stabilize the BL market in a healthy price-range, and not have "BL-mafia" controlling it etc. So my question is: Are you planning to have a Black Lotus spawn inside Dire Maul?
  6. Now I'm curious to what other questions you are going to ask her First of all wow.app is really awesome, but unfortunately it only exist for wotlk and beyond afaik. There are several ways to get vanilla to work for mac. Here are the ones I've successfully tried: 1. Download WoW Mac-client. There exist perfectly fine mac clients for vanilla 1.12.1 (its a working tbc-client for mac that's the problem) Try: http://vanillagaming.org/forum/index.php?topic=2635.0 and check if those dl-links work. if not, try to google it. (I currently have a fully working mac 1.12.1 client, so if you run into problems you can pm me) 2. Install Windows on her mac, then download and install the wow-pc-client (like @Tonight posted above). 3. Download Wine, download wow-pc client, and then install and play the pc-wow-client trough Wine (like @Kelila posted above). 4. Download Crossover, download wow-pc client, and then install and play the pc-wow-client trough Crossover (basically just another app doing the same as Wine)
  7. You'll be amazed what ppl do to collect them mounts! And also, think how much more credz those mounts will give if this is the case In nost the pre-1.4 mounts existed in two versions, the first were standard BoP, the other were nothing (not soulbound, nothing!) The BoP one cost 100g (skill 900g), the one that wasn't BoP, i.e. tradable after you've used it, cost 1000g and required exalted with the connected faction (even if that faction were ur own!)
  8. I can't find the related post, but I asked a similar question regarding the pre-1.4 mounts prior to this summer. Sorry to crush your dreams, but basically all the pre-1.4 mounts will be available through the donation shop. As for the pre 1.12.1 mount skill I actually can remember mounts being advertised in trade and sold at the auction house back in vanilla retail. I remember I bought the 60% mount for my friend to save him 20g since I have both the discounts, and he had neither. Pretty nice This was also a pretty common way to earn gold in Sunstrider Horde EU iirc. I can't recall if anyone has ever asked about the pre 1.12.1 mount cost tho
  9. Amazing! Keep up the good work! on a sidenote Can't say for certain, but I think if this scenario happens you could loot the beast, not re-skin it: If you skin a mob, and close the window, you should be able to loot the mob with the same items left over.
  10. xxx-WoW sounds so dirty! I really had trouble figure out if this was a try-hard troll post or not It's like when Hagrid speaks about "you-know-who" in Harry Potter 1
  11. I'll try to be there, gonna be chill as always
  12. I think you got it right. Also, when changing your local files, you only change appearance locally. Practically, this implicates: You change ur appearance from Troll to Blood Elf. You see yourself as a Blood Elf, everyone else sees a troll.
  13. I've previously bookmarked some guides concerning changing your local files/patch files so that the change is visible locally only for you. I have no idea if this is against the TOU (for Blizzard or Crestfall), but I can supply the links, and then Game Masters here can decide Btw, I have never tried it myself as I usually play female troll <3. I stumbled over these links when roaming Kronos forums, so all credit to them, and the user lanevegame. http://lanevetrash.altervista.org/uploads/forum/race-gender-swap-guide-vanilla-wow.pdf http://www.lanevetrash.altervista.org/uploads/forum/AnyRaceToBElf/Guide.pdf Ps. it seems like Kronos allowed this Sources (Need twin-star/kronos forum access): https://forum.twinstar.cz/showthread.php/104647-Blood-Elves-in-Vanilla!!! https://forum.twinstar.cz/showthread.php/104789-Draeneis-in-Vanilla!!!
  14. I can speak for Nost, since me and my guild farmed killed him for many months before Nost was shut down: No, it was not possible to survive Nefarian's Shadow Flame without Onyxia Scale Cloak. I know this for sure because we brought some socials without cloak some times, and they insta-died when Nef landed in start of P2. Same applied for Shadow Flame at the 3D (Firemaw, Ebonroc, Flamegor) - if you got hit without wearing the cloak, you died.