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  1. Ok cross out the PR part then and just focus on the term Buzzword. What I meant by that is within your internal organisational structure you have most likely crafted certain metaphors to which you with one another comprehend the greater context of that specific use of diction to allow ease of communication, like RIGBY. I assumed this was the case, but maybe I'm just not knowledged enough in developer terminology as I'm a mere player. Next time around I will instead give you the benefit of the doubt and inquire a follow up question on what you meant instead of making assumptions as such, so my apologies on that. And thank you for clarifying what you initially meant by those terms. I just wanna say I'm not trying to roast you guys or anything, but without there being public testing servers to aid with, I merely attempt to spark up a conversation. Maybe there's a topic you haven't fully explored yet and you could still learn from, maybe not. Maybe we can learn some more about your in-depth thought and decision making process, or maybe not. Either way thank you for elucidating on this topic.
  2. 1) Neither is starting the server with 1.12 talents but every server without an exception does it anyway as I comprehend you are doing as well. So it's rather of opinionation what factors from retail to keep and which to alter rather than stating "because it's not blizzlike". 2) Even though the game was not designed in that manner you can still control the majority of the factors you listed, as you have stated to be writing your own core anyway which is independent and more effective than Mangos. Respawn timer : Can be controlled by increasing spawns based on; Number of players within a certain zone, Number of certain mobs killed / ores mined / herbs picked during a certain time frame, etz. Resource Allocation : Buzzword I can't do anything with. If you mean individuals clenching on to monoply wealth, then I feel that this would be inclined to occur rather on a smaller server than a larger one, as the larger server has the advantage of having vaster competition. Either way Gold is not a depletable resource, if anyone has the intention of generating this resource, then there are numerous ways to come by it. Item Droprates : Why would these change with greater number of players? Only factor here being altered is the amount of items available to the free market, but at the same time you will also have more players purchasing the good therefore creating a relative balance. Either way an influx of goods to the market should favor the end consumer as he has more sources to pick where he should purchase his needed good from. Gold sinks: Again PR Buzzword I can't do anything with. Devilsaur Leather: Join the cartel, problem solved. But in all seriousness if you couldn't bother joining such an organisation or founding your own, there were numerous other ways of generating 500 g per day through mere farming and without exploiting the auction house ( approximate price peak for 1 Devilsaur Set on Nost). World Events : Indeed quest dependant world events as such can be quite tricky, and can not be circumvented as easily but lucky for us there aren't as many as in later expansions, because Vanilla. Either way there is good in all people as I would love to share that image of people lining up in a queue for an event quest one behind another on K2 release if I am not mistaken, which was trending on reddit.com/r/gaming a while back but I can't seem to find it. If you are talking about World Bosses then again the opposite is the case. If you take Nost. and K2 as an example for instance, K2 has an approximated population of what 4-6k, which is either way already more than what you are suggesting, on which the guild Dice Roll has a supreme monopoly of these bosses. On Nost with its 10-12k pop you had countless guilds from both factions contesting in all out battles over said bosses, including Sorry, Nope, Coalition, Dreamstate, Reign, Gnarly. etz. And I definitely prefer contesting over that objective for hours instead of being guaranteed to kill it, just because I'm in the best guild of the server, and everyone else can suck it. Of course the sample size I am giving is quite small, but you work with what you have, as I am not as familiar with population sizes and world boss kills along other vanilla private servers. 3) Very fair point, but no one is stating to take on Nost's daily 10-12k pop in the first place. Even an increase from 3 -> 6k or even less could do wonders for the competitiveness and the formation of a strong community for a server. Furthermore you are already splitting up the community by having a 3k cap and spreading players across servers, through this alternate approach you could at least have 2 years in which people could be playing together. 2 years of something is better than 2 years of nothing. 4) Even if you don't strive to be Nostalrius, as any business you still want to create competitor benchmarks. Your project concept revolves around being "blizz-like", and from all private servers I have played and tested on ( which include Kronos, Feenix, Arenatorunament, Emerald Dream, Warmane, Corecraft PTR, L4G and many more ) Nost. has managed to hit that mark the closest. Therefore paying close attention to what factors that specific project did right and what made them falter, should be of beneficiary to make educated decisions for your cause up to the point that you can call yourself the top hierarchical benchmark. Last I would like to quote you on the following as I absolutely disagree with it : "Feels fine and plays nicer" only depends on how well your hardware is and how good you manage to script around your cap. For factors such as looking for group mates, raid mates, doing elite and group quests, world pvp and everything in between it is so much more enjoyable to be playing on a larger populated servers, just because of the grand amount of content which is spread amongst these two continents, with four times the zones of other expansions, but having the same approximate population cap as TBC servers i.e. L4g's is at 2,5k i belive. As otherwise during non-peak hours majority of zones will be left empty. Last but not least you state the game is designed and is most optimal to be played at this 3k pop, then I strongly advise to at least increase it by at least a slight amount to have a safety net of players to fall back on to effectively retain this figure, as any number of players less than that is less than ideal. With every hindrance of factors which could irritate your potential customer which are partially extremely difficult to control and fully explore within the first months of release of any server, such as; dcs, lags, DDOS's, exploitable content, non-optimised core, class specific bugs, etz. you will lose some proportion of the population as not everybody will bother to stick around. With you striving to keep the 3k pop you are merely leaving yourself little room of error, as otherwise low population could be eventually added to the list of infuriating factors. Of course your goal is far from impossible to reach and maintain, but I believe by even slightly increasing the cap by 1-2k you could be making the establishing period less of a risk factor. I really don't want to be overly critical but merely want to get your thinking caps going. Either way if you are stern on your decision about the cap I will leave it at that. Thank you very much either way for taking the time to reply to me, and I really appreciate the work you guys are doing over here.
  3. Regarding this quote I have two separate questions for your team: In the hypothetical scenario that the server becomes vastly popular and attracts a large follower base, what are the chances that you will be working on increasing the server cap instead of pushing out more servers? If you are utterly certain that this is not the route you are intending to take, could you explain your reasoning on why you envisage lower capped servers? The fact that the Vanilla expansion has so many more zones with relevant content in comparison to future expansions just makes it the most suitable one to house greater numbers of players. I.e. on any current TBC servers you start out at 60 and everyone has to contest in Hellfire Peninsula and Zangarmarsh to level, and for the remaining duration of your server experience you mainly stay within the 7 Outland zones and only go to the Vanilla zones to use the Auction house. In vanilla instead, every race has their own starting zone (R.I.P. Gnomes and Trolls) and there are a plethora of zones at hand to fill the content from 1 - 60 spread over two entire continents, of which each have double the amount of zones within them then future expansions. Effectively giving you four times as many zones as later expansions to fill up with players. Furthermore a larger server is able to offer a greater range of players and guilds, making competition for server firsts and world bosses so much more appealing. Of course I also see the the other side of this specific argument as it would simultaneously affect the individual ability to farm mobs in particularly congested areas. Last but not least a greater server population gives you a much larger network of communities, as I just reminisce about the days on Nost where we would ride out in the hundreds from the capital cities on raid days to gather your world buffs, only to meet up in the melting pot of world PvP that is Blackrock Mountain. Upwards of a thousand of players would be passing through this zone on wednesday evenings, attempting to slip through the carnage with their guilds to savour their buffs for their raids whilst others only come with the intention of wiping the competition, making it feel like the actual "World of Warcraft". Either way I am very keen on hearing your opinion about this matter. - Kryss
  4. Hey there I only recently heard of your server, and am really excited to see what you guys have been working on due to all other private servers being so shit with our expectations set so high from leaving Nost ( Maybe thats just me though). Either way I have a small query I'd like to ask you, maybe you have covered this somewhere else and I just missed it. Anyways here it goes... Back in retail vanilla for the purpose of not flooding the server with information they kept the tick rate low ( hope this is the right term ), so information going into the server in for instance PvP scenarios would happen simultaneously from both sides of the users enabling mechanics such as two warriors charging each other and merely changing positions or rogues being able to gouge the mage blink. "Features" as such became less of a factor throughout Blizzards expansions due to enhancing their server performances, but throughout private server history this is something you seldom see. So my question to you is are you planning on including vanilla characteristics as such or are you possibly planning on leaving it out on purpose. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.