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  1. SHADOW WARRIOR: SPECIAL EDITION FREE for a limited time! https://www.humblebundle.com/store/shadow-warrior-special-edition
  2. On Steam too: http://store.steampowered.com/app/323580/Jotun_Valhalla_Edition/
  3. All the reasons have been said over and over again. Regards.
  4. Bienvenido tron
  5. its a koopa troopa Dj? and animated its about a 9/10
  6. Maybe, but that's not the topic. In that kind of video you show your strengths, not your weaknesses. It's the staff job to address potential bugs the best they can.
  7. At this point the bast majority of the playerbase already know which things are usually bugged so I think the video should be a compilation of a few of those kind of mechanics in action.
  8. Seems Blizzard follow OrcBit channel. He uploaded his Hellground videoreview on march 15.
  9. Its my first step into the water cooling scene.
  10. Welcome!
  11. Welcome aboard!
  12. Well, as you know many things have happened on the scene since Nostalrius ceded core and database to Elysium. More info: In the end, for me Elysium has remained as an unreliable project and with little future, because it's look like they do not consider progress from vanilla for the time being. So my personal decision is definitely to come to Crestfall when it open (Zul'Dare alliance of course), regardless of what my current guild mates do. I would like they come with me, but everyone should look for their best entertainment. So do I. Maybe some of them will come too, but we probably will not try to run a Spanish Guild in Crestfall, unless the presence of Spaniards becomes very obvious; and if we do, it would be only a small social leveling guild. Only if we receive lot of people we would consider full-guild raids a serius objetive. The reason is that the experience in Elysium is showing how difficult it is to keep a spanish-only raiding guild in a typically smaller community as a PvE realm is. Of course time will tell, nothing is safe for now. The only certainty is that I keep following this forum and I would like to keep the contact with all who have participated here to share our future plans in Crestfall. PD: If someone creates a Spanish brotherhood before us we will be happy to join, we don't need to lead, just to meet other pals. PD2: This thread keep being for spanish social purposes . Keep using it! Greetings. ------------------------------In spanish-------------------------------------En español---------------------------------- Bueno, como sabéis muchas cosas han pasado en la escena desde que Nostalrius cedió núcleo y base de datos a Elysium. Mas info: (Enlaces arriba) Al final, para mi Elysium ha quedado como un proyecto poco fiable y con poco futuro, porque parece que no consideran progresar mas allá de vanilla por el momento. Así que mi decisión personal definitivamente es venir a Crestfall cuando se abra (Zul'Dare alianza por supuesto), independientemente de lo que hagan mis actuales compañeros. Me gustaría que vinieran conmigo, pero todo el mundo debe buscar su mejor entretenimiento. Yo también. Puede que algunos vengan también, pero probablemente no intentaremos llevar una hermandad española en Crestfall, a no ser que la presencia de españoles se haga muy patente; y si lo hacemos, sería solamente una pequeña hermandad social. Solo si recibiéramos mucha gente consideraríamos raids full-guild un objetivo serio. La razón es que la experiencia en Elysium esta mostrando lo difícil que es mantener una hermandad de raideo solo en español en una comunidad típicamente mas pequeña como es un reino PvE. Por supuesto el tiempo dirá, nada es seguro por ahora. La única certeza es que yo sigo este foro y me gustaría mantener el contacto con todos los que han participado aquí para compartir nuestros planes futuros en Crestfall. PD: Si alguien crea una hermandad española antes que nosotros nos encantará unirnos, no necesitamos liderar, solo reunirnos con otros compañeros. PD2: Este hilo sigue siendo para fines sociales españoles . Seguid usandolo! Saludos.