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  1. My personal case: 1.I had a growing guild in Nostalrius. Nostalrius was closed. I left WoW completely while my guildmates hammer my head looking for another server. 2.I discovered Crestfall and get blinded by it's awesome hyping capacity. 3.Nostalrius transferred our characters to Elysium and I have no excuse but playing again with my guild at Elysium. 4.My deepest, wettest dreams came true with Legacy Network announcement. It gives me the chace to bring all my guildmates here. (We are about 120 guys in the PvE realm!) 5.You state that no transfer from Elysium will be allowed and broke my heart . If its a matter of bring here people load with items and gold obtained from a less challenging realm/hacks/goldsellers,etc... what about a kind of "lite transfer" wich only mantain lvl, a minimum green set of equipment and gold for buy skills? IMO the worse part from a fresh start would be the whole leveling process again. Greetings.
  2. Bienvenido!
  3. I found Crestfall on my own, looking for a new home when Nostalrius was closed. Almost no info by that time, apart from that post and a bunch of comments on Reddit; and the development videos on YouTube.
  4. Thanks guys for the updates. Sounds pretty good. I would love some kind of demo video when you have any interesting mechanic worth of showing. Regards.
  5. Happy Birthday Huehuehuehuee
  6. Can't decide the order but here goes five of my favourite films: Pulp Fiction Full Metal Jacket The Silence of the Lambs Saving Private Ryan Lord of the Rings
  7. Thanks @Darkrasp Happy Saturnalia!!
  8. Welcome! --------------- Bienvenido!
  9. We are going to continue our progress on Elysium while we decide what we are going to do when Crestfall opens. You're all invited to join us so we can get to know everyone. Don't worry if you don't have any char from old Nostalrius, some of our guys and new recruits will be starting over, so you won't be at a disadvantage at all. You can get in touch with us at: http://darkrequiem-nostalrius.shivtr.com/ or https://discord.gg/uM78tdr Greetings! ------------------------------------------------------- Vamos a continuar nuestro progreso en Elysium mientras decidimos que hacer cuando abra Crestfall. Estáis todos invitados para así irnos conociendo. No os preocupéis si no tenéis ningún personaje del antiguo Nostalrius, algunos compañeros y nuevos reclutas van a empezar de cero, así que no estaréis tan en desventaja. Podéis contactar con nosotros en: http://darkrequiem-nostalrius.shivtr.com/ or https://discord.gg/uM78tdr Saludos!
  10. Welcome, get your hyped ass in, mate.