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  1. This subject and discussion isn't relevant anymore. Locked.
  2. Moved to the appropriate forum.
  3. Moved to the appropriate Media & Streams section where this sort of video content belongs.
  4. This video accurately shows just how often the weapon is supposed to proc, by the moderate weapon speed is what is regulates the proc chance. However, for some reason throughout TBC cores there is a fixed PPM rate, which there is no documentation of other than a nerf to the threat generated by the proc spell itself.
  5. Youtube video of event: Recording starts just into Asura's opening statement. Our fault for not letting Bloo know in advance to start recording. We'll be answering as much as we can for a few hours. Chat will be moderated to keep things focused and on topic. As the topic says, the Q&A session will be handled at 19:00 GMT+2 on July 30th(Upcoming Saturday) Expected Team Members: Asura Rodeg Daribon Indra Jonu Rooted Darkrasp Possible: Crogge
  6. Whilst I agree that seeing over 7k players on a single realm is cool, and makes the world feel very much alive. It inflates the economy beyond oblivion, and completely wrecks professions and its viability. We intend to keep blizzlike realm caps (around 3k-4k), as that's what the original game design is intended for.