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  1. Thanks for the work you put in. Your efforts will be remembered. /salute I hope you have a great time on that holiday! Who am I kidding? You're going to the states. banter
  2. No blog?! This is it. Crestfall is dead. Felmyst Corecraft 2.0.
  3. Welcome!
  4. ...for now.
  5. Welcome aboard.
  6. The cemmunity doesn't really have to go anywhere even if the project ends up totaled. A group of people who enjoy eachother's banter (or whatever they enjoy about eachother) certainly don't need some video game (no matter how good it might be) to keep them together. Some of us have fairly similar interests. In my possibly unwanted opinion, those people would do well to stick together, private server or no. This gig did a good job at bringing some like-minded people together. It'd be a shame to throw that out the window, especially if the project fails at its main objective. I sure as fuck don't need WoW or any other game to enjoy a certain someone's quality shitposts. No sir, no ma'am.
  7. I'm not saying this or that but I sure as shit don't like what I'm seeing. Gonna wait for more info.
  8. DayZ #2845 with dinosaurs.
  9. Jotun: Valhalla Edition is free on GOG for 2 days. https://www.gog.com/game/jotun
  10. I have to wonder just how people are going to react if the removal of net neutrality actually comes to pass. I'm expecting at least one riot. Pardon my negativity but it seems we're quite fucked if the only thing we can do is toss around e-mails. I'm pretty sure this "solution" is just as, if not more, useless than petitions. If the people behind this idea cared about what we have to say they wouldn't have suggested this in the first place. What? Do people actually think those higher-ups didn't know we wouldn't like this? Calling them stupid is really just a way to rationalize what they do. It's a lot easier to imagine someone as a complete idiot than a blood sucking leech that would do anything to his fellow man just so he can get some extra money in his pocket. But enough of that. I'm likely missing a lot of information on the subject and thus am probably wrong. I'm actually interested in how this will affect us here on CF, if at all and if it happens.
  11. The keyboard turning makes it more genuine. kek
  12. It's nice. I still think trailers that use actual in-game footage with little to no editing are always going to be far superior. Like the original Vanilla WoW trailer. The jankiness of those is part of the charm for me. This one is pretty, but that's about it. Granted it probably wasn't meant to be much else.
  13. Last I heard we'll be restricted to one faction on the PVP realm. No such restrictions will be applied to the PVE realm. Again, last I heard. Do forgive me if I have slept through some important announcement on the subject.