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  1. I'm in the same boat as @Lilaina pretty much. One of my friends is actually the one who talked me into playing Vanilla in the first place. So you can pretty much blame him for my presence on the forum and later in-game. kek As for friends I met in-game, I never really talked to anyone. Maybe I got a name or two and that's about it. I would mostly just hang out with them in-game doing quests and things like that. I'm not the most social person (can anyone tell me what color the sky is? It's... been a while.) so my chances of ever meeting someone I've played with are very slim. It'd probably be quite enjoyable if I manage to pull myself out of my comfort zone. I'd need the opportunity first, however. Then there's the nightmarish scenario where I attend such a fan meeting and there's nothing but UD Rogue players. *shudders*
  2. Welcome!
  3. Reminds me of when I joked about Undead players picking the most overused race. It was good banter, however the fact that I myself was a Human didn't help much. Welp, time to reconsider my class/race choice AGAIN. Another quality post from the statistics master. Keep up the good work!
  4. On-Topic: I'll just use some fitting variation of Velox as always. I have a history with the name and I certainly won't miss the opportunity to use it in such a community driven game like WoW. It's pretty much my second name and since my character will be a self-insert it works quite well. Plus my real name isn't too great so I'd much rather use the one that I picked for myself (sorry mom). At the very least it'll be better than being known as Leggoolias or Ilidan. Psh... Night Elves...
  5. And I'm sure Nost wouldn't ask Elysium to do that since that would destroy their reputation. Oh wait. banter
  6. I already said this once sarcastically but it seems I should say it again to make a point. Why not make Hogger respawn instantly as well? Why should I have to deal with someone standing right next to his spawn point and hitting him as soon as he respawns? Vanilla was made with a 3k pop in mind! How am I supposed to deal with this if there's 6k pop here? HOW am I supposed to deal with TWO people instead of one trying to get the same mob as me? It's impossible! ABSOLUTELY impossible! There is NO way around it! I will NEVER get that kill! There is NOTHING to do in this game aside from questing! Yeah. Silly.
  7. Of course, the "you just want it to be 100% blizzlike" argument. No, I just think it should stay that way because I think it should stay that way. Nothing to do with it being like that in 2004. Oh sorry, I didn't realize I was talking to an (ex?) Blizzard employee. I find the race for a quest item exciting. I find it fun to have to split my attention between the mob I'm fighting and the player that's headed toward the quest item. I like having to make the decision to either continue fighting the mob or letting myself take a few more (perhaps fatal) hits in order to get to the item first. F*ck me, right? We're not pointing fingers at you and calling you weird for wanting instant quest item respawns. We'd appreciate it if you don't do so either.
  8. You seem to have stuck onto one thing I said. Why avoid everything else you're being told? I told you twice now. If you can't do the quest just go do another one or something else entirely. Whether the whole thing is bad or not doesn't matter. Why? Because as bad as it might be it's certainly better than having the items respawn I personally believe that it's not a problem. Of course, I'm just or at least so you say because I don't agree with you. In any case, I highly doubt this'll be a deal breaker for you. If you're set on playing here a 30 second respawn time on Westfall oats won't change your mind.
  9. So it's better to make the respawn times instant? Why not just get the XP instantly after accepting the quest? No, it's not the same kind of challenge as taking down tough mobs. Never said it is. But it's something you have to overcome. Or maybe not. Maybe those quests aren't for you. Nobody ever said you need to be able to do every single quest. You might not be able to do it on the first try or you might not be able to do it at all. I don't know, man. I never had such a big problem with this stuff even back on Nost when these quests had 10+ people running around in the same area. I usually managed to do it within 30 minutes tops. As I said, I also had to put it off for later a couple of times. And I also had to give up on 2 or 3. Certainly much better than having items respawn after 2 seconds, boi.
  10. That's actually a really good idea. It would also be really nice if they made it so that quest NPCs spawn multiple times so you'd have 10 Hoggers all at once! (all of the above is sarcasm) I personally think having to wait for quest items and NPCs to respawn is part of the game. The race against other players is another challenge that you'll have to overcome. Yes, the larger than usual population may have an effect on this but I still think the respawn times should be left as they are. If you can't get the items you need you can simply go do something else and come back to try later. I never understood why so many WoW players think they need to do (or rather should be able to do) everything RIGHT NOW. Come back later and try again. Simple. And in any case making the respawn times 1-2 seconds is ridiculous. I can understand shortening them to an extent but that's just cheesing it hard.
  11. How can LoS be real if our eyes aren't real?
  12. No hate but didn't you also make a topic in which you complained about too many "What's your favorite" posts? What's next? "too many introduction posts. stop spam plz". Might have been someone else in which case apologies. That aside, I see absolutely no problem with everyone asking for class advice. We're all different and we all need to look into different things about a class before we make a final decision. I can't comment on the information provided in this post as I lack the knowledge. I probably don't even know 5% of what other people on this forum know.
  13. Started on Molten's shitty Cata server. That pretty much throws all my credibility in the crapper but it's the truth. Shitty as the place was I still had a lot of fun. Reasons were that it was my first time playing WoW at all and that I was there with a very close friend that got me into it in the first place (in other words ruined my life). So yeah, my first time was with a friend. Do I even have to go into detail about what and how I played? The server was a mess in general. Whatever took place there was likely very very broken and not how it should've been. Those that played there probably remember how things were either broken or purposely out of place. Didn't matter to me back then since I was just interested in exploring the world (yes, Cata revamp counts) but in time it started to get to me. The magic of WoW itself was still there and shining but the flaws of the server started catching up to me. I got interested in PVE, PVP, in general actually PLAYING the game instead of just sightseeing and that's when I started getting annoyed by just how terrible the server was. Everything after that would be off-topic here. Anyway, I do remember my first character being a human paladin. No real reason. Like I said, back then I just wanted to explore the world. Later on when I started playing a little more seriously (as serious as I could be on that trainwreck) I rolled a worgen rogue. That was pretty much my first ever main. I later rolled a human rogue in Vanilla as my main once again. As for the worgen part, I might roll one once/if CF hits Cata. IF the devs allow race changes (which to a very limited extent I hope they don't) I'll make use of it and change to a worgen. So since then I've pretty much always played some kind of rogue in WoW. Whatever I decide to roll on CF I'll still be a bone joke spewing rogue at heart (if I don't just go rogue again). So yeah, it was a lot of fun. I could write you a book about all the good times I had with friends even on that server, however that would get me way off track. Seems like we'll be having an even better time here on CF anyway.
  14. I'm a bit late (as usual) but welcome!