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  1. Choice is pretty easy for me. I'll suck no matter what class I choose so it doesn't really matter. kek I've had my mind "set" on several classes for certain periods of time ever since I came to these forums. Every few weeks or months I change my mind. First I was going to play a rogue. Then I thought about a paladin. Then it was going to be a mage. Now I'm currently "set" on a hunter. Who knows what I'll come up with in a week or two. One thing I learned is to not listen to the community's advice on class or race choice. Reason for that is that people will usually tell me what the overall best choice is. That's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for whatever is best for me. It's quite obvious that I'm the only one who would know what that is. Currently it seems that a dwarf hunter would suit me nicely. Is it the best choice? Probably not. Would I like it regardless? Quite possibly, and if I don't it won't be because it's not the most viable pick for a raid or whatever. I'll just struggle and make do with my choice as best as I can. My final choice will probably be at launch day and it will likely be completely different from what I was thinking of rolling just the day before. I'm that kind of indecisive person.
  2. I'm giving this a no for reasons stated before and not just here. I would hate to try and reach out to someone I played in a BG with only to find out that they're not on my realm. All crossrealm really does is split each realm rather than bring both of them together. Sure, you get to have people from the other realm on your team. Then the BG ends and you possibly never see them in-game again. Wonderful. Truly wonderful it would be to meet someone you enjoy playing with only to find out that they're on the other realm and thus you can never spend time with them outside of BGs. Truly wonderful it would be to find a player worthy of being called your rival only to, again, find out they're on the other realm and thus you will never be able to fight them out in the world, if ever. There's going to be enough banter between the two realms on the forums. Can we please leave it there? Having crossrealm functionality won't be a deal breaker for me even if I absolutely despise it, same as it won't be a deal breaker for me if we get all the way to WoD. I try and just roll with whatever the majority wants. However, I really see no good reason to add crossrealm whatever. At the very least the negative outweighs the positives. And I'm not even listing the launch delay as a negative simply because I already find the whole thing to be bad enough without that factoring in. Just my two cents. As I said, not a deal breaker for me, just something I find really bad. I just thought I'd lay it on you people how I see things. That's why we're all here anyway.
  3. Business? Scam? You got it all mixed up, man. This is the Crestfall forum. The Twinstar forum is this way.
  4. I have no idea what it is but it looks nice. 8/10
  5. 2/10 fucking pandas
  6. 2030 when it done
  7. Surprise surprise, this is my opinion. The new models are (s)hit and pmiss. The only reason I'd come close to calling the female models "okay" is the high quality [redacted] and [redacted]. But since I like to think I'm better than that I'll still say they're pretty bad. No need to even bring up the male ones. Ugh. But still, I can squint my eyes and make the new textures and models look a lot less shit. Now the animations... yikes. To this day I still wonder how much drugs it took to make someone in that office think that the new male orc running animation is even somewhat okay. Or the new male nelf walking animation. Or 90% of all the new animations. And don't even get me started on the facial animations. Nowadays characters in WoW look like something you'd see in a shitty korean MMO. Why? Because of the new artstyle. Bland as can be. Note that this isn't me saying that cartoony = bad. Warcraft has always been cartoony. The thing is that in the past the style was completely different and actually good. Now it's, as I said, bland as fuck. It's not "Warcraft cartoony" but just cartoony. I don't even know if Cartoon Network airs shit like this nowadays. I personally don't think it's worth the time investment to test such a thing, no matter how little time we're talking about. Infact I don't think it's worth any kind of investment at all. Not to mention it was already tried on a WoTLK client and it was pretty bad.
  8. Made by Audio. That's a clean 10.
  9. A letter in the alphabet. 6/10 for being educational.
  10. Favorites: Humans, mostly because the medieval-fantasy style is most prominent with them. Stormwind is my favorite of all the cities (with Thunder Bluff being second) which is mostly due to it's architecture and style. Dwarves. Short humans, beards, healthy dose of humor and a pretty nice city. Quite the likeable bunch. Infact, even if it's simply because human's can't be hunters, I'm very likely going to roll a dwarf. It'll not my first choice when it comes to race but it will certainly do. Worgens. Well, sort of... they could have done a bit better with them in my opinion. I'd get into explaining why I think so but that seems like something that would need it's own thread. Maybe someday. Either way, werewolves are one of my favorite mythological creatures and worgens are obviously as close to that as we're ever gonna get in WoW. I'll take it. I also don't think they'd suffer much of a quality drop if they lost the bone jokes... I don't really "dislike" any of the races so I can't really make a list for that. At the very least I like them all for adding diversity. If I had to choose one I'd say Gnomes and that's simply because they can be warriors for whatever reason. Why? Look, I don't think it flew over anyone's head that this is a fantasy setting where strength doesn't exactly work like it does in the real world, however the fact that a Gnome can be just as strong as a Tauren is a bit off, all things considered. Out of all class/race combos Gnome warrior is the most ridiculous. And not to mention how I'll constantly be hearing that going Gnome is the only real way to play Mage. The problem here stems more from the people playing the race rather than the race itself but it deserves a mention. I have some dislike for Undead(players) for the same reason. "Undead Rogue? You mean 90% of the Horde's population?"
  11. I suppose achievements would indeed be nice if they were actual achievements like things stated above. Server firsts being the most ideal example. Even then, the addon would have to stay away from things like "Kill raid boss X". Achievements that eventually everyone doing end-game PVE will get but will still get shit tossed at them if they don't have them yet. And of course the addon would have to exclude the absolute laughingstock that are the achievements that everyone will get. "Reach lvl 10", "Kill a boar", "Make a character" etc. The only way I can explain to myself why such achievements ever even became a thing is the good old "instant gratification" issue. Of course in this case it's much more extreme. Or maybe game developers have a very special sense of humor. And that's pretty much it. I'd still like it if things like "kill 100 tauren in a day" remain little challenges I set for myself, keep track of on my own and eventually tick off as completed when I finally get them done. In my opinion such an addon should only cover the universal stuff like server firsts. "Gee Velox, if you're gonna be so picky why don't you just learn how to code or whatever and make your own addon?"
  12. I personally think the game is better without achievements. And I'm not talking about just Vanilla. Want achievements? Make your own. All you need is a txt file. You can give them cool names and ludicrous requirements too if you must. Then just tick em off once you "get" them. No addon needed. One of the things that I love about Vanilla (and other games that lack achievements) is that instead of getting a flashing "achievement get" notification every 5 minutes I'm expected to just play the game and decide what is and is not an achievement for me. Don't get me wrong, I don't completely avoid games with achievemens, infact I do go on acheivement hunts from time to time, but in an open ended game like VWoW I really can't see how built-in achievements are a good thing. You just killed 100 enemies in 30 minutes! Is this an achievement for you? Yes? No? You decide. Why is a flashy popup needed here? Of course this is just an opinion and nothing more. As long as this addon affects only those that use it I'd have absolutely no problem with it. That being said, I can already tell that it won't be like that. At least depending on the kind of achievements that get added. In the end this'll just be another e-peen booster and nothing more, unless the achievements are all things like "gather 5 non-combat pets". That brings up the other point I made. Getting 5 pets isn't an achievement for me, thus I would hate to get a popup trying to tell me it is. It might be an achievement for someone else though. And if it is it's better if they realize this on their own. Back to the e-peen thing... "You don't have X achievement? Everyone has that achievement! /gkick" ^Unimportant rant^
  13. FTFY
  14. I can sleep soundly tonight.