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  1. dont smoke weeb, kids.
  2. I have no desire to explain the same things over and over. Cross faction cooperation should not be banned IMO. I must admit I don't speak for the PVE server. I'm not sure what the solution would be for them. I stand by what I've said several times. Cross faction cooperation on the PVP server should be allowed for reasons listed in other posts above.
  3. Faction loyalty is no more than a flavour choice of individual players. It's not a game mechanic. I personally don't care about faction loyalty that much. I'd love to cooperate with Hordies whenever possible. I don't see why I should be banned for this considering there is a direct counter to anything me and my Horde buddies can do. Another group of players from both factions can form and take us out. If we managed to team up others can too.
  4. I see no reason why cross faction cooperation shouldn't be allowed.
  5. No, we certainly do not dislike it when new people come here. If any of us acts like an asshat towards someone then they have reason to assume that someone is bad business. You have to understand that (as it's been mentioned before) people with fresh accounts who throw opinions into this discussion without even making an introduction post first are, if nothing else, a bit suspicious. Reddit has us in their sights. Never before has it been more likely for wowservers shitposters to swoop down on us. When it comes to how on edge the forum is compared to a few days ago, things are indeed tits up. So if you're just a new face here with no ill will I apologize in place of whoever did wrong by you. But you have to understand that right now it's a bit hard to tell right from wrong and people are understandably going to be hostile. In a sense I'm telling you it's your fault for not having a proper presentation.
  6. I never said the matters shouldn't be discussed. I just said we should keep in mind that certain people might be on edge and thus would understandably react in more hostile manners than usual.
  7. Eh, give em a break. Things are tits up right now and everyone's on edge. Despite trying to stay as level headed as possible myself, I can't really blame them.
  8. This one's kinda creepy in combination with the area it plays in. At least until you realise you're the one killing innocent guards while remaining unseen in a dark trainyard.
  9. i aint gay but 20 gold is 20 gold I never really made a whole lot of gold. I once got 100 for my mount and that was pretty much it. A few weeks after that some stuff happened that we've gone over before and I couldn't exactly play anymore. By the time I reached 40 I already had around 15 gold. Not too bad for the way I was playing but I obviously needed a lot more for the mount. So I decided to hussle and focus on nothing but getting gold. I had to pull out the one most absolutely effective way of gold farming. My method of choice was... Cooking. Yep. I don't remember what it was that I was cooking but it was something with wolf meat in it that sold for 4 gold a stack on the auction house. Surprisingly enough it only took me 2 days to get to 100 gold. Dumb as it was, the whole thing made Feralas one of my favorite zones. I farmed the wolves there which if I remember correctly also dropped some pricey junk items as well. Being the free spirit that I am, I might just disregard how inefective the method is when compared to others and do it again. Perhaps this time I'll go over 100g.
  10. This is one of the things that you can either handle, be it by ignoring it or taking part in it in some way, or you go look for another game to play. Sorry. Yes, it's shitty if you want to "play a bit with friends" and not really get into the game all that much. As it is Vanilla WoW needs a healthy dose of dedication in order to be fully enjoyed. Umm, yes. One largest. If there is a largest. Who is to say there won't be another guild of the same size that fights against these kinds of cartels? And yes, in a community as varied as this one there is someone willing to do it simply for the glory and renown. As it's been said, if you see such a thing going down you either deal with it or you fight fire with fire, as you absolutely can if you put enough effort into it. And then in the end maybe a single group will have a hold on the devilsaur trade. Maybe they'll decide the prices and maybe they'll keep beating on the economy of the realm until some other group rises up and fixes things. Maybe we'll have to suffer through a few months where the economy is completely bollocksed, again untill someone decides to fix things. To some that's a game over. To me it's just part of the game. Yes, many servers have bad economies due to gold sellers and all kinds of similar cancer running rampant without moderation. However (as it's been said countless times before, here and elsewhere) I think that these kinds of things that can be prevented by players should be allowed. It would really add to the community aspect of the game. Yes, that part isn't all about having a jolly good time doing instances with capital gents while sipping tea and nibbling crumpets. Sometimes you gotta add some bark, keep it interesting, have some rivalries and post some banter. All in good fun if you know how to do it.
  11. In my opinion this should not be punishable. As others have said, this is just player cooperation. Gold selling technically isn't related in any way. Just because someone formed an alliance between two guilds of both factions doesn't mean that someone is doing it to sell gold. Gold selling should, quite obviously, be fought. Legitimate player cooperation that in itself has nothing to do with the act of gold selling until proven otherwise shouldn't be. If you see such a group, one made up of players from both factions, then you too should form one such group as well. If you decide to try and stop them at all. Or you could join them. I know I would certainly love to get behind something like that. If someone is truly passionate about it they can try to stop me. Banning it is not the way, nor is it at all necessary. People who want this kind of thing to be banned or otherwise disallowed just lack an open mind. No offence. Oh, and of course, if it truly is recognized by the majority of players as an exploit, chain sheeping (however that works) should be taken care of in whatever way is decided to be the best. I will not argue about that as I lack the knowledge about the mechanic behind the supposed issue.
  12. Good shit(post)!
  13. I'm not entirely sure what my stance is on that. Does it even affect us? If not I honestly don't care what the other two servers do with transfers. Or anything for that matter. Of course, if that would affect us (CF) in any negative way I would jump right the fuck up and start blowing battle horns the moment I hear about it. However for the moment I see no harm (for us) if LC and Elysium decide to allow people to toss around their characters ruining each server's economy and a whole load of other things. Their choice, their problem. I'll just look after my own. As far as the charts go I would just have to add two brown arrows between LC and Elysium and add "I don't care" to the legend.