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  1. Who else can't wait for the forum merge? Eh? Eh?
  2. I've put everyone in the same bag as I obviously don't know everybody's opinion/reaction to this. My assumption is that those who have a negative view of this situation won't repress it simply because they are beta testing. I certainly hope I'm wrong and things don't actually go down the drain. There's always that possibility but wounds have already been made. Or perhaps they were made back when the whole LGN thing happened and this here is just the salt on top. Either way, some things will change for the worse.
  3. Can't really say anything about the announcement itself. Cool, I guess. Wether it's bad or not doesn't really change anything. The only thing I can do now is what I was always doing. And that is to wait. Difference now is that the thing I'm waiting for is a lot more likely to be garbage but hey, that's the Pserver scene for ya. Pretty sure this is the last straw for some people though. We've seen it already. And even if it isn't and the forums somehow don't become a ghost town after this, it's still only a matter of time before we merge with the Elysium forum. Community either dies or gets thrown in with the lot from Elysium. If we had a fondness for them we'd be on that forum, not here. When I said that the forums would inevitably go to shit at some point I didn't exactly mean they would become a subforum to an already shitty forum. Maybe it'd be better to mercy kill the old girl before it's too late. Death of a chill community aside, I'm not entirely ignorant. I understand the reasoning behind this whole thing. If you really decided this is the best way to do things, fine. Of course I wish it would have been something easier to stomach, but it is what it is. I'll still check in for updates. Wherever I'd have to check in once this place goes to the bin. Hype hope machine broke.
  4. Vanilla includes a lot of walking with flight paths being a secondary form of travel. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You add just a single little quality of life change. Not so bad, right? Then you add another. And then another, and another, and all of a sudden you ruined your game. Or you made Legion, it was one of the two. That is if the first QoL feature wasn't one that heavily affected the game all on its own. If you're gonna bite into Vanilla you need to make sure you can chew it. If one finds it too tough and stringy they can always try retail. It's mush at this point. I highly doubt anyone who is "enthusiastic" about speeding up their leveling process in such a way would even be that interested in Vanilla, granted they know what they're getting into.
  5. No, thanks.
  6. Words that trigger Velox: 2 realms merge
  7. Don't get me wrong, I'm used to being a V.I.P, but this is gonna cause more trouble than it's worth. It'll fix the issues you listed (I assume) but it'll cause another, perhaps bigger, problem. Backlash. Backlash from wowservers. I'm sure we'll figure out some other way(s) to reward ourselves for being forum OG's. Hopefully ways that won't make other people wowservers unhappy. As for the problem of launch week being what it is, I don't think anything should really be done. At least not by the developers. I feel like this is a problem we need to deal with as players. Maybe we'll need to be a bit more competitive with questing the first week. So be it, I say. Lag might be something we'll just have to deal with. Keep in mind we still don't know how successful the hype campaign will be. Many people might just stick to whatever servers they're already playing on at the time. For all we know us forum regulars might be the only ones to even attempt to play during launch week.
  8. hype

    TF2 has a shit learning curve. Might have something to do with the fact that the "tutorial" is as disconnected from the rest of the game as it can possibly be and any other form of "hint" is extremely brief and doesn't really touch on any details. After 1500 hours I've only recently started being okay-ish enough-ish for a low rank-ish game. I'm also only good at a single class and that's the medic. Note: Totally not a modest healing god. The good thing is that class is relatively underplayed so I'm always welcome. The problem is when someone else grabs the medigun before me and the rest of the team says "Yo, could you play literally any of the 8 other classes?". The only way to git gud at TF2 is to keep getting your shit pushed in by better players for several years and slowly getting better by suffereing through and learning every single variable in the game. Trial and error is literally your only hope.
  9. Don't forget the forum statistics.
  10. Blue.
  11. hype

    Started playing TF2 again after a 2 year hiatus. Been dishing out heals like crazy for a couple of days now. Mostly on Casual but I've ubered some Comp teams to victory as well. If anyone else here also plays this ancient game and wants to run as a team they can feel free to add me on Steam. Name and everything is the same. Random chat banter is also welcome. Other than that it's mostly just the usual for Velox. RPGs. All of them mostly old ones or at least ones following the oldschool design philosophies. What? I don't like the modern stuff, okay? I wish I did but I don't. I'm also hype af (no) looking forward to Divinity: Original Sin 2. Big fan of the first one and I have high hopes for the sequel. High hopes that I'm ready to drop and burn at the first sight of things going south. As with all projects.
  12. I guess I played myself.
  13. Not really what I'd call a stereotype. If you're below 12 you're a child that will most likely be limited to the mentality of a child (which is perfectly normal, obviously) and if you're between 13 and 17 you're going through puberty. Neither is something I would less than triple check before giving an important job to. But why triple check a child/teenager when you can just double check an adult? Of course that's just general terms. Many adults are childish as anything and some children are way more mature than teenagers. Finding out who is what is what the double/triple checking is for. It's just that, again, adults should be more mature so it's a safer bet.